8 December, 2009

Obama to Sign Copenhagen Climate Treaty?

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Treaties can supersede state laws and therefore, by default, the 10th Amendment, and possibly other amendments [1][2]:


More: [Here].

[1] “Generally, then, valid executive agreements are fit to preempt state law, just as treaties are” — U.S. Supreme Court ruling American Insurance Association v. Garamendi (2003)

[2] “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” — the 10th Amendment

  • 32 Responses to “Obama to Sign Copenhagen Climate Treaty?”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      What’s this treaty all about, just another program to syphon off our economic life blood and dispense it to the turd world for the purpose of breeding-up more muds.

    2. Reloader Says:

      The treaty has to be ratified by the Senate before it can become law. This is what all the chicken littles are conveniently omitting.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW-2, the bottom line is that these global-warming con-artists and fanatics want to establish a UN World Government and they are using the false religion of Climate Change to try and make that happen. While the Left is bombarding us with that hysterical bullshit, the Right bombards us with hysterical lies about Iran and the Taliban. Fuck both the Right and the Left, they no longer have ANY control at all over me or my brain. I am a sovereign nation of one.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I like how the liberals are shreiking that the Copenhagen Conference is our “last chance to save the planet”. Good! That means there won’t be any more of those stupid conferences in the future.

      And how does everyone get to those Global Warming conferences, anyway? On rafts made out of bamboo and palm-trees? No, they travel first-class on “greenhouse gas” emitting jets and limos. Arrogant, elitist swine.

    5. scottie_too_hottie Says:

      ————–Source: telegraph.co.uk—————-below—–

      Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen – or is it? For AGW fanatics this was supposed to be the climactic moment, the Machtergreifung that would initiate global government and penal taxes through which the hard-earned money of Western citizens would become a burnt holocaust to the religion of Global Warming, the few remaining heretics would be anathematised and the New World Order would commence.

      But it is not working out like that. True, the thousands of parasites – politicians, safely bought scientists, civil servants, myth-compliant journalists and other free loaders have duly converged on the Danish capital. But, for the Climate Moonies, it has turned into a Barmecide feast. Even they know that something is wrong. They are frothing and foaming at the mouth more hysterically than ever – but the world is not listening.

      Climategate is the elephant in the room, the skeleton at the feast. Scepticism was supposed to have been eliminated by now; instead, it has captured majority opinion. It is untrue to say that Britain is split 50-50 – though that, in itself, would be a defeat for warmists – close study of all the surveys shows that scepticism was running at closer to 60 per cent – before Climategate even broke. The script said that man-made global warming was to be regarded as an established fact, that sceptics should not even be given the courtesy of an argument.

      Now the warmists are on the back foot, thoroughly on the defensive. Even six months ago, who ever thought that Energy Secretary Ed Milliband would be conceding, on the opening day of Copenhagen, that convincing people of global warming remains a “huge challenge”? Yet it goes beyond even that. I would be the last person on earth to minimise the importance of Climategate or to deny credit, in any way, to those scientists and journalists who have so tirelessly exposed it. And, of course, it has had an important effect.

      But there is more than that to the irreducible scepticism of the public. Even before dodgy e-mails emerged, the public was realising that this was a scheme, not to save the planet, but to make Al Gore a billionaire. Gore was trying to charge $1,200 a time for people to shake hands and be photographed with him at Copenhagen. Is that the conduct of a man who urgently believes the planet is about to be scorched to a cinder? Is the United Nations a trusted institution?

      The evidence is all around us. Take last weekend’s global warming demonstration in London. It was attended by 20,000 people. In today’s climate of internet communication to organise protests, is that a credible figure reflecting public concern over a global crisis? The Countryside March attracted 407,000 people, the Anti-War in Iraq march 750,000. Subtract from the climate change marchers the smellies who will turn out to bang tin cans to protest against globalisation or global warming indifferently, how much of the British public was galvanised by planetary concern?

      “They have science and momentum on their side,” lied a supposedly neutral, but blatantly biased, BBC commentator. In reality, they have neither. Copenhagen is the high watermark of the AGW scam: after this it has nowhere to go but down. The fall of Malcolm Turnbull in Australia and the voting down there of the kind of laws being demanded at Copenhagen shows that electorates are beginning to have their say. Politicians’ rodent whiskers are twitching with fear.
      We (I mean by “we” the sane, the scientifically informed, the defenders of freedom, the opponents of socialism and world government) must fight on to victory. We must attack, discredit, harass and, if necessary, disobey climate laws and refuse to pay AGW taxes, until this evil pseudo-religion is thrown into the dustbin of history. Even the mere passage of time disproves global warming. There is an unexpected defensiveness and lack of confidence detectable behind the blowhard utterances at Copenhagen. There is a change of pulse. They are on a slippery slope. We are going to win this one.

