4 July, 2009

The Born Deceivers

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    1. Z.O.G. Says:

      Wow, that’s quite a proboscis you’ve got going there, Mr. Jew.


    2. Parsifal Says:

      This Jew is scowling, because he is thinking of devious ways to use the Aryans’ sense of fairness and tolerance against them. The Jews believe such traits to be weaknesses that can and must be exploited. Racially concious Whites pose the only real threat to organized Jewry, so the Jews are always looking for ways to villify and shame Whites into submission and ultimately into race-mixing oblivion.

    3. Marwinsing Says:

      Who remembers Nicholas van Hoogstraten?

      Zimbabwe: sewer rat slumlord cleared of money laundering and possession of pornography charges because chimps “didn’t have warrant” (or, more likely, because chimps are very easily corruptible).

    4. old dutch Says:

      Alex: Better check you e-mail provider.

      This message bounced:

      Good job, whoever put it together…

    5. DanPhillips Says:

      Back in 2000, a black columnist wrote a piece that revealed that the filthy kikes were behind the campaign to pass hate crimes laws. Reading the column, it is as relevant today, as it was at the time it was published: http://www.blackelectorate.com/dev/original/articles.asp?ID=233

      Kikes are like the Aids virus, in that they are progressively weakening our civilization. We need to pull out the fangs of the Yids from our necks. Kikes are evil and dangerous parasites who will not rest until they have destroyed the white race.

    6. Adam Says:

      Parsifal Says:

      … Jews are always looking for ways to villify and shame Whites into submission and ultimately into race-mixing oblivion.

      The Jew is himself shameless, however.

    7. Adam Says:

      New America Says:

      One, you misquoted Parsifal, who noted that the class and economic reductionism of Communism was absolute and total for the Communists, but, to Parsifal, had “more than a little validity.”

      You appear to be operating on some kind of private definition of the word “quote”. As I said, I copied his words verbatim, therefore I did not “misquote” him. The rest of my remarks in that part had nothing to do with interpreting what he said, but rather were meant to show that there are other important causes of cultural conflict besides class warfare and economics. Whether you want to characterize the opposite point of view as socialist or communist, it doesn’t matter. I stand by the point.

      Three, you stated:

      You haven’t understood the argument.

      in reply:
      I think I have.

      If so, I see no sign of it.

      You might want to look at a book called “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” by Cochran and Harpendining …

      Their proposition that the pace of genetic change is accelerating isn’t incompatible with my thesis that race is being rapidly destroyed by the growth of the technological system. In fact, it confirms it.

      That this dream is unsustainable is of secondary import, as the Nation of Israel – the Jewish RACE – will outlive the State of Israel, which, incidentally need no longer be located in the desert.

      That may be, but you used Israel as an example of a sustainable racial state that whites should model their own “Republic” on. There’s every reason to expect that such a Republic would be no more sustainable than Israel, even if it could be established, which I doubt.

      As well, I assure you, the genetic engineers of China are moving ahead with all due speed to create Homo Superior.

      The fact that you now are implicitly admitting that there can be only one Homo superior contradicts your idea that race variation is becoming more important, not less. What is the difference between Homo superior and the New American Person? Superiority is always relative to a given environment, and the environment of the New American Person is the technological system.

      I think two concepts are being inadvertently merged here, and the meld can be defined and sustained by the idea that, while there are other “unique peoples with racial religions,” …

      Really? Name one. I can’t think of any besides Christian Identity and maybe Klassen’s “Creator” religion, but these are pretty much poor copies of the Jewish original. They are phony, made-up religions without many adherents or popular support. Trying to make white people more like Jews is a bad idea, in my opinion. It’s destroying the race in order to save it. It makes no sense, even if it could be done, which it currently can’t.

      The racial religion of the Jews, which has shaped them genetically, is unique in the world. By extremely unfortunate happenstance, it has also left them very well suited for survival in the current environment of the global technological system. Want to get rid of the Jew and destroy his power? Change that environment. Permanently cripple or destroy the technological system, and he will be rendered powerless, and the white race will be saved.

    8. Adam Says:

      DanPhillips Says:

      Kikes are like the Aids virus …

      Yes, and just as the AIDS virus hides from the immune system, the Jew hides from detection by pretending to be white – when it suits him!

      It’s amazing how the filthy Yid pretends. Pretense is the essence of the kike. He pretends to be for free speech, but in reality exercises the most ruthless censorship. Whites who act like that are no better than Jews themselves. Are you listening, New America?

    9. dino Says:

      the jew with all its deception. i was watching an interesting program on pbs ” amazing road show”. its a show where people, mostly white, bring in items and have them shown and appraised. most of the stuff is antique and usually of fine craftmanship. back when items were produced with actual skill and refelcted the signatures of the man who produced it. painting, scuptures, jewels and the like. these people are usually suprized at the value, but since these items are usuaully handed down through the family, there is no intent on quickly cashing in, because its a treasure and a delight to them. bringing us to the new america. a land where white skill and craftsmanship is pushed aside for niggerdom. to this day aryan people are still the forfront of all that is of value, but the jew will never let that be known. science and technology don’t matter. who put a ball in a hoop, now thats impo’ tant just axe anyone.

    10. yence of Hungary Says:

      Hahaha! ;-)