27 June, 2011

Everybody’s Worshipping the God of Equality (Except Israel)

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Socialist: “I believe that all humans are equal.”

Marxist: “So do I.”

Christian: “Me, too!”

Israeli: “I don’t.”


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  7. 24 Responses to “Everybody’s Worshipping the God of Equality (Except Israel)”

    1. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      There IS no god. Religion is the human vulnerability that sinister forces use to manipulate populations. The U.S. Constitution separated religious whimsy, fantasy and mysticism from the government with the “separtion of church and state.” The Council of Nicea was the inflection point in civilization at which Constantine established and defined the psychology of religion and deployed it as the “glue” to bind and reinforce his crumbling empire. Constantine included the books that served him and excluded the books that didn’t. The Bible was arbitrarily composed for political purposes. The world has suffered under religious incoherence and irrationality for millennia. Imagine civilization without parasites, goldbricks, freeloaders and schemers. No more welfare or bank bailouts, just rock solid businesses and hard working people. No more Catholic Priests be observed by their “god” and allowed by their “god” to rape children in the “sanctuary.” Imagine a government that doesn’t fight wars for Israel or foreign countries. Imagine a government that taxes ONLY for infrastructure and security and NOT to take money from one man to give it to another. Imagine government that only provides legal marriage to protect and defend the family unit – a man and a woman whose union will produce children. The Constitution provided a limited and rational government through restricted and coherent voting in a republic. The U.S. Supreme court has failed to uphold the Constitution and should be prosecuted and reconstituted with severe provisions for failure of the Judicial Branch.

    2. morris wise Says:

      Children born from the same family are not equal in appearance or talent. Blame it on God who created each race and individual to be unique. But there are those that believe a mule can be turned into a racehorse with enough training, and a retard into a genius.

    3. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Congratulations to Sweden. They get it! The differences between the sexes is largely imaginary and arbitrary, something that is imposed upon children by a racist and sexist society that enjoys subjugating women. It’s shameful that the Equal Rights Amendment was never made a part of the American Constitution. Unlike Sweden, this country still has a lot of growing up to do.

    4. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      All men are created equal. The outcome of each life is up to the individual. The U.S Constitution provided FREEDOM for all and for each individual so that he might “pursue happiness.” The Supreme Court has FAILED to uphold the freedom of individuals, including their businesses. The failure of America is its Supreme Court.

    5. Maynard Says:

      You could make the world a paradise by eliminating these awful creatures! Send them to a galaxy far, far away!

    6. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      NEWSFLASH – violent mobs of mexicans cheer the mexican soccer team and boo the American team as the mexican team beat the American team in the Los Angeles, California colosium. Remember that the Statue of Liberty faces Europe, NOT mexico, asia or africa. America should pull the troops from Afghanistan and send them into mexico. Mulitculturalism has FAILED. Remember the Alamo!

    7. Marc Rappaport Says:

      Tommy, guaranteeing equal rights for everyone IS constitutional. That’s what the Equal Rights Amendment would do. Duh!

      I wish Geraldine Ferraro was still alive. Imagine if she was the president and Gloria Allred was her VP? If only! :(

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Gloria Allred is a JEWESS. Come to think of it, so is Nancy Pelosi. I bet they both go to the same untalented face-lift surgeon:



    9. jayhackworth Says:

      For the most part Jew scams like the ADL and SPLC promote gender confusion and multiculturalism everywhere outside of Israel because it actually advances Jewish-nationalism, and enables Jews to acquire power and influence in predominantly non-Jewish societies. Typical two-faced yids, supporters of Israel, a separate and unequal society in which discrimination is part of the established social order and Jewish supremacism is enshrined in law.

    10. bjt Says:

      What the hell you guys talking about?
      When the founding fathers said ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL
      They were not talking about niggers, jews, chinks, and
      wetbacks, these words were ment for Humans( WHITE PEOPLE)
      not freaks.

