10 September, 2009

CODOH Ad in Harvard Newspaper Was ‘Accident’

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The newspaper has issued an apology. Nonetheless, CODOH’s Campus Project is a good idea and they’ve had some success with it:


More about the CODOH ad: [Here].

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    1. Tom McReen Says:

      I’m surprised CODOH was able to make inroads into such a jewish stronghold as Harvard. Good work.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      7.3 million Jews perished in the Holohoax? I thought it was exactly 6 million. And another eleventy-seven million Jehovah’s Witnesses and Hare Krishnas perished, too? Good thing those numbers are all “widely accepted” according to CNN. Otherwise I might have trouble believing them.

      And I’m sure it’s also widely accepted that not one German civilian was ever raped or bombed or killed by the enemy during all of WWII. NOT ONE. Only the Germans inflicted death and suffering on everyone else.

    3. -JC Says:

      You know, you would think they wouldn’t want to attract attention– giving much more and free advertising to Mr. Smith. His ad makes quite a statement. So, my guess is that it was neither an accident running the ad nor making a big deal about the retraction.

      I’ve noticed that places where it is assumed that Jews have a stranglehold are frequently chock full of those who’ve had a belly full of it and, surprisingly, that includes universities.

      What has become of Harvard is about as humiliating as it gets and there may be a little spark of White pride and a few that would like to take it back from aliens.

      My father was quite proud to have received his master’s degree from Harvard in better times and would at least be surprised if not ashamed of what it has been allowed to become, were he alive today.

      Harvard paper issues apology for ad denying the Holocaust
      By Christine McConville
      Thursday, September 10, 2009 – Updated 17h ago

      In an embarrassing back-to-school snafu, the Harvard Crimson has apologized for mistakenly running a controversial advertisement by a Holocaust denier.

      Crimson President Maxwell L. Child blamed the mistake on a miscommunication among staffers and failed oversight, which occured during a three-week publishing break at the university’s student-run daily newspaper.

      Child posted his apology online the day after the ad ran on page seven of the paper. The ad, submitted by Bradley Smith, founder of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, asked readers to “provide, with proof, the name of one person killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz,” the Nazi concentration camp.

      The Crimson staff decided right away not to publish the ad, Child said, but during the lengthy vacation that decision was not properly conveyed to all staffers.

      After the ad appeared, students protested and members of Harvard Hillel, the on-campus Jewish student group, asked the paper to print an apology.

      Rebecca D. Gillette, the Harvard Hillel undergraduate president, told the Crimson that she was impressed that the paper took responsibility for its actions.

    4. -JC Says:

      So, Gillette (Ms. Gilette is “Harvard HILLEL undergraduate president”) is another Jew name? Amazing what you learn when you read the news.

      Thank you Mr. Smith.

      See: http://www.forward.com/articles/109092/

      Accountant For Harvard Hillel Arrested After Nearly $800,000 Disappears
      By Alex Weisler
      Published July 08, 2009, issue of July 17, 2009.

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      To add to what already has been a bad year for fraud at Jewish organizations, Harvard University’s Hillel announced that it had lost nearly $800,000, and a former accountant has been accused of diverting funds into his personal account.

      William O’Brien was indicted July 6 on 17 counts in connection with the five-year, $780,000 fraud.
      Missing Funds: The Harvard Hillel, above, discovered the alleged fraud after a call from a credit card company.

      The incident was another reminder, after Bernard Madoff’s massive Ponzi scheme, of the vulnerability of funds held by not-for-profits. Bernard Steinberg, president and director of Harvard Hillel, stressed in an e-mail to the student community that the incident served as a teachable moment.

      Harvard Hillel used the missing funds as a jumping-off point for a “thorough review” of its financial operations, conducted by an outside team of financial experts, the July 6 e-mail said.

      “With this guidance, we have strengthened our business processes, internal control and oversight of all financial transactions in order to safeguard the assets of the organization and prevent similar situations from occurring in the future,” the organization wrote.
      Related Articles

      * Gefilte Fish Slithers Into Harvard Yard
      * Hillel Releases First Guide for Gay, Lesbian Students
      * Harvard’s Muslim Chaplain Embroiled in Death-for-Apostasy Controversy

      O’Brien, who handled Harvard Hillel’s accounting and bill payment, came to the university in 2003 as a contract worker with InSource Solutions.

      According to the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, Steinberg discovered the money was missing when American Express called him to inform him that his corporate account would be closed after not being paid. After an internal investiagation, Steinberg alleged that O’Brien had funneled payments from the group’s corporate account into a separate account in his own name.

      At that point, in October 2008, Hillel referred the matter to the Attorney General’s Office, which began its own investigation.

      Harvard Hillel spokeswoman Melissa Monahan said that the organization hopes to regain at least some of the funds, potentially through civil suits. Despite the fiscal losses, Monahan said Hillel anticipates it will be able to continue operations uninterrupted.

      “The organization has not been forced to curtail programs and services as a result of the fraud,” she said.

      A press secretary for the Attorney General’s Office said that the arrangements for O’Brien’s trial have not yet been set.

