13 May, 2009

Australia: Toben Sentenced to Three Months in Jail

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Orwellian thought-crime laws will put Dr. Toben behind bars unless he successfully appeals his jail sentence:


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    1. Blackshirt Says:

      I do believe I read somewhere that Toben apologized for his holocaust writings recently. Now the jews in Australia are making sure he serves jail time there. His first mistake was to apologize for beliefs- he should have stood his ground. Apologizing to Jews will get you nowhere and it makes you look weak. I’d have much more respect for the man if he would take his lumps without prostrating himself before the kikes or at least if he would have just kept quiet.

    2. 2050 Says:

      Honestly, it looks like the groundwork is being done for the future jailing of all those who don’t bend the knee to the image the jews have created.
      There’ll be a lot of apologizing and crying when they start to pick off the American ‘haters’

      Resist the urge to try to save your ass, and never apologize.

    3. Parsifal Says:

      Well said, gentlemen. Once you start grovelling to the Jews, it will never stop. They will keep on humiliating you over and over again, as well they should.

      I was treated to a surprise lecture by an 86 year-old “Holocaust Survivor” at a local library today. He claimed he was in the Auschwitz recreation camp for over two years during the War, yet he carefully avoided explaining why he was never gassed in all that time. Nor did he tell us if he ever saw a line of 6-11 million people standing in front of the camp’s bath-houses patiently waiting their turn to be gassed. Due to the prevailing circumstances surrounding this special occaision, I could not make a scene, although I did manage to fart and openly yawn a few times, move restlessly in my seat, roll my eyeballs and walk out two or three times during the Sermon.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      The truth doesn’t need to apologise for anything. If there is any apologising to be done jews and turds need to repent and ask our forgiveness.

    5. Precisely Six. Says:

      If at all, Toben apologised to the court, not the Jews and not for his views on the 6 mill. prophecy come “true”.