3 May, 2007

Britain: Once Great, Now Jewed

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AmeriKwa is a race-denying country, sure, but England is even worse. Just as the Jews are pre-programmed to worship money, (most) modern Brits are pre-programmed to be race sell-outs. England was once a White empire which ruled half of the world, but now it’s a country which allows Jews and negroes into its government. From global leader to multicultural Jew-tool – that’s England. In fact, in some ways you could say that Britain failed the White race. Or to put it another way: England had the racial football but fumbled it for Big Jew. Germany fought for race. England could have followed Germany’s lead but instead it fought for assholes with names like Ira Silvergoldbergwitz:


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    1. New America Says:

      If you notice, the demonic Goddamn hook-nosed Satanists known as JEWS have a simple rule of thumb to negate the Forces that Created Great Britain, and the British Empire:

      (1) Reward “multiculturalism” – ALWAYS, at every level of society.

      (2) Define “multiculturalism” as anything that is not, and is preferably in direct opposition to, White, Christian, Males.

      Watch from a safe distance as the society slowly collapses; the group dynamics of African tribes are mirrored in the streets of London, with no less enthusiasm than they had in the jungle.

      Coming to a community near you!

      New America

      An Idea Whose Time Is HERE!

    2. BloodOfWinter Says:

      A very sad state indeed. The white race was never in a better position on this earth than it was when the British Empire ruled.

    3. Celtic Warrior Says:

      I have no wish to incur the hostility of British readers of vnn, but the British Empire was controlled by jew finance and potiticians, eg. Disraeli, ‘der Alte Jude’, according to Bismarck.

      British participation on the wrong side in the jew World Wars is sufficient evidence.

      When the empire had served their purpose in helping to establish jew terror in Russia and Palestine, they pulled the plug and moved on to parasitizing a new host….America. Actually they started that operation before jew World War I by passing the ‘Federal Reserve Act’.

      Don’t give up hope that the British people will see the light. There is a mass of seething resentment just waiting to find a voice.

    4. John Says:

      Germany should have crushed Jew infested Britain and saved the white race. I have no respect for the artificial criminal Zionist creation known as Britain and the sooner it falls the better.

    5. wjg Says:

      Even Britain’s heyday as a world empire contained the seeds of its own demise. When Cromwell took the devil’s money to defeat Charles and then committed regicide it signaled the beginning of the end. Cromwell then allowed the plague back into England (originally expelled by Edward the 1st) as repayment. Ever since then GB has been in an ever tightening noose of judaization. It has invited this demon into its own elite circles such that now this aristocracy is more kosher than Aryan. It has been ravaging its own blood and the blood of its cousins in reply to Hymie’s demands for centuries and now it is worn out; a useless old whore who is a barely walking cadaver.

      Thanks to the British Empire the third world has infrastructure and institutions that has allowed it to boom in Malthusian fashion over the last 100+ years. If it weren’t for the GB and its materialistic empire 3rd World populations would have kept themselves in check as they always had – thru backwardness, famine, and war. Of course when the populations did explode Britain’s trusted friend reminded them of their duty as white men to provide for the huddled masses.

      The BNP won’t even name the disease anymore; being content to just run in circles after the unending symptoms (Amren syndrome). That’s the sign of a fraud. At least it keeps Nick Griffin out of the pokey to pursue his political career.

      America is the latest trick. Our syphilis is currently less advanced but just as terminal. We don’t even have a BNP but maybe that’s not so bad.

      May the white remnant left in these two ghastly judeo-empires escape so that we can recreate a homeland for ourselves and our children.

    6. Cormac Says:

      Once ruled half the world eh ???
      You mean , for example , Opium wars in China , stealing Hong Kong , all for the Rothschilds of the East ,The Sassoon jEW crime syndicate.

      The murder of their cousins of Celtic and Germanic stock in Eireann,Alba,Kymry,Deutschland and Sud Afrika … all at the behest of the jEW.

      Yes the English have , and continue to serve the jEW very nicely thankyou.

      At least the Celtic and Germanic peoples wise up and then fight back…who do we end up fighting though ?

    7. Lutjens Says:

      Being a German immigrant to the US, I am glad to see the British suffering like this. I shed no tears for those assholes. Parasites they have truly become. Washington’s little lapdog and mouthpiece from across the pond.

    8. abe foxman Says:

      The majority of present day British are the ultimate bottom dweller….opportunistic to the last and ignoble as dirt. Any claim to Volks is purely superficial, and is only barrowed out when their position is threatened. Their exposure over the centuries to hymie has jewed them to the point of no return. The parallels between the lexicon of this island race and the Jew are too close for coincidence. When the Jew coined the word Shabbas Goyim, I don’t doubt the present day Briton was in his mind.
      Any promotion of honor, justice, fairness and magnanimity is merely a facade for their prey….the ultimate bait. Easy to say ‘play by the rules’ when you invariably make them, interpret them and execute them!
      As for their empire? Well that was made on the backs of lesser peoples who were not deprived because they were any less moral but because they were naive to the sheer savagery of the Jew and his well-trained Goy… intimidation, thievery, extortion and murder dressed up as democracy and law and order.
      But all is not lost despite the advance of the Judenplan. Even though the current Britain has been rid of true morally upright people through Jew inspired genocidal wars, and its present day Goy have been scheduled for racial mixing to provide the next generation of Jew controlled orcs that will move into those countries, infrastructure and establishments that they were temporarily removed from their grasp by the heroic actions of the the Teutonic warriors or the Third Reich…the latest collective act in preventing the Jew infestation of the world, there still remain individuals demonstrating the virtues of old Britons. Just don’t hold your breath for the Light Brigade. That elite died with the victories of Cromwell (the greatest British sellout alongside Churchill) and the scourge of the Jew.

    9. LoveWhite Says:

      I’m an Englishman who has just returned from a weeks holiay in the mid western US and I can definitely attest that England has slid further down the insidious road of political correctness and mult-cultural tyranny. I’m almost ashamed to be English now. Although America has endured large scale third world immigration, there are still many rural white towns with attractive inhabitants who are civilised in conduct. England on the other hand has an annoying yob culture, lack of individualism in the average person, and racial mixing is more prevalent here it seems than in the USA. A grim situation indeed.

    10. John Says:

      Being a German immigrant to the US, I am glad to see the British suffering like this. I shed no tears for those assholes. Parasites they have truly become. Washington’s little lapdog and mouthpiece from across the pond.

      I fully agree, the British people need to pay for their crimes against Germany. I would place them under direct German rule from Berlin, that is once Germany becomes National Socialist again. This will ensure that they could never again wage war against Europe on behalf of the Jew.

    11. white_skelet Says:

      Behold the proud victors of the Nazis!
      Watch them cower before the Pakis! Before the Semites (being Jews and Arabs)!
      What you sow, you reap!
      Behold them smiling at white women being mounted by niggers!

    12. BJORN Says:



    13. Celtic Warrior Says:

      The British people are ‘guilty’ only of being pawns in the jew World Wars. Today they are just as much victims as the millions of Aryans that ‘their’empire has killed in countless jew inspired wars and conflicts.

      It is the kike ruling class that richly deserve our vengence, not the hopelessly confused and demoralised White Brit.

      The internecine conflicts are for the past. Our future is Aryan unity.

    14. Junghans Says:

      For sure, Celtic Warrior!