      Contact Alex Weisler at [email protected]

    5. Waldo Starr Says:

      The most interesting thing about this article is the comments section (25) posted at the end. Some are quite thought provoking and one is asking.” if the Germans kept meticulous records it should be pretty easy to name just one person who has died in a gas chamber, if the stories are true.” Another one states, “so what you supporters and apologists are saying is no one should be able to openly question anything no matter how stupid or ridiculous it may be vis-vis your beliefs or opinion. Otherwise it’s considered “hate speech”??? Then you have some from the usual suspects not wanting tot muddy the waters with any facts or truth.

    6. old dutch Says:

      Jim Traficant on TV tonight at 10 PM:

    7. New England Says:

      Jim Traficant….Wow! I didn’t even know about this hero. Although I was upset when he suggested that shitty little country should be our allie

      I’m eager to see the parasites’ response to this, especially that scrawny jew snot Alan Dershowitz. His subversive ploy will be to minipulate the listner by differentiating between control and influence, that Israel can’t control our policy as a result of point a, b and c. This is the same asshole who can make a argument for OJ Simspon yet if one disagrees with him on Israel, then they’re just dead wrong.

    8. Jon Says:

      “The newspaper has issued an apology.”

      Apologize? Apologize for what?? Oh, I see…some Jew got ‘offended’ and made a fuss.

      Just another example of why we are so fed up with Jews.


    9. Jon Says:

      “if the Germans kept meticulous records it should be pretty easy to name just one person who has died in a gas chamber, if the stories are true.”

      Never mind the Germans! Let Jewry produce the list of names of the alleged six million liquidated Khazars! I have never heard of anyone countering these holocaustians with that and believe it’s high time they should!


    10. Jon Says:

      I wonder if the same Harvard paper would issue an apology for an ad placed for denying the existence of God?

      We all know the answer to that!


    11. -jc Says:

      Re: James Traficant

      Audio link and download of interview with Michael Collins Piper on his Traficant book here: http://www.davidduke.com/general/mic…-mp3_4771.html

      FOX News Videos
      1 of 3

      2 of 3 http://www.foxnews.com/video2/video08.html?maven_referralObject=9415654&maven_referralPlaylistId=&sRevUrl=http://www.foxnews.com/ontherecord/#

      3 of 3
      Greta’s blog with comments from viewers http://www.foxnews.com/ontherecord

      Transcript of show http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,549164,00.html

      Read Trafficant and Mr. Piper’s book about him in an article in the American Free Press (Willis Carto’s The SPOTLIGHT)

      At http://www.hotshare.net/en/audio/82182-9954472f88.html hear James Traficant speak on FOX News with Greta Susteren say:

      -Israel controls the US Congress and much of the mass media.

      -Jews are responsible for his 7 years in prison

      -The U.S. gives Israel $15 billion yearly, not the $3 billion you always hear from the media

      -No politician will even speak with him because they fear the Jews

      -Middle east wars are fought for Israel and Israel is responsible for all the dead Americans brought home in body bags

      -John Demjanjuk, styled “Ivan the Terrible,” who is currently on trial in Germany for WWII war crimes, is innocent, and that Israel and the U.S. knows he’s innocent

      If FOX takes-down the videos, you may be able to still find them here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=INURW8P8

      Vanguard News Network forum thread here: http://www.vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=100504

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      There was no such thing as a guard nicknamed Ivan the Terrible in the Nazi camp system, but maybe in Stalin’s Gulags. Funny how the Jews and libs never mention them. Or the NKVD and its Jew chief Beria.

    13. 2050 Says:

      Someone who works on the campus newspaper is on our side.

      It sounds like the kind of thing I would do when I worked on a local college newspaper. hehe.

      btw, Traficant’s cool. ‘Cept for that ally comment.

    14. O.D. Izschlippink Says:

      “Trafficant” is an Anglicized name…

      J.T. is an Italian-descended Roman Catholic.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Trafficanti sounded too Italinan, I guess.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Trafficanti sounded too Italian, I guess

    17. ein Says:

      Or was it Trafficante?
      At any rate, I wish he had left it alone. It was better in the original.
      Trafficant sounds strange, awkward, unnatural. And I don’t even know how to pronounce it.

    18. ein Says:

      It would have so much more encouraging (and courageous) if Harvard’s response had read something like this:

      “Some people may have forgotten, but this is a university. As such, it is dedicated to the unhampered pursuit of knowledge, and thus to free inquiry and discussion of all things without restriction — unfettered by superstition, custom, or law. The best (and only acceptable) way to deal with false information is to refute it with facts and logic, not to ban it with laws and censorship. Facts and logic are what a university is all about. The force of law, or censorship, should not be employed as the determiner of truth. Nor should complete and final “Truth” ever be assumed to be known in its totality. Nor is any topic to be placed beyond discussion, or any “truth” sacred.

      Folly is its own worst enemy and, when exposed, will usually refute itself. Thus, the enemies of falsehood should welcome, not fear, its fullest public exposure — not seek to keep it hidden, nor have it banned. This newspaper accepts many paid advertisements for all sorts of products, things, ideas, and causes — which we do not necessarily endorse or condemn. They are simply ads. They do not represent our position, if indeed we have one. Those who disagree with them are free to take out an ad of their own. We welcome, and encourage, all such free discussion. We do not welcome or encourage censorship of views that some do not like.”