1 February, 2009

New RNC Chairman is Black

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Here’s the future of the Republican Party, which must compete for Black and Brown votes now:


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    1. Diamed Says:

      Whites have been sold out by both parties. Whites in south africa sold themselves out to black rule and now they are paying the price. 14 years from now America will be paying the price of this decision.

    2. Philipe Says:

      It is the time to change “White House” become “Black House”.

    3. Zarathustra Says:

      The GOP could have reformed itself to become a pro-White populist party of working and middle-class Whites who’ve had enough of globalism and Big Business calling the shots. But the Republican Party isn’t called the Stupid Party for nothing. They are doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. Sucking up to Negro voters will only fill those Negroes with more well-deserved contempt for the GOP. And most White Republican voters will not support any Nigger candidate under any conditions, so I’d say the Republicans are doomed. Good riddance.

    4. Susan Says:

      You wouldn’t have thought it possible for Whites to be so stupid. I had even thought recently of going to some of the Republican Party meetings here locally and talking to some of them about “things”. But you know what……let ’em crash and burn.

      But we do need to be putting a plan of action in place for when the SHTF. This is where we are totally lacking in good sense. Sitting here on the internet chitchatting isn’t going to cut it when things get really bad. We should at least be communicating locally.

      But, here again, try to do that…….and everyone runs for the hills. There are two VNN posters here in the metro area, one a few miles from where I live. Do you think either one of them has ever spoken to me about getting together and at least meeting? I’ve spoken to one on the phone a few times over a year ago, and we used to email. The other one would rather be a bad ass on the forum. Fine, he lives closer in to nigLanta than I do. At least I’m out here on the edge of rural……..surrounded by mostly Whites…….with guns.

      Let’s face it, most people can’t just pick up and move to the Northwest, even if they wanted to. They have, like I do, homes and lives where they are. If I gave up my home, I probably would not ever have my own home again. What I may do, for lack of anything else, is to try and organize my subdivision into a plan of action should the need arise. Nothing along the lines of “White resistance” or anything like that, just neighbors watching out for each other.

      When all is said and done, we’re really not being very smart to conduct our business on the ‘net for everyone to see. I’ve long suspected the jews and such are getting a good laugh at our expense. As long as we’re just posting away, they have nothing to fear……..

    5. Cpt. Candor Says:

      And right you are, Susan!

      Who wants to bet that neither party ever runs another ostensible paleface for president? “We’re all the same under the skin” was a monumental lie and a contradiction to boot, since the establishment also states that true diversity only comes from people who look different. “Democracy” now translates (quite correctly) into “what the bottom-feeders and emotional cripples want.” I can’t wait to see how happy the lot of them will be when garbage collection stops, electricity routinely performs six to twelve hour-long vanishing acts and most mass-produced food products are contaminated with salmonella and other hazardous bacteria. That AmeriKwa’s population will be mostly shit-colored when this starts happening will be passed off as pure coincidence, if it’s mentioned at all, though racist old Whitey will likely be blamed.

    6. old_dutch Says:

      But, but, but, he’s a coonservative Republicoon. LOL.

    7. Campbell Crawford Clan Says:

      You are so right Susan. Living on the edge of a negro city like Atlanta may be the best you can do. Moving to the Northwest may be right for some, but many will not be able to leave their homes, families, and careers. If I lived near Atlanta, I would certainly be your friend as I’ve been reading your posts since the amren days, and have always enjoyed what you have to say. I used to call myself Miss Fit.

      I don’t see everything going to hell in a handbasket all at once, but rather outbreaks of violence/looting and some neighborhoods, white and middle classed no doubt, under attack. I think many whites will wake up quickly under theses circumstances, leaders will arise, and the guns will come out of their cases. Some will run, but I won’t.

      I live in Texas where the average white guy owns at least one gun, likes to hunt, has some military background, and most likely had a granddaddy who told him about the criminal nigger. I’m damn tired of white flight and running, so the most I will do is move out to the white edge like you have, organize, and stand my ground.

    8. Susan Says:

      Well thank you Campbell. Such nice words. Yes, I did get my start on Amren.

      You know, it’s possible that in a few years I can sell my home and make a big move. But, I must plan as if I CANNOT, so that I am ready for whatever transpires here north of Atlanta.

