30 July, 2010

Brits Really Are Different

Posted by Socrates in Britain, British Empire, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, England, equality, equalocracy, Jew World Order, Kevin MacDonald, liberalism, liberals, Marxism, New World Order, Socrates at 8:23 am | Permanent Link

It’s true – the British are more inclined to embrace the NWO/JWO. Maybe it’s all that tea they drink…


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  7. 69 Responses to “Brits Really Are Different”

    1. Wilton Says:

      Henry, you’re right about that, it is not just the British, there other Europeans who are the same way. This is not an Americans Vs Europeans debate either, because I know there Asians and Africans who are tired of the Europeans telling them how they should live. Here is an example of what I mean, there are some Africans who practice female genital mutilation, and the people who are most against are the Europeans, they call it barbaric, now I agree with them, I wouldn’t do it to my daughter, but I don’t care what some nigger does to his daughter in Africa. Here is the weird part though, these same Europeans don’t see nothing wrong with a guy having his wiener chopped off a sex change operation, they even think the government should pay for it! They seem to support every leftist/marxist belief under the sun, there are a lot of Americans who support these causes too…. Just the Europeans think if you DON”T agree with them you’re some character from Deliverance!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The British make asses out of themselves when they vacation in Mediterranean countries. They start in with their “shagging” and “dogging” parties and the Greeks have to throw them out. They wouldn’t behave like that back in England, but they’ll go to Greece or Spain and that way. Not even Amerikwans behave that boorishly whenever they travel to other people’s countries.

    3. Wilton Says:

      Funny you mention that Tim, on another forum I read one of the members got locked up for killing a bar girl in Thailand a few weeks ago. So I went searching his story and found myself on a few Thai expat forums, which were full of Brits and Aussies, it seems the British are know for acting like idiots in Thailand too. They are the only people outside of niggers and college age kids who brag about getting drunk and having sex with prostitutes, and everyone who doesn’t enjoy their version of a good time is a “bloody cunt.” On the VNN forum Linder recently described the British as vicious, I think vulgar is a better way to describe them, but the Brits we are mostly subjected to are either the know it all lefty/Marixst type, or the tattoed beer swilling, foule mouthed, footie loving, interracial sex on the beach types. The “regular” Brits are most likely the least vocal, and busy paying for these “bloody cunts!”

    4. Dave Says:

      CW2 Says. “Perhaps we need a product ‘make-over’, a repackaging operation, so the public image of WN is cool, reasonable, and fashionable. Our visible leaders need to cultivate a relaxed, friendly, out-doorsy ambience. David Duke is doing just that in his videos.”

      How right you are. You are just dead on! Duke is doing an excellent job. He tries to appeal to those christard types,which unfortunately is necessary. Those people can be taught but will not give up their god just yet. Their offspring however might. Hitler had the same dilemma and spoke about it. That is weening Aryans off of christinsanity.

      Further more, I have always made friends in all circles for that exact reason. You cannot teach a skinhead to be a clean cut well spoken WN. The opposite is also impossible and undesirable. We need all whites in every class,income bracket and of every background in general in order to survive. All whites from the lowest I.Q to the highest,from the poorest to the richest are required to restructure. If we become too elitist in our ideals, then who will employ and who will work. Although we all do need to get our hands dirty at times.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wilton, I guess the Brits like to pretend they still have their old Empire and that they can get some Chink coolie to pull them around in a rickshaw or put on a pith helmet and ride on top of an elephant to go tiger hunting in India. Old attitudes don’t die easily.

    6. Wilton Says:

      True that Tim, seems like there are a lot of British expats all over Asia trying to relive their glory days. I don’t why the Europeans have become such lefty/Marxist over the years, I know they are controlled by Jews, but are they more controlled then us in the states? The Euros just seem hell bent on making everyone accept their belief system, when the niggers in Uganda were going to pass a bill to make homosexuality a crime punishable by the death, the Europeans were all pissed off and threatened to cutoff all aid to the country if the passed the law. There also seems to be a lot of douchey European Atheist, like Richard Dawkins. I’m not a big fan of religion, but I don’t go around hating it like the Europeans, and I think the reason why they hate religion is because it isn’t feminist for the most part. In places where religion is still strong women aren’t allowed to act like liberated sluts. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to relate to the Europeans these days, I think I have more in common with the sand niggers, Africans, and Asians these days, they seem to have a saner view of the world. Sometimes I swear the Europeans want everyone in the world to be an atheist who never has kids, who only cares about the enviorment and human rights. Not all Europeans are like this but the ones under a certain age seem to be like this, maybe the high standard of living has made them soft…..

    7. Thom McQueen Says:

      Why there so many crop circles in England? I think the fairys or the space people are trying to tell them to shape up.
      Go back to your stonehinge religion. Forget Christianity and mulitculturalism.

