30 January, 2010

Classic Linder Spintros

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“Naming the jew means writing about your subject like a cat digging catnip. Snuffling in it. Rolling in it. Half mad with desire to eat it and mate with it and enanimate it. It does not mean dipping a tiny toe-y in the darkness before dawn, it means belly flopping into the truth pool mid-afternoon with a joyous screech that makes a rebel yell sound like a gay mouse fart. Is that clear? Am I getting through to you? Do I need to make it plainer? Naming the jew means taking a Gargantuan pride & glorious reveling in speaking the obvious truth the littlers say ‘can’t’ be said, and saying it as firmly, directly, loudly, and unsyncopatedly as a goddam Beethoven movement, call it Ode to Goy.”

  • 6 Responses to “Classic Linder Spintros”

    1. Henry Says:

      Love it! That is marvellously well put.

    2. Mike Jones Says:

      Or Beethoven’s Fifth:

      Can’t name the JEW!!!!

      Can’t name the JEW!!!!!

    3. Mike Jones Says:

      Or hows about Beethoven’s Fifth:

      Can’t name the JEW!!!!

      Can’t name the JEW!!!!!

    4. virgil Says:

      shyloc lives!

    5. virgil Says:

      shylock and fagin lives!

    6. Kenneth Hallowell Says:

      I name the jew ALL THE TIME in my conversations.
      I go straight to the root of whatever problem is discussed.
      I uncover the jews involved and exposed expose them with facts.

      Here’s what I find out each time about the person I am speaking with:

      “When an honestly mistaken man is presented with the truth,
      he either ceases to be mistaken, or ceases to be honest.”

      Try it – you’ll find out a whole lot about people around you.

      – Ken