      It’s funny, cause somebody was looking out for me when I bought this house. I was originally buying another home down south of where I am now (closer in to Atlanta–not by much–but it’s gone almost totally black and spic now) but the couple was divorced and the wife wouldn’t sign the papers. So, I went back out and found this the next day farther out in a MUCH nicer/Whiter area, nicer neighborhood, just everything was better. Amazing…….

      And who knew six years ago that everything would turn this bad this quickly.

      Georgia has officially a little over 7% unemployment, but they don’t include people who are not looking for work or who are working part time but want full time. The Labor Commissioner (who is black) said that our numbers could be much higher than 7+%. Things could get bad here soon. I just heard Macy’s is laying off 850 people here in the metro area, and that means a lot of blacks are out of jobs now. I’m lucky I’ve got a part time job and just got hired for another one, so hopefully I will survive. And my mortgage company is probably going to lower my interest rate and lower my monthly payment amount which will do wonders for me. My mortgage rate is already good, but when you lose a $40,000/yr job after a solid twenty year work history 9 mos. after you buy a home, and you’re my age (over fifty), it’s tough.

      Captain Candor: You are right: I always like to say…Diversity: the elimination of White people. Because that’s what has happened. The powers that be: jews, et.al, never expected to include Whites in their little multiculti heaven. We were always going to be replaced, not included. Especially White men.

      Yes, it will be interesting when things begin to…..what are we talking about WHEN?…..they already ARE going bad. Look at the situation with the peanut plant here in S. Georgia probably full of filthy spics, and now their products have killed and sickened all kinds of people and the owners are facing who knows what. I hope they go to jail. Only jail time will get these fuckers to change their ways. Otherwise, it will be business as usual.

      To see all the food alerts go to: http://www.fda.gov/opacom/7alerts.html.

      Yeah, I’m making some changes in my life: I’m planting a garden this Spring. I just wrote a post about all what I’m doing over on the Phora. We all are gonna have to make changes in our lives, most of us already have, cause we’re the smart ones. Some of the changes will be safety related and some will be money related. But they all will be needed.

    9. Zarathustra Says:

      What would be the point of putting your house up for sale now, anyway? Almost every other house in this country has a For Sale sign in front of it these days. You’d best stay put, especially as you probably have deep roots in GA. Besides, the Pacific NW is full of muds just like everyhwere else. Muds AND Feds looking for White Separatists to shoot at. And no jobs, either.

    10. Dagon Says:

      I’ve never completely understood the idea of a “Northwest Migration” – granted a homogenous White polity would probably have the best chance of surviving but that is assuming that the Federal Government and the infrastructure of the rest of the country is so far gone that the powers that be are no longer in a position to stop such a seperatist move. It is also good to consider the ethnic balance of the Pacific NW these days – I am a native of the region, am still there, and can testify to what Zara and other posters have said – namely, that the NW is itself filled with third world migrants and several million deluded whites. Simply having a few committed WNs walk into Oregon, Washington, and Idaho after the dust settles in the rest of the country, and proclaim a new homeland isn’t going to cut it.

      Better, I think, that whites all over the country build local connections with like-minded white neighbors and friends in their communities, talk, network, make contingency plans, and support one another day to day. If/when the ‘baloon ever goes up’ Whites everywhere can form themselves into smaller and more easily contained bastions.

    11. Susan Says:

      Dagon: April Gaede writes that Montana is still very White except for pockets of American Indians, of course. I know there are areas of muds everywhere, but my biggest concern down here is that we won’t control our borders and spics will continue to pour over into this country looking for work and will stay regardless of the job situation, taking what few remaining jobs there are left. I know where I work, there are a lot of spics doing what I do. There are blacks too. Whites actually make up a small minority of workers.

      But what happens, say here in the Atlanta area, when niggers and spics have taken over many businesses and are in many positions in the government and are the only people (?) you deal with when you want to get something done? I think the housing situation is going to empty out a lot of muds from neighborhoods out where I live anyway. But it’s jobs that concern me the most. And just having to deal with these fucking niggers with their badass attitudes–and you know these badass attitudes are only going to get WORSE.

      My specific neighborhood is older and I would imagine that most Whites here now will remain here because we are in a good area with good schools close to almost any business we need and right off the Interstate. A huge subdivision right next to us is full of half million and million dollar homes, so it’s unlikely that muds will be moving in there. And I imagine that in the coming years, many muds who are around here in other newer neighborhoods will lose their homes. This is just speculation, of course, but if the current trends continue this should hold true.

