21 November, 2010

The Glorification of the Gypsy

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(Above: gypsies)

My grandmother once told me of how, circa 1900, White parents used to shut their children indoors if gypsies were camped nearby. The children were cautioned that under no circumstances should gypsies be approached, or be allowed onto the property of a White person. Gypsies were thought of as liars, thieves and swindlers – like Jews, but poorer and less successful.

How times have changed. Now gypsies are “cool” and “sexy.”

Did you know that the glorification of the gypsy began quite early in the West? I already knew that gypsies (a.k.a. the Roma people) were romanticized in movies, books and songs, but I didn’t know how early the romanticism began until rather recently. For example, Emily Bronte’s “hero” in the book “Wuthering Heights” is a gypsy man named Heathcliff. (In the book, a White woman, named Catherine, dies while pining for her lover Heathcliff). Bronte’s book was published in 1847.

Lots of songs feature positive mentions of gypsies, including modern ones such as “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac and “Gypsy Queen” by Van Morrison.

Of course, the Jewish pop culture is responsible for most of the glorification of the gypsy. But sadly, White people seem to love glorifying The Outsider/The Other. And the White people who don’t glorify gypsies themselves never seem to complain about such glorification. Odd.

Here’s a book about the gypsies.

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Remember Cher’s 1970s hit “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”? Gypsies and Gypsy fashion were real popular back then.

      Funny how Gypsies and Jews are so much alike…..Neither group has any real homeland and both are found everywhere; Neither group is capable of telling the truth, even if their lives depended on it; Neither believe in doing useful work; Neither believe in soap and water, either.

      Yet it’s the Jews who are the ones with all the power and money. The Gypsies live the way the Jews did 1,000 years ago. But no matter how successful they are, the Jews cannot be domesticated. Just look at any Jew household or yard and you’d think the place was inhabited not by people but by raccoons. In other words, the Jews live in the same kind of filth and squalor their goat-herding Hebrew ancestors did in ancient times. That’s why they always need to have some colored lady come in twice a week to clean the place up. God forbid a Jew Princess should ever have to pick up a mop or a dishrag.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      I wonder how the author’s jew and gypsy parents actually met? Probably when they were trying to pick each other’s pockets on a packed bus.

      A very informative book on the gypsy is “The Gypsies” by Jean-Paul Clebert. Published by Vista Books 1963. Translated from the original French “Les Tziganes”

    3. abc Says:

      Gypsies are akin to Pakis.
      About “Wuthering Heights”, I’ve read that book, and Heathcliff isn’t a hero. The message is interpreted as anti-gypsy by some.

    4. Joe Says:

      Its simply uncanny how many Europeans to this day do not understand gypsy “culture”.In gypsy society a woman is on the same level as a dog.If a gypsy male is eating something and a female perchance brushes the plate with her skirt,the male will throw away the food because he considers it unclean.The men stay home and send the women and kids to beg.The kids are frequently sent to pick-pocket and are regularly beaten if they dont bring back enough.I neednt get into the stats that gypsy communities are a breeding ground for crime,uncleanliness and all forms of abuse.Theyre master scammers and con artists.Their best racket in the US is the fortune telling business.Ive forgotten most of the hilarious methods they use to con the naive and greedy.One case study,documented:An old lady goes to a “medium” and the latter tells her that her money is cursed and that she must take it all from the bank so that the “medium” can remove the curse.The old lady is instructed to wrap the money in newspaper and to meet the medium ona bridge early in the morning.Meanwhile the “medium” also prepares a stack of ordinary newspapers.The two meet on the bridge and the “medium” by sleigh-of hand-exchanges the money ,takes it,and throws the ordinary papers into the water and says:”The curse has been removed from your money;it will return to you ten-fold within a week”.No,witnesses and go to the cops with a story like that.In Croatia we have a little joke “Why did the Ustaša send gypsies to the Jasenovac labour camp?To teach them the work ethic.”

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Despite their relative isolation living in the parsonage at Haworth on the Yorkshire moors the Bronte sisters were pretty clued-up on racial matters. The central though hidden theme in both Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre is the restoration of harmony after the removal of outside disruptive influence.
      A tragic chain of events unwinds when Cathy’s father succumbs to misplaced compassion and brings home the gypo waif Heathcliff. Similarly, in Jane Eyre, Rochester’s father gives in to financial pressure and forces his son to marry an heiress from Jamaica. There are indications that his future wife is colored. Only when she turns out to be crazy and sets fire to the mansion (a significant bit of symbolism) is their world restored to order and harmony.

    6. Marwinsing Says:

      …on the other end of the scale…

    7. Marwinsing Says:

      (but there’s more…)


    8. Howdy Doody Says:

      Gypsies by the early 70’s were scouting area of Western Canada, Oregon, Utah, ID. etc.

      State camp grounds, and local police were forced to learn what POS’s this scum is.

      These jooo tools were causing havoc in East coast cities like NYC big time since the late 1950’s.

      With the I.N.S. infested with you know who’s in the large cities, naturally they would let them in the US.

      IMO these criminal pervert gangsters should never have been allowed in to the U.S.

      NOTICE how Holly portrayed them in the 1920’s and 30’s when NO one knew what Scum they are.

    9. Sgt. Skull Says:

      A coworker of mine traveled to Italy a few years back and had nothing bud horror stories about gypsies A gypsy woman stole his wife’s purse on the bus but thanks to an Italian man she got it back.

      Centuries ago the Jew occupied much the same place as the gypsy. The Chinese and Japanese are probably wondering why whites tolerate such a large numbers of cretins in out midst.

    10. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      You can see certain characteristics of Gypsies in present day East Indians, especially Sikhs. Sikhs are violent, treat their women like shit, are overrepresented in crime, are dishonest, shady, untrustworthy and always crying “racism” like babies to get their way. It’s in the genes!

    11. Dave Says:

      I got into a fight with a gypsy one time. He was a big son of a bitch. We called him the walrus. He kept pushing and pushing me to fight him. I was 16 he was 30 or so. Everyday walking home push push push…Well one day I took the bait. It was a good fight,I dodged all of his blows which would have surely knocked me down. I ran circles around him until he was panting for breath. Then i went in and pounded his kidneys repeatedly until he literally crumbled to the ground. He begged me not to continue.

    12. Dave Says:

      This is too good. Fucking hilarious. Or,sickening….


    13. Virgil Says:

      Gypsies will be sterilized. A few specimens will be maintained for genetic research purposes.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Perhaps a few Gypsies could be stuffed and put on display in a museum, like that Negro astronaut in Planet of the Apes?