12 February, 2009

Once Again: They’re Not White

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During the past few days, there was a thread at the Stormfront forum, which has apparently been deleted, about a popular Israeli model. Quite a few forum posters commented that the model was beautiful and was either “White” or “White enough” or similar words. This is a good time to point out to newbies that skin color alone does not determine race. Jews have light-colored skin, and some even have blue eyes, but they aren’t genetically White. “White” means “European gentile.” When you look at a Jew, you might as well be looking at a Mexican, a negro or a Chinaman. Of course, the Jews are responsible for the fact that so many people believe they’re White. They’ve been trying for decades to reinvent themselves, and they have largely succeeded.

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    1. Futurist Joe Says:

      Yes, good, sexual attraction doesn’t mean that much. In two hundred years assuming no global disaster they probably will have intelligent robots that look as good… and here’s the best part – you can probably trust the robots a whole lot more. It’s not about looking good. It’s about the criminal heart that lacks compassion. I think with the right software the robots are going to come up aces on that too! It’s all what your comparing against. In this case I’m betting on the robots…

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      I heard Regis was at lest part Lebonese. I don’t see a lot of Mick or Wop in him………Wait, am I confusing him with CASEY KASEM? Maybe that’s it…..Kasem is a swarthy little Lebonese twerp and so naturally his wife is tall and blonde.

    3. Curious Says:

      [quote]Comte Gobineau Was a Crackpot Says:

      14 February, 2009 at 4:29 pm

      The Nazi’s and white men lose a lot of crediblity by going to extremes. Some of the really far out racial analysts develop some entertaining neologisms and terms for their stamp collection observations. I have seen individual Jews up close who look assimilativley like Waylon Jennings and David Allan Coe. It’s true. Could a Nordic specialist provide a substantial explanation of what’s accidental in Rutger Hauer, country music and how Debra Winger got by in Urban Cowboy and Cannery Row?
      Sieg Heil drang nach osten! Chery Ladd was a little corny but too damned cute.


      It is indeed better to compare the jew problem with the nonce problem than with the nigger problem.

    4. Ein Says:

      Futurist Joe Says:
      Yes, good, sexual attraction doesn’t mean that much.
      Ever see pack of dogs chasing a female in heat?
      A lot of guys are like that. When they see a nubile female, of any race, they loose all better judgement and turn into panting dogs.
      All their morals and common sense are forgotten in a second.
      When in that state, they are unable to be objective.
      That explains all the interest in this model.

    5. cygnet Says:

      gw? Diamed? Captainchaos? When did MR people start coming here? (Besides me?)

      I like it.

    6. gw Says:

      I am not the same as GW ar MR. I have never posted there. But the mistake is flattering nonetheless.

    7. sgruber Says:

      No jews, just right.

      They are a genetically distinct tribe. All this jewy special pleading that “jews are White” because “some have blue eyes,” “some have blond hair,” “goll-ee, that jewess shore wuz a sweet piece of ass!” is

      a. ignorance compounded by stupidity; or

      b. jew infiltrators posing as White.

      I say it’s jew infiltrators. I’ve noticed some infiltrators on the Steve Sailer site who are urging anti-immigrationists to “read the white supremacists out” and “join with us Jews, make us your allies.” Yet HERE (pdf) is what Jews did to immigration. These god-damned demons. They caused the problem that NOW they claim they want to solve – on condition that “white supremacism” be eliminated from the movement.

      Then we have Diamed saying shit like this: Given their intelligence it’s obvious we want jews on our side, not against us, interbreed and they’ll be white soon enough, and the whole issue will become moot.

      “Our side” is: death to the jews. By “jews on our side,” are you saying you want them to kill themselves?

      Interbreed? The jew genotype is passed down through the mother. OF COURSE jews want a percentage of jewesses breeding with White men: it creates more jews, and fewer Whites, in one stroke!

      Look at what happened to American and Britain. That is what comes of interbreeding with jews.

      I go by the “one-drop” rule when it comes to these creatures. And so do jews. Jew Nicholas Stix is on record (in his interviews with Alex Linder) as saying there is no such thing as a HALF-jew.

      NEWSFLASH FELLAS, ALL JEWS ARE BAD. No jew is good. If you think you’ve found a “good jew,” a “sweet jew,” a “purty jew,” just wait a little while – you’ll find out the truth (assuming you get out some, and you don’t have rocks in your head).

      No jews, just right

    8. cygnet Says:

      I think Diamed may already have discarnated and moved on to a new sockdentity.

    9. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Getting ready to “sock it to us”


    10. gw Says:

      “These god-damned demons. They caused the problem that NOW they claim they want to solve – on condition that “white supremacism” be eliminated from the movement.”

      Yes, isn’t that SO typical? First they cause a problem; then they step up and offer to fix it for you. (But only AFTER you give them the power to do so, of course.)

