3 September, 2009

Investigators Bust $44 Million Fraud Scheme

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“Gofman” – that doesn’t sound Irish, does it? (Note comment #16 under the article):


  • 7 Responses to “Investigators Bust $44 Million Fraud Scheme”

    1. old dutch Says:

      I’m sure there won’t be any Federal RICO charges against these “Russian” racketeers because they were probably stealing to build a Holocaust Museum & Theme Park back in Russia.

    2. Garrett Says:

      these fucking kikes are destroying America’s economy as well as the world. They won’t stop until they take the whole fucking world out.

    3. Lutjens Says:

      The death penalty should apply to all of these swindlers, kikes or not.

    4. chubby Says:

      For those not familiar with Cleveland and its suburbs, I would like to point out that the swindle involved many of the reasonably good suburbs (like Shaker Heights and Beachwood) as well as the grimier parts. These areas are not what most people would associate with the subprime mortgage market. I don’t understand the financial goings on here, but I am surprised.

    5. Truthteller Says:

      “I wonder if he went to Madoff’s temple?”

      Uri Gofman is systematic of jews out of control in our society. These parasitic swindlers need to be pogramed as soon as possible. These dirty hooked nose kikes need another lesson, that preying on Aryans is bad for their health.

      They are filthy swine with no understanding of normal financial dealings.
      All they know is theft and usury, swindling the goyim until they hear the got scream… Then they steal the penny’s off the eyes!

    6. Hans Schneider Says:

      a very predictable race they are….

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      It would have been funny if at that press conference the Cuyahoga County prosecutor displayed big ugly caricatures of Jews clutching bags of shekels, instead of showing those lame diagrams with all the little photos and arrows.