    11. Thomas Jefferson Says:

      BJT is 100% correct, of course. When those words expressing that all men were equally free to “pursue happiness” in America, the outcomes of their lives were not guaranteed by the govenment to be equal. More to the point, as those words of equality for European males were written, the authors owned and operated vast plantations and businesses using negroid African slaves. Is it in any way conceivable that Masters thought slaves to be equal? Poppycock! Also, as those words were penned, the American Founders and Writers of the Constitution had been removing the savages, better known as indians, from the continent for over 100 years. We all know the outcome after the Alamo when Sam Houston slaughtered the mesicans at the Sabine River winning Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Finally, in the new American REPUBLIC, a form of government by a small group of elected officials, the vote was severely restricted to European males, aged 21 with estates worth 50lbs Sterling or 50 acres. Yes, all European males were created equal but not the outcome of their lives. The essense of America was the equality of freedom of European males to “pursue happiness” without governmental guaratees of the outcomes. Africans were guaranteed slavery, indians were guaranteed extinction and mexicans were guarateed slaughter.

    12. Emily Says:

      Excellently put, jackhackworth. Everybody shd add this recitation to their daily prayers.

    13. Walter Says:

      compliment to your sense of humor. Jewish concepts of beauty are indeed only acceptable after much intellecualising and re-casting of the meanings of words..

      The strange case of the “democrats” and good people proclaiming and imposing their ideology -idolatry- of “equality” on everyone while allowing the Jews an exception is very curious. It is a case of lunacy. If this exceptionalism were “normal” it would show a case of total loss of intellectual discipline, as the intellect adheres to principles and does not flippantly admit to exceptions. It would lead to an arbitrary guide for life, that is, the principle followed in the bin. If on the other hand, this exceptionalism were “abnormal”, it would reflect the life in the bin directly.
      In any case, to force a reality with two polar opposites existing at the same time will lead to desaster. One can’t have night and day at the same time, or frost and summer heat, or life and death.
      We are moving towards that desaster. Once it has arrived, everything we take for granted will be dissolved. The good thing coming with that desaster will be that the Jew as the admitted inequal party in a world of equality will have committed himself to his fate, and he cannot blame anyone for what befalls him because no power will be there anymore to shield the Jewish “elite” from the consequences of the events it has set in motion.
      I anyone does not yet understand the seriousness and lunacy of this principle of equality, he should become aware of the teaching of “gender mainstreaming”, a doctrine, which states that the genders are not a matter of nature but a social construct and can be learned, i.e., a boy is not a boy based on his anatomical features and his inclinations and talents, as bestowed on him by nature, or a girl a girl by the same reasons, but it is all “imposed” and a matter of learning.
      The suffering caused to boys and girls and the creation of crippled adults of the male and female gender will be the outcome, yet “gender mainstreaming” is discussed in certain circles as though it were not totally demented, inhuman, unnatural and cruel. “Gender mainstreaming” is just one stark example of the idiocy that is rotting the minds and souls of non-Jews; the Jews will be quite happy with enjoying their “inequality” in the mansions and gated communities, all the while receiving their Nobel Prizes, varied awards and having their Museums of Exceptional Suffering built for them, paid for by the “equal people” of course.
      That’s the end of the ideology of “equality” when “intellect”, untempered by reason, runs loose. I should say, when “Jewish intellect” runs wild.

    14. hungrybrain Says:

      Did any of u see this! –Parents keep child’s gender secret http://www.parentcentral.ca/parent/babiespregnancy/babies/article/995112–parents-keep-child-s-gender-secret . notice that many of the comments in this Toronto paper think the idea is just wonderful.

    15. hungrybrain Says:

      That article about sweeden really upset me — I look at those people in Sweeden and think of them as just mean and bigoted against what they call ‘cultural norms’. They get their kicks out of experimenting with little children . Next, they will be saying you are not a child but an adult and use it as as an excuse to abuse them further; after that they will say you are not human but a rat. It sounds like something out of Orwell Huxley novel, or a weird Kubrick movie–creepier than Rosemary’s baby-beyond bizzare Mk Ultra CIA Mind Kontrol -dare I say Satanic?

      Although, this is a direct outcome of christianity(read Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ) with it’s obsession with equality–everyone is equal lie from hell. Christianity paved the way for this -Christianity is a religion that encourages people to accept and teach lies– especially catholicism with all it’s silly stories– I mean there are actually people that believe in ‘holy water’ ‘ and praying with beads. Why not believe girls are not girls and boys not boys? It’s not that big of as a leap. Because Jesus wants it so.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jews could have only gained ascendancy in the world, by peddaling a lie like equality, under the guise of a religion that was both fanatical and ego driven. Xianity in turn spawned another religion liberalism and it’s political arm democracy..

