16 May, 2009

On the Visual Displacement of the White Race

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by Edmund Connelly.

“I’ve been observing and studying the fall of Western man for about two decades now. For a number of years I could not really understand the process, but eventually I caught on. I’ve shared my fears and observations about our displacement with friends and family in a haphazard way but it was not until this winter that I systematically reached out to try to warn them. More than the election of the first African American president last fall, it was the sudden implosion of the economy that convinced me that my minimum duty was to at least pass on my estimation that a few basic measures of preventive self defense were in order.”


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  7. 20 Responses to “On the Visual Displacement of the White Race”

    1. zoomcopter Says:

      Connelly mentions the hip young Negro banker, in those WaMu commericals, overuling the stodgy old White bankers, in running WaMu. Needless, to say, WaMu, shortly thereafter, sank like a Negro soldier trying to swim across the pool, in full battle gear…Some things never change.

    2. Parsifal Says:

      I especially enjoyed that Lockheed Martin ad showing the colored and oriental ladies holding up that model airplane, as if they even knew which part of it was the front end. They look as if they should be cleaning up the rooms at a Holiday Inn. Nice try, Jews, but no one is buying it.

    3. zoomcopter Says:

      Political Correctness=Semitic Correctness

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      A grocery chain that has a Eye Glass shops in them which are operated by the same chain has always had very large posters of White females and non White males in them displayed right across from the check out stands.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      A good article and correctly identifies the ostrich mentality of complete denial that afflicts so many Whites. Nothing new there, but what does the author propose DOING about it?

      For Whites held in the death grip of the jewtube the gentle persuasion attempted by the author is clearly inadequate. Blunt and even offensive statement of the obvious is required. Sure, it will generate some hostility among friends and relations, but the message will have a chance of getting through.

    6. GR Says:

      Anyone seen the new ReMax commercial where whites are passing good real estate and kick themselves in the ass for not buying it, while a happy, provident negro couple look on from the deck of their beach house?

    7. GR Says:


    8. Blackshirt Says:

      “sank like a Negro soldier trying to swim across the pool, in full battle gear…”

      Ain’t that the literal truth! LOL

    9. Ein Says:

      We often read about the billion dollar market that is the black populace. We’re supposed to be impressed. But the fact is that whites still control vastly more market power than blacks..

      I think we have to sock it to these anti-white ad agencies where it hurts. If whites stopped buying their products and made it clear exactly why, then they would change their tune (even if amid howls of distress about “prejudice”). But in the long run, money counts, and whites still have more of it. Whites should stop tolerating these insults and put-downs. We are the ones who have been the continual victims of “prejudice”. The only reason it continues is because we allow it.

    10. old_dutch Says:

      White men don’t complain. White men don’t complain to the media talking heads & their bosses. White men don’t complain to the advertisers. White men don’t complain to the ad agencies. White men don’t complain to the advertising departments of the various media. That’s why things are the way they are…

      In my humble opinion, complaints to the advertising department of a newspaper, radio or TV station is much more effective than any complaint to the editorial or management side of the media business.

      Complain where it hurts!

    11. Antagonistes Says:

      At my son’s school, rowdy blacks were causing a problem.

      The local news channel went out and did a story on it.

      Their lead-in was pictures of White students, all White, while a typical “news voice” intoned about the rowdiness of the students!

      That was a wake-up, and a disgust!

      old-dutch is right, I think–we need to become more active.

      I used to work on copying machines.

      I went to a black insurance agency, years ago, to work on their machine, and they had a calendar that purported that Beethoven, Hannibal, and others were black. I made copies of it, and later called them about their sources. The poor girl I talked to! She quoted some Afro-centric, totally discredited sources, and I could not disguise the laughter in my voice!

    12. Ein Says:

      Whites should stop tolerating these insults and put-downs. We are the ones who have been the continual victims of “prejudice”.

      Since it’s money that talks loudest in the long run, if the competing companies got the hint of a white boycott in the air and a change in white sentiments, they would rush over to the other side and start producing pro-white ads. They may deplore it, privately, in their board rooms, but they would go with whatever the public demands. That is, if it came down to an issue of profits and getting the better over their competition.

      And I suspect that quite a lot of them would really be privately pleased in their boardrooms too — though they would never publicly acknowledge it. It just takes comebody to get the ball rolling. Nobody wants to be the first.

      Whites have been push-overs. So they continue getting pushed over.

      Remember that movie where the guy finally screams: “I’m fed up, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” ?
      We need to do that.

    13. old_dutch Says:

      First of all, the advice I’m giving is professional advice. LOL.
      I won’t bill Linder or “Connelly”.

      One trade secret that I’m going to share with you, and that has worked well for me in various campaigns, is contacting the media through their advertising departments. Sure, you can send a letter, or an editorial cartoon to the newsroom, and the editor. But, the real guys you want to influence are the director of advertising, the advertising sales manager, and the advertising sales staff. That’s who you want to get to, and that’s who you want to complain too.

      The fellows in the advertising department are the actual boots on the ground for the media outlet—they probably get out more, and mix with the public more than any reporter! They will be flattered to get an opinion about a serious issue directed their way—and chances are they know real people who feel the same way you do about the issue involved.

      The advertising department will carry your message to the editor and to the publisher—and seriously effect the policy and tone of the media outlet & what they project to the public.

      VOR has done a whole series of public relations & publicity shows centering around Eddie Bernays. But, remember what Bernays did only cost him a few dollars in postage & telephone calls.

      A couple of good how-to books about publicity & public relations are Stuart Ewen’s “PR!”, and Jeanette Smith’s “The New Publicity Kit”—both should be available at your local library.

    14. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “Remember that movie where the guy finally screams: “I’m fed up, and I’m not going to take it anymore!” ?”

      Actually, mad as hell. Finding links is EZ. . .


    15. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Howard Beale anti-TV tirade (from NETWORK):


    16. J. Booth Says:

      Old_dutch, don’t speak for me. Drink poison, instead.

    17. Susan Says:

      You guys are right: the advertising world, clearly being run by jews, niggers, feminists, and their ilk have taken over and are running the show.

      Anyone familiar with Belk’s? Belk’s is a department store. Their website is Belk.com. Go there and register a complaint about their current advertising ads. Each week I look at their ads sent out in our county newspaper. Each ad for the past month or more has featured a pretty little blonde girl coupled with a goofy looking nigger male. They featured them standing up next to each other, sitting down where he’s clearly looking over at her at her crotch area, then one of them standing up with their arms touching each other. The intent is obvious: a nigger male for every blonde American girl.

      I am disgusted and I am going to talk to the Belk’s manager as well as let their advertising director or whatever his/her title is just how I feel about their series of ads designed to couple nigger males with White girls. I won’t use the word “nigger” but I’ll get my message across clearly enough.

      We’re not doing enough just posting on the Internet. It isn’t enough. And one day we’re going to look back on all of this and ask ourselves why we just sat here doing nothing while our country and race was destroyed.

      We can take the brave way out or we can take the comfortable way out. We’ve chosen the latter. So far, I have too. Shame on all of us.

    18. Susan Says:

      correction: “his/her title is know how I feel”

    19. Parsifal Says:

      A few years ago, there was a TV commercial for Honey Combs cereal that featured a pretty White schoolgirl eating her breakfast in a school cafeteria surrounded by leering young Negro males. I immediately wrote an angry but articulate letter to the Post Cereal Company and I suspect many others did too, because after one or two more runs, that hateful ad disappeared forever. Bottom line, bitching works.

    20. Ein Says:

      Belks Department Store. Hmmm.
      Sounds very Jewish. Good luck!