2 July, 2009

More Dr. Revilo Oliver

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Dr. Oliver

Someone mentioned Dr. Oliver in the Comments section. Here is one of his essays: [Here].

More Dr. Oliver: [Here].

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    1. Parsifal Says:

      The Jews are guilty of perpetrating many ridiculous hoaxes over the millenia, but why does Dr. Oliver use such an obscure and esoteric one to illustrate his point? I think he’s being a bit pedantic here.

    2. Bret Ludwig Says:

      The Shah of Iran was in many ways a remarkable man, a man who genuinely wanted to bring his people into the twentieth century, and whose reputation has been unfairly destroyed in recent years. But amongst his titles was one that he, alas, did not truly merit, “Light of the Aryans”. If anyone who lived in the past hundred years did deserve that title, it is Dr. Revilo P. Oliver.

      I have spent a fair amount of time researching his writings, none of which may be found on the shelves of the local public library or at the local Borders or Barnes and Noble. Even those which on the surface appear outdated, like much of what he wrote about “The Communist Conspiracy” are chock full of information relevant and often eerily prescient today.

      Much of the availability of Olivers written and spoken word is due to Kevin Alfred Strom. I understand fully why many have decreed Strom to be persona non grata in WP/WN circles today, but we must give credit where due. Strom, an audio engineer, was able to obtain and transcribe many tapes-undoubtedly recorded on flaky consumer open reel decks of the day- by which through the provenance of White technology we can hear Dr. Oliver in often remarkable fidelity by simply downloading these files. We must also acknowledge the work involved in gathering up and scanning, or often retyping, the varied pieces of Oliver’s written work. Some of that work is still encumbered by copyrights in the hands of the JBS and/or National Review, and thus won’t see the light of day for as many as another forty years. But what we have of Oliver in readily available form-particularly his magnum opii, “Christianity and the Survival of the West”, and “America’s Decline”, are quite sufficient to illustrate the quality of this man’s thinking.

      Someone said of Mozart, “His music is a gift to humanity from the Creator, wholly unearned”. Oliver’s work is of a similar merit.

    3. old dutch Says:

      Tomorrow is the 4th of JEW-LIE…LOL.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      An interesting article. Dr Oliver writes well but doesn’t wear his erudition lightly!
      Bret, the plural of magnum opus is more suitably magna opera? Or is magnum opii the possessive?? Sorry for the pedantry :-D

    5. Adam Says:

      Dr. Oliver was of a different era, one that insisted its intellectuals attain an extensive knowledge of the classics, along with fluency in Greek and Latin. In addition to these, Oliver also was fluent in Sanskrit and several modern European languages. His command of language and his writing style really places him more in the 19th century than the twentieth. He is in some respects like a WN version of Sir Richard Burton. Now that the academic establishment is staffed from top to bottom with a preponderance of rat-faced kikes, men of such learning are no longer produced by it. They truly don’t make ’em like that any more.

    6. Junghans Says:

      Good input, fellows. Oliver always struck me as being excessively pedantic, pompous and bombastic too, … initially. As CW-2 aptly notes, he didn’t wear his erudition lightly. However, the more of his brilliant insight that I read, the more I appreciate his outspoken genius. His book AMERICA’S DECLINE, with a great introduction by Sam Dickson, is essential reading for any dedicated White Nationalist. That the white bunnies/lemmings are flummoxed, is common knowledge among WN’s today; the how’s and why’s are what Oliver illuminates. Get it and read it!

    7. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Oliver CAN be a little tough to read at first, as he uses a lot of words no longer common (“otiose”,”nugatory”, etc.) But he was the first, AFAIK, to get across the point that _our own innate characteristics_, which are unique to or at least most highly developed in us, and which other races do not share, are being used against us by our enemies.

      The concept of “racism”, for instance, is peculiarly White, in that amongst every other people the “racist” view that one’s own people are the best and that others are to be looked at as competition or enemies, is simply so obvious and essential as not to even have a name. The word “racist” to all others, can and does only mean that THEIR people are discriminated against. And they use this word only to Whites because any other race would just look at them funny.

    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      No where before he died did I hear of him reading from Francis, Sobran, Harper’s, In These Times, The New Yorker, Alantic Monthly, KikeThe Nation, or any POS talk Radio, and never at college lecture in any way. Patty Cake SOB money grubbing Never Mentioned Oliver ever that I heard nor did PBS/NPR never mentioned him.

      David Dukes My Awakening did. My Cable TV that I hated went out the door ten years ago.

      “All” Those who knocked David Duke can ESAGTH.

    9. LoveWhite Says:

      ‘What we owe our parasites’, given in 1968, was one of Olivers most memorable and passionate speeches that was prophetic about the difficult times that lied ahead. One quote I won’t forget is “Unless we have simply degenerated into a race of imbeciles, unfit to survive in the world, there must be some ascertainable mental block that makes us so gullible. And, if so, we most urgently need to identify it.” While I don’t agree with every assertion of Oliver, his pessimism about the future proved well founded.

    10. New America Says:

      Dr. Oliver – our best “Big Picture” man since Spengler, in my opinion, had a tremendous amount of difficulty trying to understand why the John Birch Society wasn’t making the headway he thought it should.

      In time, he understood that it was all part of the CONservative Hustle, as described by Buckley to Sobran, and was a very effective false flag designed, by the Jews, to insure that the Whites would might become effective Nationalist never became White Nationalists.

      Buckley’s Jew-financed-and-controlled National Review insured that CONservatism would become International CONservatism, ie; International in the support of Jewish interests.

      To Buckley, it was all good fun, with the Naciocracy having great fun spoofing the White worker drones; Jews saw their lightning rod act with wonderful effectiveness, and Buckley made tons of money skinning the rubes, who he held in the lowest of possible esteem.

      To Oliver, it was tragic, to the point of internet personal pain, to realize the truth behind the JBS – it was pro-Jewish, and worked to neutralize him indirectly, with a technique called “Dynamic Silencing.”

      Simply put, his side of the story was starved for lack of Institutional resources.

      Apparently Dr. Oliver was all but destroyed when he realized the depth of the perfidy he was up against.

      I suspect many of us here, in what Pierce referred to as a “Vanguard,” have had the same experiences, which we resolved by using our anger to burn away the dross of lies and illusion, which cleared the Light that led to the Quickening, and our Awakening.

      Dr. Oliver must have felt like the One-Eyed Man in the Kingdom of the Blind.

      No CONservative source would let his side of the story concerning the Jews out to the public, and no Lamestream Media would allow a former JBS member like Dr. Oliver any time, particularly on this topic.

      i also suspect that the social isolation Dr. Oliver felt is felt, today, by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, as well as so many others of us.

    11. Howdy Doody Says:

      The World today proves he was right.

    12. Antagonistes Says:

      “What We Owe Our Parasites” and “Can Liberals Be Educated” are priceless recordings, for which I would not take gold.

      Even though he strikes many as rather stiff and uncool, Oliver was neither. He is just from a different time.

      A true philospher, Graeco-Roman style.

      I think the closest equivalent today, in terms of sensitivity and character, is Jean Raspail, author of “Camp of the Saints”.

      Both are true Romans, of the Republic.