25 December, 2009

Samuel Jared Taylor – a Despicable Piece of Shit

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“My magazine [American Renaissance] has frequently been accused of being a tool for the Jews because we’re far more interested in the question of the demographic future of the country,” Taylor said.

This quote is the type of thing I allude to when I nicknamed Samuel Jared Taylor The Polished Turd.  Sam-Jerry, who runs a front for the jews, or,  as America’s foremost Catholic intellectual, E. Michael Jones, puts it, a white NAACP (Amren, American Renaissance),  is smooth on the outside, in his unctuous, uncivilized WASP way,  but on the inside he is pure lying shit. Toolman Taylor is very much like the whitened sepulchres mentioned in the bible: gleaming white on the outside, but full of nasty stinky no-good nougaty jewrot in the center.

The JEWS opened the borders. Thus, the jews are the source of demographic change. Taylor knows that. He conceals it. While claiming he’s not taking sides on the jew issue. That makes him a liar, and a fraud. Yet we have these White Nationalist goobers who fall over themselves in the presence of this regal, courtly superman. He wears a suit! His galoshes don’t leak! His metaphors work! His tie is correctly dimpled. Well, you know what, you mental defectives, the suit doesn’t make the man. The suit covers up the unmanliness.

Samuel Jared Taylor is a liar, a fraud, and a conman straight out of the Bill Buckley playbook. And you who can’t see it ought to be flushed down the same crapper as the Polished Turd itself.

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    1. Betty Says:

      BTW, here are those comments from 2006 on Amren when Jared decided to let the Jews in….All the artricles in archives do not have the comments there anylonger but a friend knew how to get them and just sent them to me…I found it very interesting…Hope you do.


    2. war is a racket Says:

      Just take a look at the books they promote, they are written by Jews: On Genetic Interests by Frank Salter, Why Race Matters by Michael Levin. Jews are educating whites about race?? Wake up.

    3. Betty Says:

      I just read the comments on this link from Amren today, again… Luke and Timothy has some very good ones. The one where Jared decided to have no more talk about the “jewish question”…….and putting down David Duke at that so-called “conference”.


      Hopefully you all will read them. Jared sold us out completely and he KNEW exactly what he was doing. Most of my comments on Amren never get published and I KNOW the mods are jewish. Big surprise. Maybe Jared has jewish blood?