25 August, 2009

Tennessee: Cobbins Found Guilty in Christian-Newsom Murder Case

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Letalvis Cobbins, a negro, has been found guilty of murder and other crimes in the Christian-Newsom murder case. He faces a possible death sentence. Three more trials, for three more negroes, remain in this case:


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    1. Mega Therion Says:

      GOOD. I’m glad my pessimism was wrong.

    2. Susan Says:

      Well, they found him guilty but that doesn’t mean they’ll vote death. My guess is they won’t. My guess is being niggers, they’ll think that his role in the murders wasn’t enough to justify killing him.

      Mr. Christian clearly wants death. The Newsoms have said they want death but will be happy with life imprisonment. The Newsoms should have held firm for death. Now, the niggers on the jury will probably get the word that life imprisonment will be okay and they’ll be more likely to go with that.

      Now, we just have to go through this three more times. I feel so sorry for the families that they have to sit through this garbage four times.

      Lemaricus Davidson is saying he wants his trial held in Knoxville despite the judge’s repeated warnings that they can’t find an impartial jury. I suspect that Davidson thinks his “homeboys” and “homegirls” will be much more likely to vote not guilty than niggers from somewhere else.

      I wouldn’t even be surprised if the nigger community has put the word out not to convict. I don’t put anything past niggers in interracial crimes or in interracial trials. They hate Whites too much and don’t give a shit when we die.

    3. 2050 Says:

      Well, assistant DA Takisha and the rest of the prosecution, did a good job showing what a monster Cobbins was and there’s just no way the jury could find otherwise.
      After all, his lawyer’s closing argument was that Cobbins was a “liar, a rapist and a coward,” not a murderer.
      Poor Mr. Christian. To have to sit there while a nigger tells of ripping his daughter’s lower lip loose from her gums while he was getting his nut, and not being able to do the right thing, which would be to kill this nigger just as brutally as they killed his daughter.

    4. Johann Says:

      I am brought to tears when I read the horrific details of this crime and think about those poor family members having to hear how their children suffered.

      There are many more of these sub humans walking among us.

      Learn from this brothers and sisters.

      Always be aware of your situation, arm yourself and by all means, FIGHT! DO NOT BE A VICTIM! FIGHT TO THE VERY END!

    5. Kurt Says:

      I vote for impalement.

      It would certainly be a fitting retribution. It also can take quite a while. And it’s easy on the environment. No by products from electricity generation,no dangerous chemicals required,no elaborate equipment needed,either.

      Just one decent sized fence post with one end sharpened. A hole in the ground in which to firmly anchor the post. Enough space to do this,which isn’t very much,and enough willpower to do it,which I doubt can be found.

    6. Antagonistes Says:

      They are killing this man just as surely as they killed his daughter.

      In the old days, he would have been spared this torment, and his daughter’s murderer would have already been dead, killed much more mercifully and quickly than he killed that poor Christian girl.

      I think I would try to bite out the sombitch’s throat if, and when, he passed by me.

    7. VONBLUVENS Says:

      May he get the needle or chair, and may he burn in Hell for eternity.

    8. Blackshirt Says:

      Although I usually side on the verdict that will get White people the most angry, it will be interesting to see how this coon’s sentencing goes. Even if he does get death, experience suggests that it will be a LONG time before this simian excrement sees the reaper. Then, in oh, let’s say 25 years after everything has quieted down and he has written a children’s book, then he will put in appeal after appeal pleading to spare his life since he has “reformed”. Don’t you just love ZOG justice?

    9. Susan Says:

      Of course it all sucks in perspective. We all know that. But until we are willing to fight to see that something is done, we can’t complain too much. And even if we were to fight with our last dying breath, it doesn’t mean that anything is going to change until the majority of White Americans have decided that enough is enough.

      Everyone’s statements are on the money here. There isn’t any punishment that would even come close to the horror that was inflicted upon those two. And, yes, even if he gets death, it will be a looong time before he is put to death.

      But there is always the remote possibility that some White guy(s) in prison who has nothing to lose will decide to take one or more of them down. We can hope, can’t we?

      But short of that….impalement works for me. Being dipped slowly into a scalding pot of water works for me. Having the flesh slowly ripped off by bears or lions or tigers or coyotes works for me. Having every bone in his body broken and then left to slowly die in pain works for me. Having an object inserted into his rectum and left there while he’s gutted works for me. Shooting his kneecaps, then his groin, then his stomach, then between his eyes works for me. Being slowly drowned works for me. Being burned with lit cigarettes until he is finally set on fire and allowed to burn up works for me.