      Crime in my area is not bad because we have few muds. We have no apartments and that makes a huge difference to an area. But, again what if things get so bad down in Atlanta and the nigs and spics come out here looking for what they want? Lots of us out here have guns–the real Georgia redneck is nothing to scoff at–they will look out for their own and shoot to kill. When I hear of crime going up–rapes and robberies, home invasions, carjackings, then I’ll know that niggers have come to my area and something drastic needs to be done.

      Right now, what I do when I need something done on my house is I call up a small locally owned business I assume is White owned and tell the person I am White and I don’t allow non Whites to work on my home. I tell them they don’t have to respond to that–that they probably think I am trying to set them up for a discrimination lawsuit anyway. But I want a White man to come to my home to do whatever I need done. I tell them if they send a non White, I simply won’t answer the door.

      This is one way I deal with the growing brown tide washing over everything. But how long will that last? Right now, even though my county has gone from almost all White to mud filled in just ten short years, our government is still mostly White. What if that changes in the next few years and everyone I must deal with is a nigger or spic? This is what worries me.

      Are we dropping the ball not getting together to brainstorm and plan for when the shit hits the fan in this country? It won’t happen overnight, of course, but it will eventually happen–maybe in our lifetime (I’m fifty four). Maybe yours, too. Most definitely in your children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

      I’m serious here folks.

    12. Zarathustra Says:

      Southern cities are now too dangerous for White humans to live in or near. Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Knoxville, Raleigh, Little Rock…….They are all infested with violent, subhuman ape-savages. But I imagine it’s still quite safe for Whitey in the rural areas of the South, away from the cities as well as the nigger and spic-filled military bases. There shouldn’t be any need to move 2000 miles away to find some peace and quiet.

    13. Susan Says:

      I hope you’re right Zara.

    14. Spaceman Says:

      I am quite happy with this development. I think that for a long time the CRAP (Christian Right Wing American Patriots) as the late, great David Lane called them, have thought that the GOP was some de-facto White Peoples Party. Maybe this will get them thinking differently. The republicans have been pandering to the spics to get their votes, to counter the nigger voting block that goes 95%+ to the democrats. I do believe that when the next amnesty for illegals vote comes up, not only will it pass, but it will have a lot more GOP votes than the previous amnesty votes. The GOP is looking to future, and that doesnt include you whitey.

    15. shabbos s. shabazz Says:


      gook only party

    16. Zarathustra Says:

      And yet those assholes Duke and Black are STILL Republicans! Those two clowns have zero credibility. They’re just a couple of conservative right-wing reactionaries with some, and I mean only some, racialist views. Sorry if that offends the Duke and Black fanboys who lurk around this site from time to time.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:

      IMO, many of the White upper class have been chased by and married by jooos. Just start with John D. Rockefeller’s Son John Jr. there you go, even Mark Twain who understood them had them go after his daughter and marry her After He Died.

      Every Patent holder and or Wealthy White has been targeted ?

      I have known two Whites that were and married them, and I know one now that is being chased, but hopefull “Culture Of Critique will help him out.

      JFK ventilated, his wife taken by a greek hebe, his son JFK and Wife offed, and his air head sister married to one.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      Spaceman Says:

      4 February, 2009 at 8:40 pm

      I am quite happy with this development. I think that for a long time the CRAP (Christian Right Wing American Patriots) as the late, great David Lane called them, have thought that the GOP was some de-facto White Peoples Party. Maybe this will get them thinking differently. The republicans have been pandering to the spics to get their votes, to counter the nigger voting block that goes 95%+ to the democrats. I do believe that when the next amnesty for illegals vote comes up, not only will it pass, but it will have a lot more GOP votes than the previous amnesty votes. The GOP is looking to future, and that doesnt include you whitey.

      Space man, your so right!

      I am glad the SOB’s did this.

      The regime seems to be trying so hard to Pearl Harbor What every White resistance may exist even in only in the heats and minds of Whites now, but get no reply no matter what they do.

    19. joe Says:

      wow, my post got deleted.
      See what I mean about the ‘Chilling Effect’ on actual free speech.
      And I only spoke of theoretical concepts and in nebulous phrases like ‘what needs to be done.’

      That’s why none of us will ever get together.
      Why nothing will ever change

    20. Socrates Says:

      joe Says: “wow, my post got deleted.
      See what I mean about the ‘Chilling Effect’ on actual free speech.
      And I only spoke of theoretical concepts and in nebulous phrases like ‘what needs to be done.”

      Posts don’t get deleted unless there’s a reason for it. What did you say?