10 February, 2009

Re: Support for Bishop Richard Williamson

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If you want to support Catholic bishop Richard Williamson’s freedom of speech re: the Hollowcost, you may be able to write to this branch of SSPX: [Here]. Or maybe try this webpage: [Here].

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    1. zoomcopter Says:

      Bishop Williamson should be awarded the “Righteous Gentile” award by the B’ni Brith for lowering the actual death toll from 6 million to 250,000 thousand. Jews should honor him for correcting their rather shabby math. Rather than 6 million dying in non-existant gas chambers, we now have 6 million holocaust survivors drawing life pensions from the Germans.

    2. gw Says:

      Zoom is right!!! Logically, shouldn’t the Jews rejoice at learning that their death toll was not so high after all? Instead of lamenting that not enough Jews were killed?

      Something smells mightly fishy about all of this!

    3. Veritas Says:

      Especially since they lost 6 million Jews during World War I, too. Imagine that, losing 12 million Jews within 50 years and there are still around 15 million of them. They must breed like rabbits to make up for that deficit!


    4. Zarathustra Says:

      Jew are notoriously slow breeders. That’s why the Jew population has been almost constant for so many decades, approximately 15-18 million worldwide. Naturally, the Jews don’t deny Williamson’s accurate claim that only 250,000 Nazi concentration camp inmates died in all of WWII (many of whom were not even Jewish), they are just upset that he has the balls to say it. After all, us goyim are supposed to fear the Jews. If the Vatican caves in to the Jews on this issue, hopefully a lot of Catholics will be angry enough to quit being Catholics anymore.

    5. Hoosier Says:

      Although I’m not Catholic, or technically a Christian, I find Bishop Williamson very inspirational. How could I not? Rat-faced Hebrews, like the little gnome in the video titled “Give Bishop Williamson the Boot,” (found here) –


      – line up to shriek and stutter their shock, shock, shock, at the hatred, hatred, hatred at the “holocaust denier.” Look at the beady eyes and dishonest body language of the little Jew. Isn’t it revealing that they never comment on what Bishop Williamson actually said?

      Anyway, if you want to support Bishop Williamson financially, and also read some of his writings, you can order his books here:


      Also, you can read his blog directly, so click on this link and increase his page views:


      A lot of people reading what he actually says, will make Jews unhappy – and that makes me happy.

    6. Ein Says:

      “They must breed like rabbits….”

      Somewhere, a couple of years ago, I read in an article on population statics that the population of the Jewish Pale (in Russia) during the 1800s, had the highest rate of multiplication in Europe. It was fantastically high.

      At that time the Jews of Europe, especially Eastern Europe, were indeed “breeding likc rabbits”.

    7. zoomcopter Says:

      Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women are popping out babies left and right. They want to out-breed the Palestinians which requires some serious fucking.

    8. gw Says:

      Where I live, there are a quite a few Orthodox Jews. It is VERY common to see them pushing double and triple baby strollers. As I understand (I read this somewhere), they take birth pills or hormones to make them have multiple conceptions. This is deliberate, not accidental. No, they are not in any danger of dying out.

    9. Veritas Says:

      Yet they push abortion on us. Another reason they hate traditional Catholics is that they have large families too. It’s not unusual for the SSPX communities to have up to 8 or more children. In SSPX towns like Post Falls, Idaho and St. Mary’s, Kansas, they’re having a veritable baby boom. Just another reason for the Jews to shut down the movement, just like they tried to shut down those FLDS Mormons in Texas for the same reason – all those white babies.

    10. Zarathustra Says:

      But you all fail to notice one thing: Since Ultra Orthodox Jews are so closely related to each other and only breed with their own kind, they have an unusually high rate of retarded and deformed mongoloids, none of whom will ever reproduce. They keep screwing in hopes that at least some of their larva will survive and be able to breed.

    11. Z.O.G. Says:

      At that time the Jews of Europe, especially Eastern Europe, were indeed “breeding likc rabbits”.

      More like “INbreeding like rabbits”.


    12. Arch Stanton Says:

      Thanks for the input Socrates

    13. Lutjens Says:

      I am Catholic and I do not go to Mass anymore. I got sick of hearing “you can’t talk bad about the Jews because Jesus was a Jew.” LOL Ok then why are the Jews called the spawns of Satan and referred to as the synagogue of Satan in the New Testament? We have crypto-kikes infiltrating the Catholic church, that’s why. No need to worship with these dumbfucks that spew or swallow that crap…

      Our Hitler-Youth pope needs to tell the sheenies to shut the fuck up and mind their own business. They need to stay out of our Church. Traditional Catholic teachings do not concern them. Perhaps he should expose the Talmud for what it really is… maybe that will shut those Jew fucks right on up. That wouldn;t be very Christian, now would it? I vote yes, it would be actually.

    14. Veritas Says:

      @ Lutjens:

      Hear, hear!

    15. zoomcopter Says:

      The good Pope has declined the offer of 30 pieces of silver from the jewish delegation for the re-ex-communication of Bishop Michael Williamson. Praise be!

    16. Z.O.G. Says:

      Perhaps he should expose the Talmud for what it really is… maybe that will shut those Jew fucks right on up.

      He should expose the Old Testament instead. It’s much worse than anything contained in the Talmud.


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