3 September, 2010

National Socialist Economics

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“Against the Mainstream: Nazi Privatization in 1930s Germany.”

(a .pdf file): [Here].

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  7. 49 Responses to “National Socialist Economics”

    1. Jim Says:

      Hitler created an economic system that actually worked, and that is why the jews set out to destroy it. Hitler introduced a system that based its value on the productivity of the German people, rather than gold. His usury free system outperformed the jewish parasitical system to such an extent that the kikes knew that if it were adopted by other nations, their domiination over the world would be ended. German Socialism was the antithesis of both marxism and capitalism, and had this system triumphed after 1945, we would have witnessed a civilization magnificent beyond our wildest dreams.

    2. Jim Says:

      Hitler created an economc system that actually worked. He based his economy on the productivity of the German worker rather than gold, and that is the primary reason why the jews set out to destroy the Third Reich. His usury free system was the antithesis of the jewish systems of both East and West. Had this system triumphed after 1945, we may have had today, a civilization and an economy magnificent beyond our wildest dreams.

    3. Jürgen Says:


      Excellently stated, Jim.

      Hitler truly unleashed the full potential of the White Man, his industry and his intellect. Anyone can see how he turned Germany around completely. Even as Germany was being bombed and attacked from both sides, Nazi scientists still invented the rocket engine, which we still use today for air transport, with surprisingly few changes. Jews trembled at this, and they still tremble at our potential to this day. May we all, some day soon, pick up where Nazi Germany left off.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t like the idea of de-regulating or privatizing anything. It always leads to disaster whenever you let Big Business, aka, “the private sector” run things that should be run by the government. The Nazis probably needed the money, so that’s why they sold off all those state-owned enterprises. They were also doubtless trying to curry favor with the big industrialists, too, like Krupp and I.G. Farben.

      But I guess it was safe to sell those state-owned enterprises to private concerns who were pro-Nazi and would therefore run those enterprises properly and in the public’s interest. However, we’ve all seen how much contempt Big Business in this country has for the people’s welfare. So what worked in NSDAP Germany in 1935 isn’t necessarily going to work here in early 21st century America.

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      I like to think I’m an heir of the original National Socialist ideal- the ideals embodied in the Strasser brothers. True National Socialism- against Communism AND Capitalism. Despite what good Hitler did before the war, he essentially was a traitor to the original National Socialist ideals by assassinating the anti-Capitalist elements in the party during the night of the long knives, which was done to placate the big industrialists who were scared of the power of the SA (and also the Army, whom Hitler needed to carry out his war plans). Rohm’s sexual deviances were just an excuse to carry out the purge, and there were plenty of SA men and old fighters who had nothing to do with homosexuality who were savagely killed.

      Hitler made a pact with the big industrialists and as far as I’m concerned Germany ceased to be a truly National Socialist state from that day forward.

    6. Jim Says:

      Tim and Blackshirt are correct that Hitler was forced to cooperate with the big industrialists in order to implement his economic program, however, big business interests in the Third Reich were always subordinate to the interests of the Aryan people, and not to the Jewish Money Power. The danger in nationalizing the means of production totally is that a bureacracy is creating stifeling creativity and private initiative. On the other hand a free wheeling capitalist economy ends up out of control and pursues only private profit,against the interests of the people and the environment.

    7. old_dutch Says:

      Once again the Roman Catholic Nazi boys Queenie & Blackie got it wrong!

      During the 1920’s and early 1930’s the various German governments had nationalized, large segments of German industry that had been wrecked by the numerous Jewish financial manipulations. Something similar to the US government takeover of GM, Ford, AIG, Citi, etc.

      In Germany Barmat, and Goldschmidt are two of the larger firms that had been created by Jew financiers during the hyper-inflation. If memory serves me correctly one or both of those Jew deals had contained large segments of the German steel industry. When these Jewish financial manipulations crashed the German government ended up with the firms.

      Hitler had inherited these industrial firms, that had originally been stolen by the Jews from their stockholders/owners during the hyper-inflation.

      What Hitler did was return control of these stolen assets to private German ownership. As the author pointed out by this time the Jews were prohibited from ownership of the assets.

    8. old dutch Says:

      Once again the Roman Catholic Nazi boys Queenie & Blackie got it wrong!

      During the 1920?s and early 1930?s the various German governments had nationalized, large segments of German industry that had been wrecked by the numerous Jewish financial manipulations. Something similar to the US government takeover of GM, Ford, AIG, Citi, etc.