      Source: telegraph.co.uk

    6. scottie_too_hottie Says:

      “Please Help the World”, film from the opening ceremony of the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009 (COP15) in Copenhagen from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. Shown on December 7, 2009 at COP15. Video from: youtube.com As one of the YouTube comments said: “Joeseph Goebbles couldn’t have done a better job.” When you think it can’t get any better lol…..


    7. whodareswings Says:

      I think one of the best quick primers on Kyoto and CW-2 globalism is Niki Rapaana’s 2020: Our Common Destiny available from http://nord.twu.net/acl/books.html for $20. She’s distilled the gaseous
      emissions of the Israeli-American social economist Amatai Etzioni’s Communitarian Network into a very readable explanation of how city, state, and national laws are being changed to accommodate the continuing enslavement of Americans to international banking and corporatism. We’re told this is an inevitability, but look whose telling us this. 2020 is an expose of the incremental triumph of Talmudic law over British Common law. Seriously, that’s the bottom line and Ms Rapaana backs this up with a litany of really depressing facts. Communitarianism is the name of the game. It’s a “sustainable” synthesis of communism/fascism/capitalism/Zionism. Keep your eye on the word “sustainable” because that’s the idee fixe being used now to separate you from your property and rights.

    8. Kuda Bux Says:

      Prozium of Occidental Dissent claims to be a Communitarian.

    9. Michael Mavros Says:

      It is ironic that this scam is taking place in Copenhagen. Remember that Hans Christian Anderson was from Denmark. He is the one who wrote the story about the Emperor who paraded through the city totally naked while the crowd said what splendid clothes he wore. Only one little boy came out and said that the emperor had no clothes. This childrens story says it all on what is going on in Copenhagen.

    10. Chapman Says:

      If you are afraid of blacks (or jews), if you suffer ‘silent rage’, or impotent outrage at newly emerging government systems of mythology such as ‘Climate Change’, then you have already allowed yourself to be turned into a ‘female’, and you have already been subjected to defeat because, just as lesser mammals ‘face-off’ against each other, human hierarchy and subjection operates by TRAUMA and the intimation of the power to commit further TRAUMA.

      The seductive cartoon, for example, reproduced further down the VNN title page, promotes only fear and defeatism.

      Obssessive fear and resentment against blacks, jews or government (etc) is just what the enemy wants for you because it is exactly what prevents you from organising yourself on your own terms and exercising your own autonomy.

      Beware, white man! Analyse and understand your own psyche first. And then act according to your own heart.

    11. -jc Says:

      Once again, regardless of whether the question is asked in the correct venue, with the paperwork exactly right, and regardless of the media spin– trying to convince the public that the issue is WHERE Obama was born rather than his apparently not being a NATURAL BORN Citizen– both parents having been Citizens: If he hasn’t the authority to enter into a treaty on behalf of the American people then he hasn’t the authority PERIOD.

      He is, however, acting increasingly like a dictator.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      Chapman, I’m pretty sure nobody on this forum is ‘afraid’ of blacks or jews! Given half a chance we would kick their asses.

    13. Lee Luttrell Says:

      We need a Supreme Court ruling on the 10th amendment…….most people are afraid of what that ruling would be.

    14. -jc Says:

      hyperlinks to annotations here:


      Cases & Codes > U.S. Constitution > Tenth Amendment

      U.S. Constitution: Tenth Amendment

      Tenth Amendment – Reserved Powers

      Amendment Text | Annotations

      The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


      * Reserved Powers
      * Scope and Purpose
      * Effect of Provision on Federal Powers
      o Federal Taxing Powers
      o Federal Police Power
      o Federal Regulations Affecting State Activities and Instrumentalities

    15. Z.O.G. Says:

      I have been investigating the Jewish connections to the whole “climate change” fraud. I have found at least two prominent Jews involved so far. One is a Jew professor named Stephen Schneider:

      “We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination… So we have to offer up scary scenarios,make simplified, dramatic statementsand make little mention of any doubts…Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”

      – Prof. Stephen Schneider,
      Stanford Professor of Climatology,
      lead author of many IPCC reports

    16. Z.O.G. Says:

      Another one is a Jew professor named Michael E. Mann:


    17. Z.O.G. Says:

      Pictures of the Jew Michael E. Mann:


    18. Z.O.G. Says:


    19. Z.O.G. Says:

      Here is the Jew Stephen Schneider’s home page:


    20. Z.O.G. Says:


    21. Z.O.G. Says:

      This Jew Stephen Schneider is even more important than I thought:


    22. Z.O.G. Says:

      I just found another Jew involved in this whole scam, going back to 1991:

      Shocking 1991 UN Policy Paper Describes the Exact Purpose and Trajectory of Current Copenhagen Treaty


      A 1991 policy paper prepared for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) by self-described ‘ecosocioeconomist’ professor Ignacy Sachs outlines a strategy for the transfer of wealth in name of the environment to be implemented in the course of 35 to 40 years. As it turns out, it is a visionary paper describing phase by phase the road to world dictatorship. As the professor states in the paper:

    23. Ein Says:

      It looks like the Jews have simply shifted their weight from the “Population Bomb” theory that was in vogue some years ago, over to the newer, trendier climate scare. And then there was the Gaia theory too, another Jewess behind that. These “experts” are always up to something to scare the wits out of people. Always false alarms. But they write their books, give their speeches, get their TV appearances, collect their grants, and get rich and famous in the meantime — until the next scare comes along.