      Only in a technological world that seems to defy nature could these 2 aberrant judaeo-xian monstrosities thrive. Now they’ve combined with the retarded Kwanservitive Fundamentites to make war on the whole world, while in the “homeland” you have a police state.

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jeboo religion was a purrfect suicide cult for the jews to peddal on Gentile, for one thing jeboo was a man-god who supposedly does the will of the Father Jahveh, who is none other than jews collectively.
      Rome was at the terminus end of Classical civilization, not its apex, and it would have gone down without the jew-xian cult, it just hung around waiting for the next victim, like some sort of anaerobic bacteria.
      The German kingdoms who created Western Civilization have had this albatross around their neck for almost 2000 years, and you know why?
      Because the myth was created that Rome was the world, and the world was Rome. Now you have the Kwa touting itself as the new and jew improved Rome, and anything or anybody opposed to it is a turrorist or barbarian.

    18. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The banana faces extinction today, because historically it has only been propagated by stem cuttings, while the parasites that attack it have grown more virulent and resistant to chemicals over the years. So much for the idea of cloning species from frozen embryonic tissue. Whites face extinction because they refuse to reproduce, and not only that they refuse to be changed by weeding out misfits and promoting eugenics to withstand jew parasitism and mud overpopulation

    19. morris wise Says:

      Pure Ashkenazi Khazarian male genotypes are difficult to find because they make up only a minuscule of the worlds population. But a careful search among leaders in most fields will discover their presence. It is wrong to badmouth them because of their awesome brainpower, it is best to follow their lead.

    20. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nom is right, Whites have developed a warped sense of “compassion” which involves favoring the defective over the healthy and strong. We are going to have to get a lot more ruthless about weeding out the undesirables among our own kind if our Race is going to survive. That will necessarily mean no more extravagant sums of money and effort being wasted on the very old, the terminally ill, the mentally infirm, physical defectives and the hideously deformed.

      The most decent thing to be done with those miserable wretches is to simply let them die comfortably and with dignity. But also make sure they die fast and inexpensively. We have a limited, finite amount of resources available to help people. Therefore, we can only have a finite amount of compassion for and patience with those who are hopeless and useless.

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      That will necessarily mean no more extravagant sums of money and effort being wasted on the very old, the terminally ill, the mentally infirm, physical defectives and the hideously deformed.

      Every night on the jew tube 10 p.m.(post menstrual?) news , you get a whole lot of the gushy sentimental news, about some retards being abused by an adoptive family, or boo-hoo about some injun kidz loosing all their books in a tornado. Or some indignation about the Cops picking on some poor lil negroid kid to help ferret out mama’s boy friend.
      The word most be getting out to the head shrinks, and quacks of the medical profession that they might loose their lucrative bilking of the old, and feeble with the medicaid cuts, so now we get a daily dose of the advertizement on health care alternatives.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      The other night on the local 10pm Jews report I saw a story about an old bag with Alzheimer’s getting smacked around by some big colored nursing assistants in a nursing home. Unfortunately, the colored nursing assistants were caught hitting the old wretch in front of a hidden security camera and are now facing charges.

      There was a time when I would have been like every other unthinking sentimental nit-wit and said “Oh my, how terrible! How could those colored nursing assistants be so cruel?” But now I say “Ha-ha! Give that old bitch another smack!” She’s a costly and useless burden to society, so it’s off to the cracker factory for Grandma. Bye-bye.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The last thing the medical profession wants is to let people die with dignity. Go into any of these corporate hospital chains, and you’ll see the patients cramned into small cubicles, with a god damn televitz hanging overhead, and montiors bleaping and buzzing , fuckin’ groid and messicans pushing carts , dot head doctors from India and Pakistan. You’d think you were in Calcutta.
      I remember the former German Hospital in Heidelberg, the same place Patton came to after being suicided, it had no televisions in the rooms, wide spacious hallways , well lighted and fresh air. It was well located so you didn’t get all the traffic noise, but then the drawback was it was after the American occupation , staffed with jew doctors, and negroids.

    24. abc Says:

      Didn’t Linder say:
      “The Jew advises his daughter to marry a Jew and your daughter to marry a nigger”?
      It’s illustrated once again here.