      In Germany Barmat, and Goldschmidt are two of the larger firms that had been created by Jew financiers during the hyper-inflation. If memory serves me correctly one or both of those Jew deals had contained large segments of the German steel industry. When these Jewish financial manipulations crashed the German government ended up with the firms.

      Hitler had inherited these industrial firms, that had originally been stolen by the Jews from their stockholders/owners during the hyper-inflation.

      What Hitler did was return control of these stolen assets to private German ownership. As the author pointed out by this time the Jews were prohibited from ownership of the assets.

    9. Jim Says:

      Whether a particular industry is nationalized or privatized probably makes very little difference if the hand of the jew is out of the equation. Left to itself in a racially homogeneous Aryan jew free society under a strong and wise Leader the interests of the Folk would always be given top priority and not the jewish ends of Money, War, and endless Greed.

    10. Jim Says:

      The key to a dynamic economy as well as a dynamic and vibrant Aryan society is in the implementation of policies that are based on the maxim, “IS IT GOOD FOR THE ARYAN FOLK?” This idea and this idea ALONE must form the basis of our jew free Aryan Nation of the Future.

    11. old dutch Says:

      Btw, Hitler never considered, or attempted to privatize the German social security system!

      Like Solzhenitsyn’s “200 Years Together”, there is no good detailed history of the various Jewish financial scandals that took place in Germany after WWI available in English.

    12. Jim Says:

      NS Germany was first and foremost a RACIAL STATE. The entire economy, culture, and educational struture, was geared to the primary goal of the welfare, improvement and expansion of the ARYAN RACE. No multii-racial monstrosity such as the ‘Kwa has become will ever be able to adopt ANY NS characteristics, either economically or culturally.

    13. Jim Says:

      Without the negative influence of the jew, an Aryanized and racially homogeneous society with a Great Leader will automatically construct the right social and economic system best suited to the times. To the German Folk, Adolf Hitler represented a symbol of the hopes and aspirations of the collective Aryan psyche.

    14. Blackshirt Says:

      I knew as soon as I said anything slightly critical about Hitler, the “thumbs down” would come hard and fast. Shows me the Hitler worship is alive and well. Where is the critical thinking? Some of you are no better than cult members who blindly follow a guru.

    15. old dutch Says:

      @ Jim

      I hope you are not talking about a “Great Leader” like an infalible Pope. LOL. That “Great Leader” stuff is a little too Catholic for me.

    16. Jim Says:

      Blackshirt, I don’t hear anybody on this thread advocating “Hitler worship” nor do I hear anyone sayiing that Hitler is above criticism. Hitler made mistakes and lots of them, but the basic thrust of Hitler’s philosophy was creating a society in harmony with Aryan aspirations. Your criticisms and analysis of NS economics are indeed valid. Nobody should blindly follow a guru, be he Adolf Hitler or Tom Metzger.

    17. Jim Says:

      Old Dutch, I consider the Pope not to be a “Great Leader” but a Great Old Fart. Any further questions?

    18. old dutch Says:

      LOL. @ Jim
      …I don’t hear anybody on this thread advocating “Hitler worship” nor do I hear anyone sayiing that Hitler is above criticism.

      I took that much from your above reply to Blackie.

      Me, I don’t believe in the “Divine Right” of Kings & Queens either.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Blackshirt, maybe it’s the criticism of Capitalism that upsets so many WN’s ? You know, the system that has given us tens of trillions worth of debt, foreclosures and bankruptcy, ships our manufacturing and industrial jobs overseas to slave-labor countries, gets rid of workers’ safety rights in coal mines and on oil rigs, puts profits over human lives, brings 3rd world invaders into our country to drive down the cost of domestic labor and gives the Jews unlimited economic power over us……….Criticism of Capitalism is blasphemy. What are you, some kind of anti-American pinko queer?

      Sadly, yet more proof that many WN’s are just closet conservatives and reactionaries.

    20. Karen Says:

      I have to agree with Jim on this one. To admire is one thing but to worship is another. We cannot compare America to Germany really of Hitler’s time and era. National Socialism in the real sense of the words could not survive now in the US. We are continent size with too many sub-races. Nothing of the sort in Germany during Hitler’s time. Maybe fascism in the real sense of this word could be tried. True fascism did not allow jews or freemasons to hold important positions whether in banking or other important institutions. Republican or democratic scoundrels as the freemasons were banned alltogether. The middle men are the trouble makers. So to those patriots for profit or others like Paul Craig Roberts as his latest article “The Nazification of America” is a big laugh. We don’t have any such thing as fascism or Nazification here. We have Bolshevism ie jewish rule.