      Oh, and remember the near panic over y2K? — which never happened either.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yep, I remember the Population Bomb Scare of the late 60s and early 70s, along with all the air and water pollution hysteria. Those left-wing Jews apparently never sleep, as they’re too busy coming up with one new make-believe crisis after another. Their so-called solution to all those imaginary problems, of course, is to create a UN World Government that they will control.

      Meanwhile, no sooner did the phony Cold War boogeyman die off than the right-wing Jews were busy creating a new “terrorist” boogeyman to replace it. ZOG always needs some kind of enemy to justify its huge, bloodthirsty war-machine. Imaginary threats to “national security” also help keep the Goy public under control.

      Just imagine how much peace and quiet there’ll be in the world when the Jews are finally liquidated! Can’t happen too soon.

    25. Z.O.G. Says:

      That’s true, Ein, but there’s more to it. This “climate change” and “carbon trading” scam is essentially a massive Jewish Marxist economic redistribution scheme to move wealth from the Western nations to the Third World. It’s exactly like Great Society program of the 1960’s, except on a global scale. It’s Jewish Marxist social engineering. It’s all spelled out right there in that link I just posted.

    26. Z.O.G. Says:

      Keep in mind that the professor who was behind the “Population Bomb” theory is the Jew Paul Ehrlich. He is still alive.

    27. whodareswings Says:

      Ignacy Sachs is described as an ecosocioeconomist. In following Z.O.G.’s lead I found a paper he wrote on The Third Way which is another name for Communitarianism. Socioeconomics is Amaatai Etzioni’s self-invented “discipline.” Ecosocioeconomics trumps even that! Beware of experts. Z.O.G. is right that “climate change” is gussied up Jewish Marxist social engineering and economics for the 21st century. It’s typically presented as “universalist” which means there’s a hundred ways from Wednesday how the griplings will be able to use it continue enriching themselves at everyone else’s expense. Al Gore’s political mentor was the macher Armand Hammer. His daughter is married into the Schiff family. The man is a shabbos goy par excellence. That’s why he’s awarded an Oscar, a Nobel and a million dollars from an Israeli charity all in the same year.

    28. Z.O.G. Says:

      You’re exactly right, whodareswings. Gore’s daughter marrying into the Schiff family sealed the deal.

      And notice who is going to be profiting from these newly created carbon trading schemes to be implemented in the name of “climate change”: Jewish controlled investment banks like Goldman Sachs!

      This whole scam is really sick! Here’s how it works:

      1.) Jewish scientists create a bogus crisis called “global warming”(now called “climate change”).

      2.) Jewish economists create social engineering schemes to solve the bogus crisis created by the Jewish scientists.

      3.) Jewish bankers and speculators reap the profits derived from the social engineering schemes created by the Jewish economists.

      Sick and brilliant!

    29. Big Effer Says:

      Global Warming is merely another scam created to cripple then destroy the West. This fraud has as its goal limiting then shutting down any remaining industries that still produce – anything – in the West, especially in the US. India won’t sign any agreements. If the Chinese do, they’ll simply ignore the “rules” and plow along doing whatever they want. Which is already expected. Only whites are expected to follow this new set of protocols from the zionists. This is why it appears the yids are ramping up their activities in so many other areas, whether it’s dumping more feral non-whites in white countries, increasing the collapse of the dollar or dumping more mostly white troops in the Middle East to clean things up for greater Kike-istan. They want to get whites and US out of the way asap, but still hope to use us up in creating their hoped for utopia. It ain’t gonna work. But it’s going to get a lot worse for us, as it has to, before we finally grab the scheming shits by the throat and put an end to it.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      If the global warming mafia was really serious about combating “climate change”, they would be calling for drastic reductions in excess Third World populations and replacing those billions of people with billions of CO2-absorbing trees. The enemies of the White Race never sleep and neither should we.

    31. scottie_too_hottie Says:

      this would have been a better obumah welcome—to bad the WHITE dorks in this video had no pro-white obsessions smashed HEEBS would have been beautiful: http://forum.uncoverreality.com/837803-post1.html

      here is the whole story http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dnepropetrovsk_maniacs#The_victim_in_the_video

    32. Ein Says:

      “to bad the WHITE dorks in this video had no pro-white obsessions smashed HEEBS would have been beautiful”
      No, Idiot! It’s not “to” bad. It’s very GOOD that they didn’t have any pro-white “obsessions”. Murderous maniacs on the loose like that are the very LAST thing we need. You think that’s “beautiful”? Bye! And I won’t even guess what you mean by an “Obumah welcome”. I’ll let the Secret Service figure that one out. Go back to your fantasies now.