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25 December, 2009

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“My magazine [American Renaissance] has frequently been accused of being a tool for the Jews because we’re far more interested in the question of the demographic future of the country,” Taylor said. This quote is the type of thing I allude to when I nicknamed Samuel Jared Taylor The Polished Turd.  Sam-Jerry, who runs a […]

27 June, 2008

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DEATH OF A GRINNER Q. What’s the best word to describe Tim Russert? A. Grinner. Like the Cheshire cat, Tim Russert was of grin and nothing else compact. The rest will fade, his grin is the only thing of him that will linger in our memories. Ol’ Grinnin’ Timmy. Timmy the Grinner. Rich man’s Dennis […]

7 August, 2007

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This week’s Hell’s Lettres: Letter to Fred ReedTo: Fred Reed From: John ‘Birdman’ Bryant ( Date: 31 July 2007   Dear Fred:   In response to your 30 July 2007 column on ‘The Crimes of Jews’ at   I have just one basic thing to say: You are as DISHONEST AS HELL. While I […]

3 May, 2007

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AmeriKwa is a race-denying country, sure, but England is even worse. Just as the Jews are pre-programmed to worship money, (most) modern Brits are pre-programmed to be race sell-outs. England was once a White empire which ruled half of the world, but now it’s a country which allows Jews and negroes into its government. From […]

18 March, 2007

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Decide for yourself after looking at this remarkable collection of pictures.

18 March, 2007

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Your Congress ain’t yours. It belongs to Israel, bought and paid for by AIPAC. American Congressmen are bought cowards, just as “American” writers, like John Curbyshire (see lower on page), are bought hacks. How do you tell if your country is the slave of another? Match the jewish Agenda point by point against your nation’s […]

3 October, 2006

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The pope fears the jews.