    21. Jim Says:

      White Nationlism and Capitalism are contradictory in nature. You have either one or the other. Capitalism is based on greed and selfish indvidualism while White Nationalism is based on an economic system that promotes what is best for the White Race as a Whole, which means communitarian rather than individualist or internationalist values. If any White Nationalist is a closet conservative or a reactionary, he is NOT a Whte Nationalist.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Jim. Very well said. Capitalism is the Jewish dictatorship of money, a very cruel and selfish economic philosophy that ultimately benefits only the most ruthless and cold-blooded crooks at the very top.

      Say Jim, I noticed both you and I recieved a negative 1 rating for our posts, most likely from the same individual. Let me guess…Ah yes….It was Old Douche who was responsible for insulting us like that, wasn’t it?. Tsk-tsk.

      OK Jim, you gag him and then tie him up and I’ll throw him in the trunk of the Grand Prix. Old Douche, you’re going on a one-way trip to the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Say hello to Jimmy Hoffa for us.

    23. old dutch Says:

      @ “Tim McGreen”


    24. Jim Says:

      C’mon guys, don’t lets start that shit again.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Old Douche is so boring he even makes himself yawn. LOL. Say, isn’t it past your bed-time, Old Douche? Nightee-nite. LOL.

    26. Jim Says:

      In a White Nationalist State, the primary industries such as steel and oil would be completely nationalized, while secondary industries such as automobiles, electronics, telecommunications, and such would be allowed in private hands, but under strict controls from the Government. Small scale indvidual enterprise would be encouraged as long as private gain was subordinate to the interests of the Racial Community. Unlike the present jewish system, workers and management would not be in an adversarial position, but would work together in harmony for the common good of the Folkish State.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good observations, Jim. I would also add that in an ideal NS state, the banks would be nationalized as well. And no more Wailing Wall Street, either.

    28. The Red Skull Says:

      The Fact that Hitler took Germany out of the Depression in only 3 years,before his re-armaments program was begun>The Nazis set up a debt-free society that placed the wealth and welfare of its people above Corporate and Private profit.FOR THAT–the jews absolutley HAD to destroy Germany before the other Goyim Nations caught on.Capitalism is pure jewish evil greed unrestrained.

      @ Jim
      Great insight komrade on the mission and purpose of NS economics–A National Socialist economy is Paradise for White People-maybe thats why the jews hated Hitler so much–He messed with their control of money,therefore the gentiles.We can only dream of what it would be like as the jews seem determined to wreck or break the economy of the US.

    29. Jim Says:

      Absolutely right, Tim. I knew I was leaving something out. No more usury or Federal Reserve jewish robbery.

    30. The Red Skull Says:

      We must keep in mind also that Hitler brought Germany out of the jew-created “Depression” in only 3 years,before the re-armament program had taken effect.The Fuhrer put people to work building infrastructure-most notably the autobahn,later adopted by Americans after the war as “freeways” or “Highways”.The Nazis also emphasized privatization and the small “freeholder” over the jew corporations monopoly.That pissed them off too.

      As much as i admire The Fuhrer,the economies major fault was it was too decentralized in some ways.For example,alot of German tanks were “over-engineered”,and needed to more simplified and coordinated in the production.Also,they had 4 to 6 different teams working on different weapons systems like guided missiles and anti-tank guns who didn’t co-ordinate their efforts,but that is really the fault of the agency(s) in charge of all that.

      In spite of all the bombing,and chaos the Germans still managed to feed their people and create all these weapons.The Rocket they created and the scientists who built it changed the world as we know it(ICBMs)and took us to the moon on a Nazi-designed Rocket.Just think ladies and gentlemen,that was a RESIDUAL BENEFIT from the fallen ARYAN NATION.—–Imagine if you can— the Civilization Aryan Man could have built without the victory of the Satanic jews in World War Jew.As someone said before,but it stuck in my mind,–It took the Entire Communist Jew East Bloc,and the Entire Western Jew Capitalist Bloc to put Nazi Germany Down,and even then it was a hell of a fight.