    8. Virgil Says:

      Considering the extent to which Elizabeth and Charles are shameless diversity-mongers and islamophiles, it would be true poetic justice if they were to be kidnapped by jihadists and then beheaded in front of a camera. This is not such a far-fetched scenario, considering the skyhigh immigration and breeding rates of muslims in the UK. Indeed, as soon as their numbers appear sufficient, they will pick a day (or night) during which they will slit the throats of all the infidels they can lay their hands on. Diversity unto death, indeed…

    9. Wilton Says:

      You know why the British don’t like the Muzzies? It is not because they are non white, its because they still live with some dignity. If the Muslim women were sluts like Thai and Chinese women the British would have no problem with them, they would most likely be having sex with them. That is what is going on in Europe now, the nationalist movements have little to do with race, it is all about culture. The European can’t believe the Muzzie man doesn’t let his women go out on a Friday/Saturday night to get gang banged by a bunch of footie players, if the Muzzies took off the burqa and put on a micro bikini the Europeans would love em.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wilton, it’s funny that you should mention Richard Dawkins. I am reading his book The God Delusion right now, along with Origin of the Species by Dr. Darwin. Dawkins makes some very good points, but he’s obviously a PC liberal feminist type who loves Jews. He doesn’t like Yahweh, though.

      I am perplexed as to why anyone would be shocked and offended by Darwin’s classic 1859 essay on evolution and natural selection. There are no “bad words” in it, nor are there any “dirty pictures”. I guess the biggest critics of Darwin’s book are the ones who haven’t read it. He seemed to be an exceptionally observant and inquistivive individual who liked to find out things for himself. He also realized that the non-White races were inferior to his own. I also believe he was a good father and husband. I’d say those were all admirable characteristics.

    11. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I wouldnt want people outside America to think we are all either pansy leftist pro Obama types or loudmouth “USA number 1? war mongering conservatives. ”

      I wonder if there are any other kinds of Americans (in appreciable numbers) besides the two kinds you so aptly described.

    12. Joe 90 Says:

      Unfortunately the term ‘British’ means little nowadays as one has Black British, Chinese British, Pakistani British, Mixed British and even, believe it or not, White British (tick one of the above). In this sense Britain is no different from other former White nations: we are not allowed to have a country of our own.

    13. CW-2 Says:

      Quite right Virgil. It makes me laugh when I see all these Christian bishops etc lining up to kiss the moslem ass, after they have first kissed the jew ass of course. They are so stupid, they will be the first to get their throats cut if the muslims get the upper hand. The ragheads in Bradford, aka ‘Bradistan’, a city in northern England, are already boasting about how many guns they have stored in their mosques.

    14. Thom McQueen Says:

      These spirits communicated with Hitler. There is no one like him today so they make these crop circles.
      You know it ain’t no niggers they are trying to communicate with bdcause then the crop cirlcles would be all funky and crappy. The crop circles show the White mind.

      My Celtic ancestors call these spirits the fey.

      A Return to Paganism is a Return to Pride in OUrselves.

    15. Krystian Says:

      I wonder if there are any other kinds of Americans (in appreciable numbers) besides the two kinds you so aptly described. – Tim McGreen

      Unfortunately this is what we’re down to, the Huffington Post foaming-at-the-mouth hate-whitey Communists and the let’s-kill-for-Zion rustic flag-wavin’ Judeo-Kwans (or big business capitalist types who side with whichever side for personal benefit).

      There’s also a class of Americans who are mostly apolitical, these are almost always white since nonwhites love politics because to them politics = more money taken from whitey and given to their sorry subhuman selves.

    16. Wilton Says:

      Tim, If you notice the religion hating British like Dawkins and Hitchens always focus on Christianity and Islam, but rarely have a bad word for Judaism. Which is quite peculiar, because Judaism is the foundation of Christianity and Islam. The teachings of Judaism are more repulsive then the teachings of Christianity and Islam to boot, but all we hear about are “evangelicals” and Muslims “terrorist.” There is little if any mention of Zionist Jews who have no problem putting a bullet in the head of an Arab kid, or burning them with white phosphorous.

      Dawkins belief system doesn’t make sense either, he shares the same thinking as most religions, that we are all born equal, but he believes there is no God that created us. If this was true and we evolved on our own, wouldn’t that alone make us uniquely different from each other?

    17. Antagonistes Says:

      Wilton, you addressed the esteemable Tim, but may I put in a word:

      The evangelicals and the atheists say the same thing? That all are born equal? In the image of God, on the evangelical side, and in the image of egalitarian matter (?) on the other?

      How could both roads, so seemingly different, lead to the same place?

      Or, to put it another way, if a black person and a white person share the same convictions, I look for a third party–a party that has the wherewithal to persuade the other two.

      I think it is the financial power.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent observations, Wilton. This Dawkins fellow prides himself on being unfettered by the chains of religion, yet he still subscribes to the Christian belief that Weez all Eekwul. If he was a true evolutionist, then he would know better than anybody else that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EQUALITY IN NATURE. Sorry Dr. Dawkins, but contrary to what you might think you are nothing more than a product of your own time and circumstances. You haven’t transcended squat.

      You’re right about Christopher Hitchens too. He’s just another pompous right-wing shabbos goy who makes his living by kissing Jewish tookas and promoting Jew war propaganda. His claim to fame is that he’s some kind of intellectual atheist, yet he worships his Jew bosses as gods.

    19. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      “How could both roads, so seemingly different, lead to the same place?” Psychological.

      The female principle is egalitarianism. It is associated with unconsciousness/death/entropy.
      Our problem is metaphysically female, secondarily jewish. jew males are female in brain/thinking.