      See…..I’m not picky.

    10. nignogger Says:

      These nigs should be hung in public, and videos made and distributed to the niglets at school: “If you lil’ Darnell or Tremika do dat, dis will happen to you”. This will send a message and a scared straight behaviour to the negroes. unfortunatly our judacised legal system changed that. the public lynching of negro criminals in the old south was just that, you murder, rape or steal, you will be dealt harshly. It happened up until the 30’s until jew legal experts changed the laws of the old south.

    11. Lutjens Says:

      I think they should all be flogged like Jesus Christ was by the Romans, and then nailed to a cross, a burning one. The families can stand before them and mock them and spit on them as they die.

    12. Mick Says:

      I would respectfully disagree with Lutjens in his post, above. What sets the White Race apart from other, primitive, races our reluctance to inflict cruelty and savagery toward unarmed foes.

      What the Romans (police) did to our Lord at the behest of their (ZOG equivalent) masters, the Sanhedrin, precursors to the Jewstice system of today, is wanton cruelty and is to be avoided.

      What should happen to to the negro perpetrators? Death, quick and sure. Bullet to the heart. Then, as they die, they can think about their miserable lives for the few seconds remaining before it’s “Lights Out” so to speak.

      What we forget, in our rage, is that the act of murder, and torture, however it is deemed to be justifiable, extracts a terrible price on the DOER. To keep our race pure in thought, and deed, without the threat of permanently damaging the executioner, we must act with the most efficiency and objectivity in putting these animals down.

    13. leon Wolffe Says:

      Of course he is guilty. Now he should be given a full scholarship to Harvard so that rich whites can enjoy the benefits of integration.

    14. Garrett Says:

      Wow , I feel for the family.

    15. Lee Luttrell Says:

      As in all cases like this, regardless if the perps are black or white, and there is a female accomplice, the disparity between what the men get and what the female gets will be astonishing. For some reason women do not share the guilt with men that men do. This case should be no different, which will prove that equality with women is a lie.

    16. Vaultner Says:

      Kurt’s got the right idea, but I think that would be too quick. I was thinking more medieval treatment is in order, the rack, flogging, eye’s out with a spoon, disemboweling that sort of thing.

    17. Blackshirt Says:

      Mick, I have to disagree with you.

      “I would respectfully disagree with Lutjens in his post, above. What sets the White Race apart from other, primitive, races our reluctance to inflict cruelty and savagery toward unarmed foes.”

      There is no historical basis for that statement. The Romans (most certainly White) hung over 5,000 of Spartacus’s slave army on crosses along one of the ancient ways outside of Rome after Spartacus’s defeat. During the Inquisitions and witch hunts fanatical Christian White people hung, burned at the stake, tortured and drowned thousands of their unarmed kinsmen- men, women and children. There are numerous other examples, but those are right off the top of my head.

    18. Vaultner Says:


      It’s been said or written I suppose that it wasn’t actually Romans who crucified Christ but jews. Much the same as many of our lawyers today are kikes Rome was ruined with them as well.

      As far as these niggers deserving a quick execution were you going to give them a back rub first & sing Kumbayha?

      Eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth they deserve as much pain & humiliation as they can take till they pass out only to be revived & begin again.

      It doesn’t sound like they showed Channon & Christopher any compassion.

    19. New America Says:

      Susan wins first prize, and why this is much more important than many might think.


      That’s right.

      That’s the reward for acts of unspeakable evil.

      Free room and board, basketball, weights, color tv (cable), free unlimited health care – damn, but it seems a perversion of the Natural Order of things.

      Get this straight.

      The jury did him a FAVOR.

      He will enter prison as a local hero.

      Now, the take-home message.

      Look at the behavior of these feral animals, and know that there are a lot more where they came from.

      Look at the behavior of the jury – and know that THIS is the result of fifty years of mass conditioning.

      They will deliver the exact same verdict if it was YOUR small son, YOUR tiny daughter.

      Don’t kid yourself for a minute.

      When the black jury members go to their churches this week, they will be praised as heroes and heroines, leaders of the community.

      And they will be.

      The undeclared war against White America – the Race War that White America has always run from – is now given a green light by what we call the justice system.


      Most of the comments you see here reflect the impotence of the posters; extraordinary acts of ultra-violence from people who have chosen the paste jewels of middle-class respectability over making a better Life for themselves, and a better future for their Posterity.

      Remember, place this is the context of the Jewish War Against the West.

      This is a truly horrific double murder, and there is not a damn WORD about it in the Lamestream Media.