      All we have to do–i make this sound easy—is describe to people what an economic paradise National Socialism is for White People.Just think….No jew Fed reserve,No IRS,No Corporate welfare,or jobs shipped overseas,it would be illegal.Accent on small business and loans for people.No more too big to fail banks.No more mexicans swarming for your jobs,no more welfare for mud people.An always BOOMING economy!I could go on but you get the idea.

      I hear these clowns on the televitz(yes i do watch -just to keep informed,mostly news)talking about how the state and corporations are
      Merging and that equals “facism”.However, Jims Defination above @4 September is a very good definition.To really be “Facist”-the State and Corporations work TOGETHER for the good of the RACIAL State.That is what WE want,with a nice admixture of free enterprise.

      When i think about the economy and how it doesn’t HAVE to be like this-people losing their homes,savings,the giant bank rip-offs,The loss of jobs to slave -labor overseas,it just sickens me.We must take heart though,that this rotten,corrupt,jew-run system is on its way to collapse.I just read an article last night which(was very depressing)detailed why the economy is about to go into a tailspin.The Fed And other Banks ARE BROKE,and the only thing they have left to use is more QE-or “quantitative easing”-which is jew-speak for “create more money out of thin air” to stave off the collapse a few more months.Also,Huge Tax increases on small business and individuals is about to kick in starting Jan 2011.Lets see the jews pull this one out.

      For those interested in reading about this,the site is http://www.globalresearch.ca —-they are non-partisan,but NWO wise and the economic articles are enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck.Scary stuff.Don’t read unless you want to be scared the rest of the day.

      A National Socialist economy is not perfect,but its mighty damn close.Anytime you take the jew out of the equation,you’ve done yourself a huge favor.I think soon we might have a chance again,but there will be a painful,bloody “birthing” process.14 words.

    31. The Red Skull Says:

      Apologies for the similarities of my above posts.The 1st i thought was gone for good, and the 2nd disappeared for awhile too.The Filter Gremlins at it again.

    32. Jim Says:

      Thank you Red Skull, you said it all.

    33. The Red Skull Says:

      @ Blackshirt

      Hey Brother,y’know we agree 99% of the time,but i did give you a couple of “minus brownie checks” for your above comments.If you don’t have a place of REAL LOVE for the Fuhrer,in your heart somewhere—-then your not a “real” Nazi,IMO>Yes Hitler made mistakes,especially later as he was speeding out,but you have to look at the mans overall mission and what he did for ALL OUR people,he and Mussolini who inspired him.

      Not to get down on you,and its not “Hitler worship” to admire what he did for our people.National Socialism is the ONLY thing that CAN and possibly WILL save the Aryan Race.For that he was a Great man alone,Not just preventing the complete takeover of Germany by the Reds prior to the war,and rebuilding a broken,defeated,jew robbed people Back into a World Power,economically and militarily,in only 6-7 short years.

      You might Be WN,which is cool/fine/dandy,but your not a Nazi if you don’t Love at least something about Hitler,and/or what he did for our people.Also,you need to have read Mein Kampf at once to call yourself a Nazi.Thats for everyone.If you haven’t read Mein Kampf -at least once but hopefully several times=then you (or anyone)isn’t a National Socialist.

      If you give me a “minus brownie” for gigging you i’ll understand-at least i’m honest and this is in no way a personal attack,just my opinion of how people should regard Hitler and NS to consider themselves “true Nazis”.

    34. Henry Says:

      The Nazis set up a debt-free society that placed the wealth and welfare of its people above profit.

      FOR THAT– the jews absolutley HAD to destroy Germany before the other Goyim Nations caught on.

      — maybe thats why the jews hated Hitler so much – He messed with their control of money, therefore [control of] the gentiles.

      Exactly right, RS. Their monopolistic control over money is the source of all their power, therefore it means everything to them. EVERYTHING. Everything else they have stems from money. That’s how they send their kids to expensive universities to get all those fancy degrees (which help them to make still more money). A smart, poor white kid can’t do that. He has to work.

      When I was 18-19, I was working for a Jewish firm. The owner’s grand-daughter, my same age, was in Paris studying art. Meanwhile, I was working on the shipping dock loading packages and earning a pittance.

      To be young, rich, carefree, and in Paris must be heaven. I would have loved that too. But I had to stay home and work, helping to pay for her good time at the Sorbonne. The only difference between us? Money!

    35. Henry Says:

      I don’t want to sound jealous or spiteful. I realize that someone could say, “Well, it’s your parents’ fault for not getting rich.”

