20 June, 2009

“Josef Mengele? A Rank Amateur”

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Jews are sucking the life out of the White man.


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    1. Marwinsing Says:

      Whatchit Michaelangelo, Prickasso’s ghost, you’ve been surpassed by a greater soul. And it’s name is BRUTUS. LOL! Too good, too good! (big audience applause) Prediction: a BRUTUS retrospective is coming to a Guggenheim VNN Museum in YOUR town one of these days…

    2. Parsifal Says:

      It’s true that some Luftwaffe doctors occaisionally used volunteers from prison camps for experiments designed to protect the lives of German pilots in combat. In return, the volunteers would get extra food rations or something like that.

      But we never hear about the terrible medical experiments the Japanese inflicted on unwilling POWs, including White ones. General MacArthur let them get away with their crimes after the War. After all, it’s not as if any sacred Jews were harmed, right, Mac?

    3. Parsifal Says:

      Brutus, that caricature of a Jew is spot-on, except you should’ve added some scraggly hairs sticking out of his nose and ears.

    4. irish88 Says:

      Good fucking point about the japs, Parsifal.

      Add yet ANOTHER entry under the heading jew hatred for White People!

    5. gollywog Says:

      Get over it and vent your anger at the heart of the Jew, the Illegal State of Israel.
      No “war crimes” or “crimes against the state” for the past or present conflicts will ever be handed down for anyone that is carrying out this work for the JEW. One small example; Australian David Hicks held as an enermy combatant in Guantanamo because he had converted to Islam travelled to the Mid East to takeup the good fight. Did not get to serve but held as a terrorist anyhow.
      Then you have the old Brits who took up the good fight for the commie Spaniards and rewarded with medals. Then you have Jews from all over the world scrambling to get to Israel to fight for the Jewish cause with no international outcry.
      Now that the JewIA has encouraged the gullable young Iranians to takeup the struggle all the world is commenting on how bad the Iranian system is. Hell I do not see Hillary taking up the good fight for the Burmese Woman Politician who has been under house arrest for the last 15 years after winning the vote for government.
      So long as the Jewish money machine is working there will be no bucking the trend.
      Look up the reporting on the tresurary official in Australia, Godwin Grech. The Jewish elite over there are using this arsehole, one of their own, to bring down the Labor Gov. My bet is that the Rud Gov is not playing ball with the US in regards to China because it is China not the US or Mother England that is keeping Australia out of a full blown recession. Whilst not in as bad of an ecconomical situation as the rest of the world Australia does not see the need to fight the good cause for the Illegal State of Israel.
      Just my opinion.

    6. Culnchair Says:

      The question is, what is the kike going to do when the White Man has been bleed dry!?!?!?

      Already here in America the economy is collapsing because there are not enough Whites to keep it going (trying to give niggers and spics home loans like Whites didn’t work… and will never work!)