2 March, 2010

Ireland: Town Council Snubs Almighty by Default

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Uh-oh. Disrespecting a Jew is like disrespecting God (oops, G_d) himself [1]. Maybe if the councilmen convert to Judaism, G_d will forgive them…


[1] Babylonian Talmud mention

  • 10 Responses to “Ireland: Town Council Snubs Almighty by Default”

    1. the mother of all fuckz Says:


      the great one smacks the jewnited statez war monger viperz

    2. the mother of all fuckz Says:


      what about this shit?

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Imagine that, even such an extremely mild form of protest against the Zionist Entity can’t be tolerated. Amazingly, the Jews didn’t whine about it being a case of “anti Semitism”. Too bad there weren’t any noisy demonstrations to welcome that Jew when he arrived in Ireland.

    4. .308 Says:

      THILTHY looking thing..
      he has 6 houses of stay in the usa alone
      dam beauty killers rot in swine flu

    5. .308 Says:

      beautiful white mama breaking off her drunkin wisdom lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pWms1ITZA

    6. Justin Huber Says:

      Should I cue up the Unicorn Song by the Irish Rovers? We are getting pretty close to St. Patty’s day.

    7. Luke Says:

      Not that I really blame him, but didn’t Netanyahu recently announce that during his upcoming visit to the Jewish Colonial Empire (formerly called America), that he had no intention of having any beers with illegal aliens from Kenya?

      That might be seen as a snub, right? Okay for Satan’s shit chunks to snub Kenyans and other gentile cattle, but not the other way around?

    8. Hans Schneider Says:

      The jews are not welcome anywhere in the world based on their criminal arrogant and ignorant behaviour.

    9. Me Says:

      I’m Irish / English / German I say FUCK YOU JEW!

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Irish, German and English is probably the best White combo there is.