      Well now, is that a “fault”? Not everybody can be rich. My parents weren’t lazy bums or welfare cheats. They worked hard, were honest, lived right, and scrimped all their lives, just as their own parents did — and they had very little left to show for it. This is the same story with millions of our people. They work and work, and just make it from one payday to the next, somehow managing to raise their children along the way. And the children then face the same thing all over again.

      I realize now that my parents worked for Jews, and my grandparents worked for Jews (usually disguised behind corporations). But they never realized it. They had no idea. They were too busy working to think about such things. And they bought from Jews, and paid rent to Jews; and when they were sick or in pain they went to Jewish doctors and Jewish dentists. Always Jews. And if they got in trouble (which they didn’t) they would probably have gone to a Jewish lawyer — if they could afford one, that is. And would have faced a Jewish judge. At every crucial turn in life, they would have been at the mercy of Jews. Jews hold all the keypoints in our society. But those keypoints are attained through the power of MONEY.

      And so it is with all our people. We are the equivalent of economic serfs, toiling and working all our lives for our owners, and just barely getting by. What we have is economic feudalism. They like it that way. It’s been very good for the Jews.

      Any other system that “messed with their control of money” would upset their whole applecart. It obviously could not be tolerated. It had to go. No wonder Hitler was portrayed (by them) as a monster of evil.

    36. old dutch Says:

      There was nothing mystical about Hitler’s economics. Hitler was a Keynesian, and John Maynard Keynes even dedicated the German editon of his book to Hitler.


      Hitler was influenced by American born Hjalmar Schacht who served as President of the Reichsbank and Minister of Economics.

    37. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Nothing mystical about printing wealth (stones into bread). Nothing at all. btw Lord Keynes was a faggot.

      14. “Singing the Red Flag, the highborn sons of the British upper-class lay on the carpeted floor spinning out socialist schemes in homosexual intermissions…The attitude in such gatherings was anti-establishmentarian. To them the older generation was horribly out of date; even superfluous. The capitalist system was declared obsolete, and revolution was proclaimed as the only solution. Christianity was pronounced an enemy force, and the worst sort of depravities were eulogized as ‘that love which passes all Christian understanding.’ Chief of this ring of homosexual revolutionaries was John Maynard Keynes…Keynes was characterized by his male sweetheart, Lytton Strachey, as ‘A liberal and a sodomite, an atheist and a statistician.’ His particular depravity was the sexual abuse of little boys.” Zygmund Dobbs, “Sugar Keynes.” See Goggle “John Maynard Keynes: Lavender & Bolshevik.” Or http://members.tripod.com/~BioLeft/keynes.htm For further information on Keynes’ homosexual behavior note A. L. Rowse, Homosexuals in History. New York, NY: Macmillan Publishing Co. Inc., 1977,271f. Also, Mark Skousen, The Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of the Great Thinkers. Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, 2001, 325


    38. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      This paper looks like a nice bit of research, and I’ve skimmed enough of it to see that the matter of N.S. re-privatization was well researched. Given that during the war, Krupp, Junkers, Thyssen and Messerschmidt let down the Wehrmacht and thus the DeutscheVolk, meaning us as a consequence of this, I weigh in with Goebbels and the many disaffected SA who were betrayed by too much privatization. Hjalmar Schacht for example (homosexual masonic arsehole and butt buddy of John Maynard Keynes) would have been better sent to “Summer Camp” or 6 feet of German Soil, from the first day after Hitler became Chancellor, though that might’ve been a trifle precipitate, given how nervous many of the Ruhr Schlottbaronen were about “klasskampf.”

      In the long run, leaving huge concentrations of wealth centralized by modern industrial methods in the hands of hereditary bourgeois dynasties to the detriment of AryanVolk makes a bad policy, and Hitler came to rue the failures of the Schlottbaronen who promised the sky to Fat Hermann Goering, then delivered shit. But Goering came from that Munich milieu of beerhall buddy-buddy bullshit which Hitler was loathe to crack the whip on, again, to the eventual detriment of the war effort and his subjects.

      Mind you all, Hitler did well enough with appointing Speer, and ANYTHING which de-jewed the Reich economy as much as the N.S.D.A.P. did was bound to result in the phenomenal relief from artificial crises which resulted directly from jew parasitism and robbery to start with. Yes, the DeutchVolk WERE liberated from jewry more than they had been since the early Holy Roman Empire, so small wonder that they prospered.

