9 December, 2009

Still More Trouble for Demjanjuk

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How come we never hear the term “Soviet war criminal”? That’s a trick question. Over and over again, the Jews persecute Demjanjuk for various reasons, such as: 1) They’re trying to send the world a message that, if gentiles oppress Jews, bad things will happen to them, no matter how old they live to be. 2) Jews are unhappy people and they like spreading misery around:


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    1. Lutjens Says:

      How come we never hear the term “Soviet war criminal”?

      Because they were kikes.


    2. th Says:

      They could have easily tried and convicted this gentleman here in the good ol JewSA. Our justice system is about as corupt as anyones, probably more than anyones. Then atleast the family could visit him in one of our gulags. Its a sad country that sends people to other countries for persecution. The jews tried to destroy his country and in it’s defense he signed up to defend it. Isn’t that what one is supposed to do? How in the hell is that criminal?? These damn jew bastards wonder why every one hates them. It’s a damned shame.

    3. Lutjens Says:

      Well they tried to convict him in that dirty J00-sewer Shitzrael and couldn’t. Makes you wonder what kind of people they really are here in this pathetic landmass called the Home of the J00-Brave. Those that had the power to stop this travesty of justice and didn’t will suffer immensely when nutcrackin’ time comes.

    4. J. Giles Gevalt Says:

      “Kiev – A group Ukrainians demonstrated on Tuesday in support of a war crimes trial for their former fellow countryman John Demjanjuk, the Interfax news agency reported”.

      “The peaceful march by some 20 persons took place in front the German embassy in the Ukrainian capital Kiev”.

      20? Twenty? Obviously life in the Ukraine ground to a halt as those demon-straters (a clutch of camel faces, seemingly..from the tone of the article) made asses of themselves. I simply cannot believe that the torture, and that’s precisely the word for it-of this productive naturalized U.S. citizen has been going on for nearly..Jesus Helmholz Christ..a generation?!?! The man won his case in The Future Glass Parking Lot, for f*ck’s sake. The torture and persecution of Demjanjuk is certainly one of the most shameful travesties the US government ever played a part in and I cannot believe that the level of disgust amongst the K-Wan isn’t off the scale. Well, they’re glued to the box with the terrifically engaging scandal over j*w-groomed golf mongrel Tiger Woods and his collection of ‘sharking white whores. You need to grasp your solar plexus with white-knuckled hands to keep from barfin’ over the sound of the average boob defending that smug little Googger. The little crotch spider must’ve pissed off his handlers for them to let the lid come completely off this thing..

      Anyway, I apologize for my elected pulecunts, Mr. Demjanjuk..it doesn’t seem as though you will survive this latest round of nonsense.


    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      It doesn’t seem to matter to the Jews and liberals if Mr. Demanjuk is actually guilty of anything, he is a symbol of Nazi “war criminals” and that’s good enough for them. The fact that they are tormenting this poor old man shows just how cruel and evil the Jews and libs really are. It also shows what a despicable government the so-called country of “Germany” has. I only hope I get the chance to help dispense some rough justice come the Day of the Rope.

    6. Michael Mavros Says:

      It is very sad to see the once great country of Germany turned into Judea.

    7. Ein Says:

      “what a despicable government the so-called country of “Germany” has.”

      All true. Their government is comtemptible. (But isn’t ours?) Nonetheless, I make some allowance for them because they are not really free to make choices for themselves. They are the helpless pawn of the greater powers. Also, modern Germans today are so brainwashed and confused that they don’t know if they’re coming or going. What a pathetic herd of cattle! Just what their masters like.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I heard that recently there was a music concert in so-called Germany where the band started playing and singing the forbidden verses of Deutschland Uber Alles. As a result, the so-called “Germans” in the audience began booing and cat-calling like the conditioned laboratory animals they in truth are. I fear it may be too late to save so-called “Germany”. Too bad East Germany disintegrated, as it contained the last faded vestiges of the Old German Reich.

    9. whodareswings Says:

      They are old soldiers. The war has been over for everyone except the Jews for over 60 years. Send them a Christmas/New Year card. It could be their last year on earth.

      John Demjanjuk
      JVA Stadelheim
      Postfach 90 06 55
      81506 München

      James Von Brunn
      George Washington University Hospital
      900 23rd St. NW
      Washington DC 20037

    10. alex Says:

      It doesn’t seem to matter to the Jews and liberals if Mr. Demanjuk is actually guilty of anything,

      They don’t even care if he is the man they’re talking about. A goy is a goy to them, someone to beat on. This is why I laugh at these idiots who insist we under attack by the loxists make scrupulous distinctions between innocent and guilty jews. That’s a sure way to lose. They say we are bad, all of us. The only way to respond is to treat them as one collective negative, which is what they are. Better an injustice to one or two of them than our entire race go down.

    11. Tom McReen Says:

      ALL Whites are ‘racists’ and ‘privileged’ according to the Jewniversity kikes. They ‘teach’ this to young jews and ‘minorities’. Going back further, there is the Talmud and its anti-Goy hate. They network like no-one else too.

      So we don’t have to waste time defining ‘good’ and ‘bad’ jews when they are at war with us and are showing no signs of stopping.