21 March, 2009

Man’s Arrest Saves Canada

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Who knows what could’ve happened if Love hadn’t been arrested? An epidemic of free speech could’ve broken out!


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    1. Shamus Says:

      It’s amazing. They have no real freedoms left in Soviet Kanada. What is the saying about, “None are so enslaved as those that think they are free?”

      It will be like that here in the U.S. soon enough.

    2. Zarathustra Says:

      ZOGKanada will have to be careful how they deal with Mr. Love, who is a rather unthreatening-looking fellow. If they get too ham-fisted with him, he’ll look like the victim of an outrageous legal injustice, which of course he is.

      So, I guess if a Self-Chosen One in Kanada makes a speech where he condemns all the German people for the Hollow-Hoax, or villifies all the Moslems for acts of so-called terrorism against Israel, he too could be arrested for “spreading hate”? I mean, that’s how the law works, right? There’s no double-standard or anything, I’m sure.

    3. -jc Says:

      “About 30 people attended last night’s speech.”

      No hater too small for the full wrath of the State.

      Makes one wonder, first, what just the arrest cost, not to mention the ensuring prosecution and interment. But not to worry as it is other people’s money. Must not bother the average Kanuck in such good times.

      Second, you have to ask yourself how many people are on duty “monitoring” such behavior. Two (2) would have been 15% of the audience.

    4. Ein Says:

      And following arrest, I understand that he was brought before a black judge. The final slap! A coincidence?

    5. ED! Says:

      Only one think to think about, when the time comes are we willing to die in defence of our freedoms? Because that time will be apon us in the near future! Rembering what George S. Patton said, when the time comes we should make them die for what they are trying to do to us. The ulitmate design the Jew has for the White Race is Communism, where we have no rights and are forced to live under the iron heel of the Jew!

      “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country”. – G.S. Patton