      Schacht represents as an exemplar par excrescence of the things der Fueher neglected to clean up quickly enough. He was a holdover from the Weimar period who really should have been shot, as treasonous creeps like Canaris would be, too late too. All of these kinds of failures arose from old fashioned bourgeois opportunism, and Goebbels made it clear in his diaries circa 1933 that he was fully cognizant of these follies and their probable outcomes. Pity he was a little gimp who couldn’t command more clout than his platinum poison pen and silver tongue did for him!

      While waging the murderous kinds of class warfare which jew marxists imposed on their Slavic Aryan subjects lobotomized their vile empire to within an attometer of defeat, Stalin ultimately commanded a more productive and efficient war economy than Hitler did, despite the fact that the U.S.S.R. only had half the industrial productive capacity of the Reich in 1941. To wit, to err on the side of opportunism is WORSE than murderous excess when dealing with money-grubbers. I do NOT lust to spill the blood of anyone who can mass together a few coins, but since most of those who do, do so by hobnobbing with and emulating kikes, then I say,


      And that implies stern discipline on the money-groveler, more-so than honest Creative Working Volk!

      Gerald E. P. Morris

    39. Jim Says:

      Hitler was no Keynsian, old dutch. Keynes advocated government intervention to prop up the Jewish Money Power. Hitler was a true Revolutionary who broke totally with the jew parasitic economy. There is absolutely no similarity between the two than between the kike and the Aryan. Keynes had no desire to promote a new system, only to prop up the old decaying system for a few more years, until its internal contradictions finally caught up with it, which is happening today. Where is Keynseism now? In the shit can of hiistory.

    40. old dutch Says:

      @ Jim

      From Herr Linder’s pal Lew Rockwell:

    41. Jim Says:

      FDR’s so called “New Deal” based on Keynsian economics failed to bring AmeriKwa out of the Depression. Full employment was only achieved with WWII. Hitler achieved full employment by 1937 and actually experienced a labor shortage. Keynes never rejected the gold standard, usury, or the Federal Reserve System. Hitler achieved his goals through building a new economic system based on the productivity of the German worker. Keynsianism NEEDS war and preparation for war to stimulate the economy. Hitler was forced by circumstances to devote resources for military defense, but under his system, this was not a necessity to reach full employment.

    42. Jim Says:

      Correction: It is true than Keynes advocated abandoning the Gold Standard, but getting rid of the Gold Standard while still in bondage to the Federal Reserve and jewish usury is NOT a solution. A clean break from the parastical system that is run solely for the benefit of the jews is the ONLY answer.

      CORRECTION: it is true that Keynes advocated abandoning the Gold Standard, but merely going off the Gold Standard without abandoning the Federal Reserve and jewish usury does nothing to solve the primary flaw of the capitalist system. Keynes wrote nothing or said nothing about the basic jewishness and parasitical nature of the system. At least Karl Marx had the good sense to say, “The liberation of the jews is the liberation of the world FROM the jews”.

    43. morris wise Says:

      Getting rid of his Ashkenazic strategists was Hitlers mistake, they would have told him that invading Poland and then Russia was stretching his resources to the point of bankruptcy. The Fuhrer was emotionally strong, but he needed help to make him smart. Ashkenazic expertise has been sought by leaders in all industries, Hitler failed because he thought he could get along without them.

    44. Jim Says:

      Hitler said that NS was not for export. It was a system suitable only for Germany at that time. NS can only be implemented in a highly intelligent and homogeneous population. No economic system can exist without adopting to changing times, and if Germany had survived the war, the economic system would have evolved to ever more effective levels. NS is first of all a RACIAL economic and social system and functions on the principle of supporting the well being of the Race. In NS, Aryan Man does not exist to serve the jews, but the NS State exists to serve Aryan Man.

    45. Jim Says:

      Has Kensian economics stopped the invasion of muds into previously White nations? NO. Has Keynsian economics created a free enterprise economy that is not held in bondage to multinational corporations? NO. Has Keynsian economic stopped the flow of capital from First World to turd world countries? NO. Has Keynsian economics been able to dismantle the military industrial complex? NO. Then what commonality does it have with Adolf Hitler’s system? NONE.