    11. Krystian Kazimierzowicz Kowalczyk Says:

      Justin Huber said:From what I’ve read (in Hitler’s Table Talk etc.) he seems to have had a very low opinion of Eastern Europeans, particulary Russians. Many of these people certainly “look white”.

      His hatred of Slavs was based upon German nationalism and their hundreds of years of violent competition with Slavs. It was not based on any ontological certainty that Slavs were “subhumans” – funny, isn’t it, Hitler never lived to see those “subhuman” Russian scientists put the first man in space. Nor did he ever know what DNA was, either. There were a great many things he didn’t see.

      LoveWhite said: Slavs are definitely a sub group the white race, and many of them are very white indeed. Quite a few WNs think Hitler was too harsh in his evaluation of the them. The Russians as part of the Slav group are no lowly branch if you consider their accomplishments in science, technology and the arts.

      Understatement of the year, kiddo. Especially considering many Whites in America are, ipso facto, “subhumans” by NS reckoning. Why don’t you ask Andrei Kievsky, who does more for our cause than most of you, what he thinks of being considered “subhuman”? Or perhaps my IQ of 2 standard deviations above the mean is just an aberration, considering that I’m a quarter-subhuman?

      You Slav-haters are living a destructive, wild-eyed fantasy (Teutonic superiority) that is founded not in science or ontology but in romantic quasi-religious ideals that are long past their sell-by date.

    12. Z.O.G. Says:

      cygnet Says:
      16 February, 2009 at 10:07 pm

      I think Diamed may already have discarnated and moved on to a new sockdentity.

      LOL I like those new words.

    13. gw Says:

      Krys said: “His hatred of Slavs was based upon German nationalism and their hundreds of years of violent competition with Slavs. It was not based on any ontological certainty that Slavs were “subhumans” –

      I consider that “hatred” very unfortunate, but we shouldn’t let that detract from his wisdom in understanding the overall European predicament and what was coming in the future. Let’s remember that Europe at that time was full of petty ethnic hatreds of one group against another. Everybody hated each other. But before that there had been other times of as much cooperation as competition.

      Herr H. came from Linz, in Austria, very near the border of what became Czechoslovakia (Slavs, basically). Humiliated and smarting from the defeat, reduced from a great power to a tiny state, Austrians were searching for an explanation. Herr H. ascribed Austria’s defeat and partitition to the ethnic divisions and hatreds that had riddled the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was full of competing minorities — balkanized, as it were — much as the USA is getting to be today. He had a valid point there. Austria was weakened by its “diversity”. Diversity was NOT what made them strong! And he realized it. However, there was one group that encouraged this diversity, that fattened off disorder and chaos and hid among the diverse groups. And he recognized that too.

      This ethnic hostility was not limited just to Austria. Even Prussians looked down on Austrians and they still laugh at Bavarians. Hungarians and Czechs hated each other, for instance. I once worked with a Hungarian woman (in the USA) who had a Czech-sounding name. I was curious and asked her about it; she sheepishly conceded to me that she had married “one of our enemies.” She seemed very embarrassed to admit it, like she had done something awful. (Or maybe the names were reversed. I forget now.)

      At the end of the First WW, everybody hated each other. Irish and English were at each other’s throats, Russians and Finns, Russians and Poles, Swedes and Norwegians, Hungarians and Romanians, Romanians and Bulgarians.

      As a child, I once had a music teacher who had lived in Central Europe just prior to WW2. I forget just what country she was from, but I remember her telling about the hatred between countries which was so great that when the train was traveling near the border they were required to pull down the shades, as they were NOT ALLOWED EVEN TO LOOK AT THE LAND OF THE OTHER COUNTRY!

      It’s in that context that Herr H’s views about other nationalities has to be understood. His was another time. He had other issues that are not ours. But some of them still are.

      In my view, these “Slav haters” (as Kristian calls them) are an embarassment and an impediment. They could very well be sowing dissention deliberately just to be provocative. Some trolls do the same to offend Italians. I am against anyone who rocks the boat. We need to repect each other! We need white unity.

    14. Krystian Kazimierzowicz Kowalczyk Says:

      Spot on, gw. White Unity is my goal as well. I’ve said before: if you are a Euro-gentile, I don’t care whether you’re Teuton, Latin, Slav, Ugric, Baltic, Celtic or any other persuasion. I am for the survival of all European ethnies and will ally with Euro ethno-nationalists of any stripe.

      But if when people start talking about eliminating Eastern European “subhumans” those people become my enemies. And none of us need more enemies, do we? The ZOG is enough.

    15. Zarathustra Says:

      But what about the White and nearly White native inhabitants in mostly non-White places like Iraq and Afghanistan? There are even a few semi-Whites in Mongolia, the descendants of Scythian warriors. How should they be classified?