      This Is NOT By Accident.”

      They can Do Something about this, and they really should…

      While they can.

      Speaking of “Doing Something,” why don’t those who practice the wishful thinking of the Impotent see this in context, and Do Something positive, for a long-overdue change?

      Sending some money to Alex Linder – address at the top right of the page – would be an excellent start.

      Fourteen Forever

    20. John Smith Says:

      Gee, I was going to say something in the vein of my usual brilliance but I’m just too destroyed by the thought of what those 2 kids went through.
      All this tough guy keyboard wankery is so much pissing up a rope.
      My only hope is that there is perhaps SOMEONE or maybe there are people out there, EVEN, certainly not here, who is/are planning on sho’ nuff doing some goddamned fucking thing.

    21. Blackshirt Says:

      So, savage coon defendant #1 has gotten “life in prison”. What a joke. But then again, what did anyone expect from ZOG? Can you imagine what great things could have been accomplished in this country if we didn’t have millions of coons riding the system and getting to live in country club prisons? What an insane country!

    22. New America Says:

      in reply to John Smith”

      you wrote:

      Gee, I was going to say something in the vein of my usual brilliance but I’m just too destroyed by the thought of what those 2 kids went through.

      in reply:
      How would you like to be Gary Christian?

      How much do you want to bet Cobbins just smiled at him when the verdict came back?

      Or, Cobbins just smiled, because he knew a media that spoke of a “carjacking” might as well be on his side in all but name.

      you wrote:

      All this tough guy keyboard wankery is so much pissing up a rope.

      in reply:
      Indeed it is, and how can we Do Better?

      What we saw in this crime, and subsequent trial, is how White Genocide is much more the current Cultural reality than we dared imagine.

      How much of this so-called “tolerance” is really a mask for fear?

      More than most would find tolerable.

      Yet, the people who speak of horrific physical punishment refuse to do even the simple, hones, and effective things they CAN do, like sending some money to Linder to help him in his efforts.

      Incidentally, with few noteworthy exceptions, how many of the keyboard commando would be prepared to meet with Cobbins and his feral associates in the street, in a dark alley, alone, at night?

      Again, fear, masked, not by tolerance, but by totally impractical, totally over-the-top suggestions as to “what should be done.”

      Money to Linder?


      Getting their height-weight down to Marine Corps standards?


      With few exceptions, not the people who will solve any Racial problems, as they can not solve their own.

      you wrote:

      My only hope is that there is perhaps SOMEONE or maybe there are people out there, EVEN, certainly not here, who is/are planning on sho’ nuff doing some goddamned fucking thing.

      in reply:
      Again, we are WISHING “Someone” – who” Race Traitor Hal Turner and his magic earthquake machine? – can do FOR us what we can not bring ourselves to DO, for OUR selves.

      The smallest good deed is much more effective than the grandest of intentions.

      Send some money to Linder.

      Get in shape yourself.

      Who knows”

      Maybe your younger relatives will be inspired by your example, and will not be easy prey for the predators they will meet.

      Suppose Channon and Chris had been studying (and PRACTICING!) MMA, for example.

      Might have had an entirely different outcome; one much more to our liking.

      Move forward from there.

      Fourteen Forever.

    23. Angryyoungman Says:

      Like I’ve always said. The most one can hope for is a schedule screw-up by prison authorities and these animals be left in a room with the Aryan Brotherhood.

      Prison society will be the society of innocent citizens once the Iron Heel becomes frightened. We are all prisoners now.

    24. The Red Skull Says:

      Well,this is some good news,but truly a surprise.One savage monkey convicted-3 to go.Its not as good a news as the news that Kommissar Kennedy is FINALLY fucking dead-which made me want to jump up and “riverdance”,but its still good news.Good God what the family must have to go through,to sit there and look at these sub-human primates who ruthlessly defiled their children without mercy,and hear the horror of the details of the horrific crime.Wheres the Jewsmedia!??!Had this been whites doing something similar to blacks,JewWood, would probably already be working on a movie or mini-series dedicated to raising “awareness” of evil whitey.But Hell no,all the makings of a National Media Case,with real Horror and rape in it,not Conjecture like the Duke Lacrosse “case”,with an empty hand,but real facts and a real crime.
      What!?!Only White People were Murdered,Raped,Mutilated,and disposed of like yard clippings—-Big Jew–“nothing to see here Goy–move along,back to the Multi-culti paradise we’re creating for you”.The best thing to come out of this whole sad episode,is it raised awareness in Many Whites-this is what we’re in for.Those poor fine young White people got “the South Afrika Treatment”.Were i a rich man,i would already have started on some sort of memorial to Channon and Chris.To NEVER FORGET,as a certain tribe likes to say,these two victims of the undeclared Racial Genocide against our People.GOD BLESS THEIR MEMORY.

