30 August, 2009

Towards Fixing the Internet’s Free-Speech “Problem”

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Jewish media mogul #1: “In the old days, all news and information was filtered through several Jews before it reached the public. With the internet, that isn’t the case. Any gentile can publish anything now.”

Jewish media mogul #2: “Which is why we gotta do something about that, and soon. Say, why don’t we ask the Federal Trade Commission…”


Raimondo on the F.T.C. workshops: [Here].

  • 18 Responses to “Towards Fixing the Internet’s Free-Speech “Problem””

    1. -jc Says:

      Good piece by Raimondo.

    2. Doug Says:

      “Jon Leibowitz is the chairman of the Federal Trade Commission”

    3. 2050 Says:

      Might as well make govt. ownership of MSM official.

    4. 2050 Says:

      Hey, did you guys get a load of that Jon Liebowitz, Chairman of the FTC.
      Jeez, what a hebe!
      Got the fat lips, big nose, etc. Do we have any WNs out there who can draw caricatures? I’d love to see someone take up the cause of making fun of these hebes through caricatures.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Yep, he is a hebe’s hebe. He makes Foxman look handsome!

    6. Tom McReen Says:

      Mark Faust on the forum had a whole set of jew caricatures a while back. Many adopted them as avatars.

    7. Kuda Bux Says:

      Did they get those big lips from nigger genes?

    8. Lutjens Says:

      Kikes are niggers in a Turkic-Finn shell.

    9. Leucocyte Says:

      Even if they ban all non-Jew approved speech… it won’t work. Their problem goes much deeper than mere competition from the internet. They are facing the same problem that Soviet news agencies faced… namely, everything that they publish is such complete bullshit that it is obvious to anyone with half a brain. Not everyone knows the truth and many are afraid to face it when confronted by it… but everyone now understands that politicians and their media whores are nothing but liars.

      There was a time when anything Walter Kronkike and LBJ said wouldn’t be questioned. Calling the President a liar used to be fightin’ words; now its a truism that even his supporters don’t deny. The availability of opposition voices is a problem for the Jews, but loss of their credibility is their real problem.

      Even if people don’t realize that our economy is in ruins due to a bunch of Jewish swindlers, everyone can see the disconnect between the “miraculous recovery” and their empty wallets.

      Commisioner Heeb-owitz has a far more difficult job than just shutting down the competition… that only increases public perception of the cozy relationship between the state and the media.

      The Kikes are acting true to form here… blaming the decline of their publishing empires on white internet racists, when they should be blaming themselves for failing to come up with plausible lies.

      They are facing the same dilema as the boy who cried wolf, and no amount of drowning out opposition voices will fix this for them.

    10. zoomcopter Says:

      The Jewish New York Times should suffer a slow painful death for causing untold damage to America. Jewess prima donna Judith Miller intentionally fabricated false information about Saddam and his mythological weapons of mass destruction which led the establishment down the rocky road to war on Iraq. Judith Miller and the NYT should be held accountable for the 5000 soldiers that will never see their children.

    11. Marwinsing Says:

      Though some may be uncomfortable with government oversight of any aspect of journalism, the F.T.C. seems to be “attempting to play a facilitating and public educational role in gathering together various disciplines and perspectives to talk about the crisis in mainstream journalism,” said Neil Henry, a professor and dean at the graduate school of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.

      Should that not be “the crisis in mainstream lies and propaganda?” 9/11 comes to mind. So what’s the difference between blogging and journalism, except the latter make money out of it and the former don’t? The medium is the message, be it our vocal cords, a piece of newsprint rag or a networked computer. If the old media dies a natural death then good riddance to it. If they try censor new media (which they will) then we must take to the streets as this will amount to censorship of free speech, in other words, totalitarian rule.

    12. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The ‘mainstream’ media is, by definition, the instrument and servant of the state.”

      Or maybe the state is the servant of the mainstream media?

    13. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The Washington Post, for example, doesn’t challenge the conventional wisdom; rather, it lives to enforce it as accepted fact.”

      Maybe newspapers like the Post aren’t just repeating policies; maybe they’re the ones setting the policies in the first place. That’s a concept many don’t seem to grasp.

      The MSM is not just some neutral third party that occasionally gets cowed by those evil omnipotent government officials; it’s a center of power in itself. IMO, the MSM is more powerful than the government (or perhaps I should say was more powerful, since as Raimondo points out in the article, the Internet is giving it a serious thrashing).

    14. Igor Alexander Says:

      I don’t doubt that there are politicians and government officials who would like to do the right thing but don’t because they are terrified of how the MSM will portray them if they do.

    15. Igor Alexander Says:

      “And, of course, the media did a lot to ensure the election of our current president. Without all that favorable—even fawning—coverage, he might not have gotten the Democratic nomination and sailed to victory quite as easily as he did.”

      Here Raimondo shows that he’s conscious of all that I’ve just said, though he still understates it.

    16. Igor Alexander Says:

      What the journalism industry is about to do isn’t all that different to how the record industry reacted to file sharing. The record industry could’ve saved itself if it had tried early on to adapt its business model to changing times, but it refused to, opting for Draconian measures instead. Now it’s in shambles. The same thing will happen when the journalism industry tries to use government coercion and an army of lawyers to save its neck.

    17. Obama Says:

      What we are counting on is that by the time white people understand what has been done to them, thier raw demographic numbers will have been reduced to the point where they can be attacked with open and pure force. That is the plan for the white race. Turn them against one another using thier tendency towards empathy, fool them into believing that we are “just like them,” while thier males commit suicide at rates far beyond others, and while thier females are called racist if they don’t fornicate with non-whites, take their jobs with affrimative action and diversity mandates, and then, finally, kill the ones that remain, openly, because their dwindled numbers will allow this to be done. Some may be left to be enslaved, females especially, but the death of the white race is a forgone conclusion. After all, we have the UN, the international higher educational unions, and all mainstream Western media on our side, in all European languages. With the death of the white race, we will have UN-Nazified the world forever.

    18. Kuda Bux Says:

      “. . .Walter Kronkike. . .”

      Don’t forget Douglas Kiker: