28 June, 2010

Supreme Court Ruling = Probable Set-Back for Goy Control

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Uh-oh. You know what that could lead to? More freedom. Heavens!


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  7. 12 Responses to “Supreme Court Ruling = Probable Set-Back for Goy Control”

    1. Jim Says:

      When hand guns are outlawed, only outlaw jews will have hand guns. (which means ALL the jews).

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      Hard to say how I feel about this one. On one hand I’m very pro firearms freedom, (only for White people, of course). On the other hand, having armed negro gangs striking terror into the White lemming populace in Chicago goes a long way towards radicalizing this populace.

      Operating on the “worse is better” principle, if a heavily Jewish Supreme Court rules in favor of the law in Chicago, it will create further resentment amongst the Whites there. I feel that creating this resentment is good, because it forces our folk to look for solutions outside of the system, which in the end is what we must ultimately do.

      So I guess what I’m getting at is that legal victories like the one that possibly may happen here only goes to placate the White rage that we need to see true revolution. Of course it makes conservatives happy because it reaffirms their belief that we can make the system work. History has shown us that this view is complete folly.

    3. William Says:

      Disarming Americans is an absolute requirement for the JEWS to implement their plans for world domination. Look at the biggest supporters of gun restrictions in the US Senate…..Boxer, Feinstein, Schumer and Lautenberg. They are all JEWS. Jews KNOW that they will have little, or no success, in ruling America more than they do now if Americans are armed. Chalk this one up for the good Goys.

    4. Henry Says:

      Blackshirt says:
      “Operating on the “worse is better” principle … it will create further resentment amongst the Whites. I feel that creating this resentment is good, because it forces our folk to look for solutions outside of the system, which in the end is what we must ultimately do. “

      That is a very good principle! Formerly, I used to think that if a crime happened to me (such as a burglary or attempted hold-up), I should go straight to the police and file a report, because that was the civic-minded thing to do. The idea is that it would help them in identifying and catching the criminal so that the same thing wouldn’t happen to someone else.

      In time, I reversed my view. Now, I’m not so “civic-minded” anymore. Now I hope that it does happen to someone else – the more the better, as many as possible — because that’s the only way people are going to get fed up and eventually demand action or do something themselves.

      Do you know how well-to-do liberals view you, if you’ve been the victim of some nigger crime? Like you’re a trouble-maker, like you’re some pathetic loser who surely got what you must have deserved. (How can you say such awful things about black people? Shame on you! You must have done something to provoke it. Everyone knows that blacks don’t act like that.) You get no sympathy from that direction. They’ll treat you like YOU’RE the culprit. “Some people just seem to attract crime”, they’ll say, and brush it off. Like it couldn’t ever happen to them.

      Well, the sooner their car gets stolen, or their house burglarized, or their daughter raped, the better it will be. I hope so! Maybe then they’ll come down from their lofty ivory tower and begin to see the real world….the world the rest of us live in.

      So when I read of some crime in the paper, I’m sorry for the immediate victim. But in a broader sense, I’m glad. White people are so passive that they won’t react until they’re forced up against the wall. That’s what it will take.

      I’m sory if this sounds like a terrible thing so say. I don’t really want to wish bad luck on anybody. But sometimes that’s what’s needed to give them a jolt and make them open their eyes to reality.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t worry, Chicago and DC’s strict handgun ownership laws apply only to Whites. Negroes are, as usual, free to carry as many guns, including fully automatic ones, as they want. Only Whitey the Taxpayer is required to obey all laws.

      But then again, I have no use for any Whites who are stupid enough to be living in urban gorilla zones like DC or Shitcago, anyway.

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Do you know how well-to-do liberals view you, if you’ve been the victim of some nigger crime?

      You hit the nail on the head there, Henry. I’ve got a cousin that spouts the usual liberal garbage, that Blacks are the victims, and white people are the aggressors. Too bad she isn’t right. HA , HA.
      Fortunate she lives in lily white areas, like Northern Idaho, and
      now rural Pennsylvania, yeah and she probably went to an all
      white school back in Neveda growing up in the 50’s. She did get
      a little racist though livin’ in El Paso where hubby was customs agent, but even then she was outside the really bad area, but
      the mexishits did manage to still the liscence plates.

    7. ldrancer Says:

      I like how this ad is putting an anti-gun thing and rallying around it. that d.c. shit doesn’t say you have a right to guns, it’s says self-defense. SO screw this shit.

    8. festerbestertester Says:

      Take my guns, my daughter, my language, culture, religious beliefs, property, flag, free speech and finally Shylock will take your life!

    9. Dave Says:

      @ Blackshirt.

      That is exactly why I was rooting for obama. I am thrilled that he is president. Metzger says it all the time and rightly so. It has to get worse before it can get better.

      When I see these people who make considerably more than I do and their lives are consumed by their careers and jewish entertainment(particularly women) it makes me sick. They do not deserve what they have, but it is ok. They will lose it all to the creditors anyway.

      I say put all jews and niggers into the political arena and throw in a couple wetbacks for good measure. Ruin the system! Make it even more hostile towards the lemmings! Ill survive. Some of them might wake up and join us.

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      Exellent Comments Gentlemen:

      The ruling is it appears to me a “small bone” that was thrown to the lemmings to placate them and conservatives.The real worry(among others) is the ominous things i read about the UN “Small Arms Treaty”-which sounded like a backdoor to world gun-control-circumventing or even trumping Congress’ authority to interfere or vote on it.Basically,the way i see it is-if you don’t have the right to organise into a militia or community watch or whatever,and defend yourself(and loved ones)–then YOU ARE A SLAVE.Ready to be trucked off to the FEMA Camp at ZOGS discretion.LIve FREE OR DIE!–is the New Hampshire state motto–It would make a great motto for the White Revolution,and is only really possible with an armed and ready and educated citizenry.The 14 words will only be possible with guns.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t know about that “worse is better” philosophy. People have a bad habit of adapting to worsening conditions rather than fighting them. But hey, whatever it takes to get rid of Big Jew and his goy accomplices is fine with me.

    12. FTJ Says:

      Tim, while conditions are worsening, they have to go to the bottom to get all the fat-assed beer swilling nigger ball worshipping white sheeple to wake up, really wake up. When things hit rock bottom and they see their kids having to skip a meal or two while the gummit makes sure nigs and spics and their cubs are kept fat to keep rutting and crapping out new babies, while jews live well and sneer, with their kids going to the Ivy League even if they have mediocre SAT scores (which has been the case with 75% of zhids at these and other schools for over three decades) then you’ll see some confrontation begin. Ignore the pussies who wail about standing armies and nukes. It won’t come down to that. But it will come down to whites having to have the courage to risk life and limb, even if gets to the level of whites having to using their car keys or whatever else is handy to carve the eyes out of sneering, hypocritical, genocidal zionists like Rahm Emanuel or Abe Foxman, then stepping in and doing it. Because these kikistani lizard people will do that and worse to whites, then rub one out afterward.

      It’s going to happen. Just a question of how long before things hit the bottom floor. The interesting thing is the jews use posts like those at VNN to justify their behavior, intentionally ignoring the FACT that it’s their innate, genetically based behaviors, their innate hatred and jealousy of any type of white civilization, white success, that’s behind all of this in the first place. Many of their leaders truly deserve to be tied to chairs, made to watch their wives and children raped by trains of blacks and mestizos, the jew’s own weapons, before their chair is then taken to the Santa Monica Pier, weighted down with some concrete blocks and tossed into the Pacific, with hymie letting out a good yell on his way to the drink.