    25. Susan Says:

      YAK YAK YAK…..with all due respect folks……. in the meantime until the shit hits the fan or we get liberated (by some unseen force I guess) we need to return to Knoxville and make sure that every White person within range of seeing us and hearing us and reading about us knows that it was the COUNTY OF KNOX that stacked the decks against Channon and Chris.

      Anyone in law enforcement knows that niggers refuse to impose the death penalty on their own. They simply refuse to deliberate if that’s what it takes to get a nigger life without parole. We saw it happen here in Atlanta with Brian Nichols, the Atlanta Courthouse Shooter, when two niggers on the jury simply refused to deliberate the death penalty.

      Did anything happen to these niggers? HELL NO. It never does. Nobody ever does a damn thing to these fucking niggers who thumb their noses at the justice system. They hold our system hostage, thumb their noses at White justice, let their niggers off the hook for what they’ve done, and walk out the door as if nothing had happened.

      And we allow this to happen. We are a bunch of f**king p*ssies.

      Who’s with me to return?

      Knox County is stacking the decks against C & C, and in favor of the kidnapping, torturing, raping, and murdering niggers, and somebody has to stand up and say it’s wrong. My voice will be small, but at least I can sleep at night. But together our voices will be heard.

      Fuck doing nothing. Cowards do nothing. I may be a lot of things, but coward isn’t one of them.

      In case I haven’t posted it here, I called the City of Knoxville Police Department and spoke with the law department there. We don’t need any permit or anything to return there and stand outside the courthouse and hold a sign peacefully. It doesn’t matter if we are one, ten, or a hundred. As long as it’s not a rally with speakers and microphones, we are simply citizens expressing our opinions individually.

      All we have to do is show up. There is paid parking nearby. I will make signs.

      Anyone with me? If so, I have accounts at VNN and the Phora.

      Shall we plan on returning?

    26. Mega Therion Says:

      Yeah, let’s stop living our lives and go to a shithole like Knoxville and DO WHAT EXACTLY?

      Give it a rest you self aggrandizing harridan.

    27. knoxville girl Says:

      This mess makes me so sick, I couldnt even post it. Thank you guys for doing so. Susan, I have no idea how this jury did this. I dont really care. He had a bad family life, I never knew that would excuse you from murder. The only thing I can think, the death he faces, will be much more deserving than what the death penalty could deliver. This entire state is pissed off from this decision. And the other states that hear about it, are outraged as well. I dont know how the parents have went through this. Ive watched Channon’s father rock back and forth, staring at Cobbins each and every time I have seen him in the courtroom. Cobbins has other problems since this arrest. I do know he attacked a guard while awaiting trial, and there is more than just the one incident. I have a hard time finding words for this, and I do not know how these parents are physically able to attend court each day. I just hope he meets his death in prison soon, and while he is there, me, and other tax payers have to pay to feed him. We dont want to feed him! And I really think the majority feels this way, so why is this happening??? He deserves nothing, not even the air he breathes!

    28. Blackshirt Says:

      Susan, I’m glad you are so enthusiastic about going and protesting in Knoxville. Good luck to you but spare the rest of us the scolding for not wanting to use your tactics.

    29. Howdy Doody Says:


    30. Susan Says:

      You know Mega…the only thing Mega about YOU is that you are mega annoying.

      Now……anyone for Knoxville?

    31. Susan Says:

      Mega: Only a real dickless coward would come on the internet and flame someone for no reason who is trying to garner some interest in going to Knoxville to stand up for Channon and Christopher.

      That alone tells me you are a LOSER. (Now take your right hand and form the letter L and smack yourself in the forehead. There.)

      You don’t wanna go? Then, don’t go fucktard. But STFU.

    32. John Smith Says:

      To Brother New America:
      I most assuredly would not want to be Gary Christian. I would have gone insane.
      Thank you for the good points and insight.

    33. New America Says:

      in reply to The Red Skull:

      you wrote, in part:

      Well,this is some good news,but truly a surprise.

      in reply:
      See it from the perspective of the jury members who voted to send hi away to prison for “life without parole.”

      One, a feral monster has been sent away from them, and to a place where the White People will take care of him, including unlimited health care.

      Two, An Example has been made for the White People.

