8 December, 2010

Cabbie Racial Profiling

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Here’s something to ponder: why is the judging of the races commonly called “prejudice” (prejudgment/previous judgment)? If anything, it’s “postjudice,” since most people know about Black/Brown behavior before they make their judgment. (Hat tip to the late John ‘Birdman’ Bryant for that idea):


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    1. John A Says:

      If a life insurance company turns down a 3-pack a day smoker who’s 40 pounds overweight, it’s called prudent underwriting.

      If a cab driver passes up some hip hop gangbanger it’s called – oh the humanity – racial prejudice.

      I call it “statistical profiling” or using your brain.

    2. Doug Says:

      Discrimination is an inherent right, to include or exclude anyone we wish to improve our life or minimize risk from our life. Denying anyone the right to discriminate is an attack on their pursuit of happiness, a violation of their Constitutionally-acknowledge inherent right.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Most of the cab drivers these days are non-White. Maybe that’s why the Jew/Liberal establishment isn’t getting all worked up about cabbies not picking up Negro fares. Now if the cab drivers were mostly White and not picking up Negroes, then the Jews and Liberals would be very, very unhappy about it. Then they would go into their usual crybaby mode.

      Remember when there were a lot of female cab drivers, both White and otherwise? And pizza delivery girls, too? You don’t see them anymore, thanks to nigger savagery. And yet we condemn countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia for their “mistreatment” of women. Our country (“our” country….yeah, right) has become so violent and uncivilized that we don’t even remember how much safer and saner it once was.

    4. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      The Birdman, of Blessed Memory, really liked this original from me:

      “An open mind stems from ignorance, but prejudice springs from education.”-Donald E. Pauly

    5. Sean Gruber Says:

      “Mateo came to Fox 5 News to debate the issue with Michael Meyers, the president of the New York Civil Rights Coalition. Meyers called Mateo’s comments absurd and racist.”

      Michael Meyers, of a “Civil Rights Coalition,” tells the head of the cabbie union how to run a cab service. Like he knows a damn thing.

      I assume Meyers is not, say, Italian. I presume he’s a kike.

      So MEYERS doesn’t *have* to know anything. He can issue sweeping moral judgments ex cathedra, telling people how to live, work, and feel – because he’s one of Gawd’s Chosen. Jews aren’t really very good at most things, but they are excellent as posing as Moral Authorities.

      Your experience is “absurd and racist,” he tells an old pro…then rides back (probably in a cab) – with his hooknose in the air – to his “Civil Rights Coalition” office suite.


    6. Mel Brooks Says:

      Re: Sean Gruber’s Myers comment..you COULD say that Myers has probably missed a few cab rides heseff..


    7. Sean Gruber Says:

      Holy cow.

      Isn’t “Meyers” an odd name for a splib?

      Still, they do have odd names…

    8. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Racial profiling is going to happen regardless of how many idiot, liberal, hypocrites disapprove of it. It might not be officially sanctioned behavior but it is practiced 24/7 by a lot of people, including idiot, liberal, hypocrites. The only people that aren’t going to practice it are some young White women, and people in general who have had their minds twisted by religious fundamentalism! The religious fundamentalists can get beaten and robbed, who cares, they will never learn! I feel bad about the young White women though, as they could be potential mothers of our future White children.

    9. Bigduke6 Says:

      the cab drivers in joo cago are mostly from africa. They drive like maniacs and have no regard for America, traffic laws or safety. They are rude and inconsiderate to Americans. Used to be white, american taxi drivers were the gentlemen of the road. I saw a middle eastern cabbie nearly run down two young ladies. I called the company to report and they would not do a thing. The Yellow cab company is owned by a joo. Boycott taxis. And send these scum sucker moslammers packing for bumf$ck Egypt.

    10. Bigduke6 Says:

      groids can slaughter each other wholesale in african countries and Oprah and Jesse Jackson do not care. But in South Africa where groids once enjoyed the highest quality of living, peace and safety Jesse Jackson, Tutu and Oprah screwed South Africa because it was run by whites. Isn’t that racial profiling? now with the groids in charge S. Africa has the highest crime rate in the world. S.Africa makes Detroit look good.

    11. Valley Jack Says:

      I think it was Frank Weltner formerly of Jew Watch who coined the excellent neologism “postjudice”.