6 June, 2009

Liberty Dollar Drama

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“Nazi style assault”? Why is any heavy-handed action called “Nazi” but never “Soviet”? (Newbies, the Soviet Union – built by Jews – was the first totalitarian state. Nazi Germany was merely authoritarian). Anyway, how ironic that the U.S. “dollar” isn’t a real dollar in the first place, since it doesn’t meet the legal requirement for being a dollar, i.e., it doesn’t contain 371.25 grains of silver or isn’t redeemable for silver. So why are the Feds worried about Liberty Dollars – are they gonna devalue America’s currency any more than the money-magicians do?


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  7. 6 Responses to “Liberty Dollar Drama”

    1. Tom McReen Says:

      They also like to use ‘Hitler’ and ‘fascist’ in the jew media when a character in some jewish production can’t get their own way.

      “Newbies, the Soviet Union – built by Jews – was the first totalitarian state. Nazi Germany was merely authoritarian”

      Good point I like making that distinction to noobs.

      Remmber kids, the Federal Reserve isn’t Federal it’s a private corporation.

    2. old dutch Says:

      The only problem von NutHouse has, is he should have called his coins, “NutHouses”. LOL. The name “Looney” has already been taken by the Canucks.

      Or maybe he could have called them the “Amos und Andy” dollars. With a likeness of President O’Bama on one side, and a four leaf clover on the otherside.

    3. closs Says:

      I noticed that more than 90% of the time people smear something they don’t like as NAZI, when nothing is further from the truth. Most every time the correct label is Soviet communism. Unfortunately the big bad Federal army allied with the communists and Jews in WW2, which makes it politially incorrect to label anything that threatens the establishment as communists.

    4. brutus Says:

      The jew has unleashed the feds on the producers of the Liberty dollar yet again. Something similar happened not too long ago.

      The jew knows that only by faith is their federal reserve toilet paper worth anything at all. That faith must not be shaken and the jew will wantonly trample our civil rights and constitutional guarantees in order to keep the lemmings faithfully believing the lie that the money in their wallets is worth anything. Hence the unjust arrests of the principals of the Liberty Dollar company on Saturday.

      The Liberty Dollar by virtue of its very existance shakes the jew out of the fraudulent American money and exposes it for what it really is. A scam. A hyper inflated scam that’s ready to pop at any moment.

      The jew will see any threat to U.S. dollar as a national security issue. And they can alarm the dutiful idiots they’ve appointed to positions of authority to quell any threat.

      We seen this sort of situation time and time again. Where well meaning and decent Americans are bamboozled by the jew and made to think they’re defending their country from the bad guys, when in fact all they’re really doing is being the unwitting enabler of the real bad guys…..the jews and their loyal minions.

      I’m of the opinion that these arrests will only serve to energize the supporters of the Liberty Dollar and bring the company even more business, more positive recognition and more publicity. I hope it does.


    5. Z.O.G. Says:

      These gold and silver dealers who are promoting the gold-standard scam of the Jewish bankers are very closely affiliated with Jews or even Jews themselves.

      The gold and silver dealers own and control the Patriotard Movement. GCN is owned by a gold dealership called Midas Resources, and RBN is owned by another gold dealership called Republic Trading Group.

      Beware. It’s all a big Jew scam.

    6. Z.O.G. Says:

      Alex Jones has built an entire career on fear-mongering about “Nazis” running the world. It’s a very lucrative scam that just won’t die.