2 July, 2009

Source: 10 Others to be Charged in Madoff Case

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Prediction: out of the 10, 7, and possibly 8, will be Jews:


  • 4 Responses to “Source: 10 Others to be Charged in Madoff Case”

    1. georgestooper Says:

      This dude Eric Swanson is Lightfoot’s superior at the SEC and is also married to Shana Madoff, Uncle Bernie’s “compliance lawyer”???

    2. Parsifal Says:

      Madoff was simply engaging in TJB. Jews screw each other over all the time. They just like to give us Goyim the illusion of tribal unity.

      I believe his scheming Jewess wife Ruth and many of their immediate family are also guilty. I hope they had to surrender their passports so they don’t try to scurry off to Kikestan.

    3. -jc Says:

      I noticed the other day that celebrity “spokeshole” Ed McMahon died about to have his home sold out from under him. The MSM article cited, among other reasons, “his” bad investments. Like others who trust “financial consultants” (blue sky salesmen), he was likely simply parasitized. Happens all the time.

      McMahon was a straight man for Johnny Carson and a pitchman who traded on his recognition. Rather than buy a comfortable home for cash, he borrowed millions to live among the “stars.” His memory with many, his legacy, if you will, is that he was a typical fool.

    4. Bret Ludwig Says:

      McMahon dined out for years on the “I’m not wearing anything under this” MM story. I’d have said, “I don’t believe that….”