      It goes something like this:

      “We can murder and torture your Children, your Posterity, your Racial Future with impunity – as long as we have ONE member of the Africans-in-America community on the jury.”

      Something of a war broke out between the “extremes” of the Democrat and Republican parties over the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Robert Bork.

      That war peaked with the Clinton Impeachment, but still has skirmishes here and there.

      The Bork Nomination demonstrated the shift in legal thinking, and judicial practice, from the judge “deciding” the law, to the judge “making” the law.

      Bork – Old School – “DECIDE the law.”

      Kennedy – New school – “MAKING the law.”

      Today, Sottomayor – “MAKING the law.”

      Firmly established at the Institutional level, the “MAKING” the law – virtually unlimited “legal realism” – shows who won the war, even though the price of such a victory is an inevitable delegitimizing of the legal process, the vehicle through which “justice” is defined.

      Cobbins is simply the latest skirmish that demonstrates a hardening of the lines.

      This war began when Simpson walked the first time.

      The Community of Africans-In-America have created the functional equvialent of judicial nullification, with one exception:

      If they can make a GUILTY verdict work in THEIR favor, they will.

      The best example is right before us.

      The flower of White Youth were brutally tortured, and murdered.

      The killers get a paid vacation, AWAY from the city where the jurors live; think of a very nice version of Botany Bay.

      The White People get a Lesson in how Racial Balkanization really works, and what all of us can expect in certain environments.

      Fourteen Forever.

    34. knoxville girl Says:

      Well, I do know there were 6 black jury members, one Asian, and I imagine the rest were white. I do not know if this is normal for a jury, or it was the way this one went for whatever reasons. I have not researched enough to know if there is equal black and white. I really didnt think it had to be equal. But of course if not, another delay for the trial would come due to the murderers saying it was unfair.
      I just do not even see to where these people think they have rights. And I dont think they should. Channon and Chris have their right taken away to even breathe!!!
      And once the verdict is in, there is no way to appeal that? As from our side of course, not the murderers .
      I dont know what happened with that jury, I just cannot see how this hand full of people came to this decision. Not when I honestly do not know one person, who would have voted this way. Even people against the death penalty are saying this was not good enough.

    35. knoxville girl Says:

      here is the link to a video from the Medical examiner, this is the “nice” version of what happened, and it is horrid. The medical examiner also stated the couple was not killed by one person, more than likely, it had to have been at least 2. And of course the murderers are saying, ” I didnt do it, he did” back and forth. Blaming each other. Not so brave anymore as when they had victims hog tied.


    36. New America Says:

      Knoxville girl asked an interesting question.

      Let’s identify an answer from a White Nationalism perspective.

      knoxville girl wrote:

      And once the verdict is in, there is no way to appeal that? As from our side of course, not the murderers.

      in reply:
      In theory, possibly, but certainly not in practice.

      The local prosecutors could retry them, or try them on other, related charges, but they won’t.

      Everyone will scream “Double Jeopardy! Unconstitutional!.”

      The Jews did away with that – for us, and not the predatory Africans-in-America – during the Civil Rights Era of the Sixties, when they created the process of RETRYING our guys a second time, in Federal Court, for “denying them their civil rights.”

      Anyone here think Channon and Chris were denied their civil rights?

      Think the local Fed prosecutors will do anything about it?

      Neither do I.

      All the more reason for our own Racial Homeland, based on the lines of Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic.

      Fourteen Forever.

    37. knoxville girl Says:

      He does have 30 something more charges on him. I have no clue as to how they will do that. I do think the charges pertain to the case, but I do not know the reason they havent been dealt with.
      So, I guess this means Channon and Chris’s parents cant appeal this either. Im sure if there is a way, they will do it.
      Cobbins was said to have “below normal intelligence”, I cant figure out why this was brought up, he did know it was wrong to do these things. Maybe he cant do algebra, but he knew what he did was wrong. He even made that exact statement, “what I did was wrong and I need to be punished”.
      What does one have to do in order to get the death penalty If this did not qualify?

    38. Vaultner Says:

      knoxville girl,

      From what I read it looked like his attorney had done a good job of schooling him.

      The pot they were smoking supposedly tasted funny like it was laced with something they didn’t know. Partially guilty but not completely culpable, blames himself but it was out of his control. Changing his story numerous times so the court will keep him around for years & years until they find out exactly what happened. All scumbag lawyer tricks.

      Lower intelligence sure but even a dog can trick it’s master out of a treat now & then.

      It was all a bunch of B.S. to get him out of the death penalty & hope for an appeal.