    46. Tim McGreen Says:

      Like Jim was saying, FDR’s Jew Deal had done almost nothing to get America out of the Depression. In fact, the Depression started ALL OVER AGAIN IN 1937. For the first 8 1/2 years of the FDR regime, the Depression just wouldn’t budge. However, Hitler had Germany up and running again just a year or two after coming to power. And his Autobahn was opened for business over 20 years before construction of the US Interstate Highway System was even started. NSDAP Germany also had TV ten years before it was widely available in the US.

      NSDAP Germany was so well-run that the German people didn’t even suffer any of the privations of WWII until 1943. Up until that year, life in Germany for most people was at least as comfortable as it was in the USA! Even Germany’s supposedly infamous concentration camp system was cleaner and more humanely-run than any prison found in the United States. Yes indded, facts are stubborn things.

    47. Jim Says:

      Exactly, Tim. EXACTLY.

    48. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      Truly bizarre how some well meaning Volk get hot and bothered over the truth that the N.S.State certainly did use the economic policies of the dirty masonic bugger J. M. Keynes. Since sources like Lew Cockswill ARE rather weak, go look at this one:


      In September 1936, John Maynard Keynes prepared a preface for the German translation of The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Addressing himself to a readership of German economists, Keynes hoped that his theory would “meet with less resistance on the part of German readers than from English” because the German economists had long before rejected the teachings of both the classical economists and the more recent Austrian school of economics. And, said Keynes, “If I can contribute a single morsel to the full meal prepared by German economists, particularly adjusted to German conditions, I will be satisfied.”

      Amazing how just because jew authors be they marxoids or libertoonz use this little fact in their polemics, some Volks here get ALL bent out of shape! Whether one uses Volkwagen bonds or Savings Bonds to tool up for the much anticipated war to come makes little difference. Red ink sums, state control of wages and prices etc. all are standard Keynesian-ism. Schacht set this stuff up for Der Fueher to Uncle ‘Dolph’s credit for having the brains to recognize sound and sensible prerogatives for the N.S. state to intervene on behalf of it’s Volk. Hardly a call for breast-beating here boyos!

      What IS is that Schacht was permitted to fester entirely too long before his removal, and then he still was permitted to breathe. Then there is the truly criminal negligence of the military technology by Hitler’s truly naive trust of Goering (who was too high to keep his eye on this shit.) who in turn entrusted his military-industrial Schlot-baronen pals WAY too much for the good of Wermacht, Waffen SS or Luftwaffe personel, who had to trust their lives to shit like ersatz steel, airplanes which wouldn’t fly right, radars that didn’t work, tanks good only for target practice by Red Army crews, etc…

      The VASTLY SUPERIOR RACIAL QUALITY of German soldiers went a LONG way toward offsetting these disadvantages, every one of which resulted from allowing war profits to predominate over reliability in weapons systems, but it couldn’t quite do the trick for all that. Hitler knew good and well the jews were planning war, and then, even after it started, he failed to mobilize the populace for Totalen Krieg until 1944, FAR TOO LATE! His justified envy of Stalin, who got superior technology out of his engineers and physicists or else, not to mention superior war production from subjects who had little cause to love his regime, is well documented by David Irving in Hitlers War.

      In short, Hitler allowed too much private control over too many crucial industries, and we’re still paying for that decisive failure now. Let’s NOT repeat it, eh? Eye on the ball and all that now. By 1943, every field weapon available to the Wehrmacht was outclassed by the stuff the Reds and Limeys were putting against it. The “super weapons” systems Hitler increasingly DREAMT would SAVE his regime came far too few, far too late, thanks to the treachery of those crapitalists he entrusted with this holy task.

      The DeutschVolk were TOO comfortable until 1943. had Total War been declared, with the mobilization that went with it, they might have actually killed enough Red Army bodies to stop them. It was very close, due to the tactical superiority of the German line soldier, despite shoddy equipment and cowardly, poor generalship. but THAT is another issue altogether….

      Gerald E. P. Morris

    49. Tim McGreen Says:

      Interesting commentary, GPM, but what about the Germans’ King Tiger and Panther Tanks? They were much better than the American Sherman Tanks and British Crusader Tanks. The Germans also had the feared 88mm anti aircraft gun as well as great fighter planes like the Bf109 and Fw190. So their hardware was at least as good as what the Allies had, they just couldn’t match the combined industrial output of the USA and USSR. I believe Speer told Hitler in 1943 or ’44 that the Germany had to win the war soon because their war effort would completely run out of resources by the summer of 1945. He was right.