21 January, 2010

The Terrorism Conundrum

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Some good comments about the “global war on terror,” a.k.a. the war on Israel’s enemies [1]. Note the mention of two Jewish groups, Haganah and Stern Gang:


[1] the U.S. military has a “Global War on Terrorism Service Medal” which it awards to certain American soldiers

  • 3 Responses to “The Terrorism Conundrum”

    1. virgil Says:

      both judaism and islam will be obliterated!

    2. tbow002 Says:

      Let us all Thank the Jews/Hebrews for inventing Terrorism in Egypt Thousands of years ago…

      Always remember that one of the Jewish motos is “The Ends Justify the Means”. It certainly has rubbed off on their progressive puppets who use that term regularly…

      But it also means you SHOULD be afraid of Jews if you oppose their political agenda because they WILL murder/assassinate you.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      ZOG always needs some kind of boogeyman to try and scare the public into submission with. No sooner does the Axis boogeyman die than he is replaced with the Communist boogeyman and now the it’s the Terrorist boogeyman we are all supposed to be afraid of. And if anyone is guilty of inflicting terror and violence on innocent people around the world, it’s the USA and Israel, god dammit.

      And those US military medals are so dull. They all look the same to me. The Iron Cross and the Blue Max are the only medals that look really cool.