18 April, 2009

Decommunization: The Unrealizable Project in Croatia

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“Should Croatia decide to introduce anticommunist clauses in its constitution, as many of its citizens now publicly advocate, the whole of Croatia’s political class, regardless of it party affiliation, would face international isolation. In today’s neo-liberal, global system it is highly desirable to declare oneself ‘antifascist,’ but not ‘anticommunist.'”

Amazing. The murderous, Jewish ideology of communism is still oppressing people today, yet, declaring that your country is anti-communist is a no-no:


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  7. One Response to “Decommunization: The Unrealizable Project in Croatia”

    1. joeglas Says:

      The problem is that the Serb-dominated Communists Partisans and Stalinist Croats for the most part exterminated or expelled the Croat intelligentsia from 1945. to 1951.(indeed thousands of prominent Croats who opted for an independent Croat state were murdered by the Partisans and their Chetnik allies during the war,that is,from 1941 to May 9th 1945.Those murdered in 1945. include some two-thirds of the active and reserve officers of the Croat Domobran(Croat regular army) and Ustaša units-nearly 5.000 out of some 6.000 men.Also murdered were over 600 Catholic priests.The current crop of Croat politicians in overwhelming part were lackies for the ruling Serb regime in Belgrade.One factor why they were not ousted was the war in 1991.George Soros funded from the outset some 200 organizations and individuals with the aim of destroying Croatian sovereignity and paving the way for monopolistic Jewish capital,which you know has themain say in western politics.As in all “former” communist countries,the man on the street has been deformed,morally and intellectually by decades of communist rule.Thats why corruption,nepotism,inefficiency and lack of the work ethic are the rule and not the exception in the former east block.The current Croat president,Mesi?,is the son of a former WW II politkom,noted for his brutality which earned him the nickname of Tovarish.His area of operations was the Podravska Slatina region.In 1998. the remains of 498 victims of the communist camp in Slatinski Drenovac,which operated from 1942 to Feb. 1945 were exhumed.As we speak,in a stolen villa in Zagreb,there resides one Stjepan Hršak,the former chief of the dreaded OZN(secret police,equivalent of the Soviet NKVD) for the district of Krapina.He was the chief orchestrator of the Macelj woods massacre where by conservative estimate some eleven thousand Croat POWs and civilians were murdered within a week in May of 1945.Of the 134 mass graves in the area the complete and partial examination of 23 yielded the remains of 1.169 victims.Amongst others Hršak killed 21 Catholic priests and seminarians.Many of those murdered were killed with axes so that others could watch what awaits them.Suffice to say,although the west knows about this butcher,theres been no mention of him in the European or US press.It should be mentioned that tens of thousands of German POWs were also murdered,including two thirds of the officers captured.The judified structures of the EU look favourably upon these communists who now call themselves “social democrats”.I served in the Croat army in 1991. and was badly wounded in 1992. and captured by Serb forces and spent 15 months in Serb captivity.Amongst the pleasentries I was subjected to-my left ear was cut off immediately after capture,ribs broken on a number of occasios,knee drilled with a power drill,etc.Got out alive on a nick-of-time prisoner exchange.I fared well as opposed to many.