8 May, 2010

Smith Speaks at Cal State University–Fullerton

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Wow – it’s one thing for a college newspaper to run a small CODOH ad. It’s another thing for a “well-known Holocaust denier” to actually speak on a college campus. Good work, Mr. Smith!


  • 2 Responses to “Smith Speaks at Cal State University–Fullerton”

    1. tbow002 Says:

      Great job Mr Smith. The world needs Integrity in its History. No more allowing Jews to write history and portray themselves as the “Eternal Victims” and “Scapegoats” etc. The Holohoax truth must be known…
      We must also Re-Learn World History and shed light on the truth about Jewish influence and meddling. Start with Ancient Egypt so we can dispel this stupid Passover lie. Passover was nothing more than the Mass Murder of Young Egyptian Males by the angry Hebrews “Who werent allowed to be part of the decision making elites, aka Egyptians.” Lets teach the world who the first terrorists were aka The Plagues of Egypt. Congrats to the Hebrews for inventing Bio and Eco Terrorism.
      We need to record and teach “TRUTH” World History. No more Jew World History LIES…

    2. Ein Says:

      Great comment above. The Chosen have established such a lock-grip on our culture that we are only allowed to see our history and our accomplishments through their eyes. So naturally, they are always presented as being at the center of it.