8 April, 2009

Diversity Is Our Strength

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by Dr. William Pierce.


Three or four years ago the slogan most diligently promoted by the controlled mass media was ‘diversity is our strength.’ Posters with this slogan and a broad, multi-hued band of stripes representing skin colors of various races were displayed in classrooms and workplaces all over the country. Clothing advertisements in all of the slick, yuppie magazines pushed the same theme. The idea was that the fewer White people and the more Blacks and Browns and Yellows we have in America, the stronger and more prosperous we’ll be.

I had friends who laughed at this propaganda campaign. They couldn’t believe that anything so stupid would catch on. I didn’t laugh, because I had learned long ago that P.T. Barnum was right on target when he said that no one had ever lost a nickel by underestimating the intelligence of the American public. Actually, it’s not that the public is stupid in the sense that they can’t learn how to tie their shoes or get across the street safely. It is that the public will believe anything if they believe that others believe it. That’s the lemming factor. And this ‘diversity is our strength’ brainwashing campaign was pushed hard. You saw this foolishness wherever you looked. And pretty soon it was clear that the lemmings had begun to believe it. My hate mail began containing indignant questions such as, ‘Why are you against immigration? Don’t you know that diversity is our strength?'”

The rest is [Here]. (For the audio version, go [Here] and scroll down to 03-31-2001).

  • 4 Responses to “Diversity Is Our Strength”

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      War is Peace.
      Freedom is Slavery.
      Diversity is Strength.

    2. lawrence dennis Says:

      And from Animal Farm (slogans above are from 1984) we learn that the pigs (jews) see themselves as superior to all other animals, we can add this slogan:

      “All humans are equal, but some humans are more equal than others.”

    3. CW-2 Says:

      Diversity is death. Look to Nature, how is a fine steel made; by alloying similar metals such as iron, nickel and chrome. What is the result of mixing iron and lead; a worthless sludgy amalgam.

    4. shabbos s. shabazz Says:

      Look to Kikery, how is a fine steal made; by alloying similar substances such as bullcrap, horseshit, and bullsnot.