16 August, 2011

Smith’s Report

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“Yes, the Bearded Menace of Bradley Smith may lurk behind any clump of bushes, any corner or shadowed spot on your daughter’s campus, and all the blue-lighted panic stations in the world won’t protect her from him.”

(a .PDF file).

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    1. Mary O Says:

      Colleges are being used to brainwash and corrupt the American post-adolescent.

      Watching a YouTube of Jerry Rubin speaking at Penn State c. 1968, the young men (!) in the audience struck me as naive and docile as a group of little puppy dogs. Rubin denounced work as unnecessary since the US could easily feed the entire world five times over. No one raised one objection to that ridiculous statement. They seemed to have a look of worried concern, like “oh, my God, my parents really are so evil.”

      Rubin played heavily on their anxieties, describing how his own father worked extremely hard and only got two weeks off per year. To the post-adolescent, that prospect sounds worse than a prison sentence. Indeed part of the leftist sales pitch seems to be that the previous generation just worked too hard, and the effort was joyless. Therefore, to avoid all that responsibility, government must expand (essentially to get someone else to do the work).

      The post-adolescent mind is not by its nature critical. In a natural society, what would people be doing at age 18 to 24? They would be starting families, and therefore, physiologically, psychologically and hormonally, their brain is geared for forming strong inter-personal bonds. The life of an infant or young child literally depends on his parents love for him. All these emotions, they now waste on each other, and on their left-wing authority figures. That’s why college friendships can be so intense.

      Also, interjected is drugs. And what a huge money maker that is for the dealers. The dorms are essentially just encampments of naive, affluent middle-class post-adolescents, who develop addictions for drugs reinforced by their association of the drugs with their “friends.”

      If you challenge the standard PC even slightly, the post-adolescent’s (esp. the female) reaction will be reminiscent of an infant fussing and crying when someone removes their bottle. They are used to the same old “immigration is wonderful,” “college is all good” and (of course) the Holocaust doctrines that they get emotionally upset if even gently asked to question their assumptions.

      Placing post-adolescents in these separate camps (dorms) is not a good idea. They need to maintain contact with the real world of getting up and going to work, and they also need guidance and support from older adults. Almost no one in the US lives outside of commute distance from a decent 4-year undergraduate institution.

      Plus, if these colleges were thus anchored to communities, they would not be able to go far off the deep end into Marxism. What if local politicians could actually take on what Professor So-and-So says about Whites paying reparations for Slavery or the so-called Holocaust? Colleges would then be forced to do what they are supposed to do: teach writing, research and serious academics.

      Another factor is the outrageous cost. Say a high school graduate wants to learn to write well. Which would be a better choice: college or paying a professional writer for lessons? Even if the writer charged $1000/hour, the lessons would work out cheaper and be more effective than college, and remember without the left-wing garbage.

      OTOH the physical science or engineering majors do need those highly structured programs, but rarely do math and science faculty waste class time on their political opinions, nor do they base grades or other evaluations upon the students’ agreement with their opinions. Plus, they tend toward the right, anyway.

      Education is important, but not everyone needs college. The responsibilities of most jobs do not require a BA. A lot of these degrees are artificially constructed; retail management, paralegal studies, education …? . People learn by doing; let them just teach, or work in an office, and get paid, too. Education could be supplemented by inexpensive evening classes, lectures by famous professors, and the internet.

    2. Howdy Doody Says:

      Thank You.


    3. morris wise Says:

      Tens of thousands of Jews are responding to a God given order to educate the mentally challenged. Many have traveled deep into the jungles of Africa and into the ghettos of American cities to find those that need help. No child will be left behind as long as there are Jews that follow Gods orders.

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      All the backstabbing kikes like Rubin who practiced sedition in the US to serve their god, communism. Someday a true, scholarly history of the treachery of the Kike in America will be inscribed for the ages to reflect upon.

    5. Mary O Says:

      @Howdy Doody, Thanks for that link. Agnew managed to pack so many ideas into such a short address, and every point was exactly on target.

      Agnew: “… a spirit of national masochism prevails encouraged by an effete corp of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.”

      Jerry Rubin, Abby Hoffman, Mark Rudd, Susan Saxe, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers …

      Masochism is part of the current political dynamic. Anti-racist Whites project themselves empathetically into the imagined psyche of other races, and then enjoy expiating their supposed sins through humiliation and self-blame; the behavior is similar to the excesses of Catholicism in the Middle Ages, but without referencing any religion (except perhaps Secular Humanism).

      “Oh, my God, how would I FEEL if security guards were watching me in a supermarket!”

      “How would I FEEL if someone acted nervous about riding with me in an elevator!”

      “How would I FEEL if I couldn’t pass a high school math course!”

      These anti-racists will then over-compensate the nonwhites: making a great show of putting their child in a mixed race school or volunteering to work with prison inmates or doing missionary work in the third-world.

      That nonwhites do not have the same values and do not care what Whites think of them never occurs to the anti-racist White.

      Nonwhites often seem suspicious and mistrustful of Whites for no reason, fueling more White self-blame in the attempt at ingratiation with the nonwhite.

      Why do the psychodynamics of fanatical devotion to a religion persist even (in most cases) without the actual belief system?

      Whites may have been traumatized early on in our pre-history by some natural disaster of cataclysmic proportions; just as a child’s memory of a car accident might be erased, so too has our memory of this event which shaped our collective unconscious, and hence, our culture.

      According to long tradition, a White civilization existed prehistorically along the Indus River Valley in the area of land now occupied by Pakistan. Some climate horror occurred, which sent our people fleeing in waves into the steppes of Eurasia, later to settle Germany and the rest of Western Europe. While the details of this event are unknown, and subject to much conjecture and speculation, this White Guilt which we see everywhere in our society could be a type of “Survivors’ guilt.” In other words, having seen huge numbers of people suddenly killed, and being forced to abandon well-developed cities and a well-organized system of government for centuries of living as nomads, the remnant of our society retained a permanent sense of guilt that they had been spared when so many others like them had died. Today these feelings are manifest in the anti-racist White.

      The Holocaust plays into the psychological needs of the anti-racist White. The guilt is already present as a type of free-floating anxiety, the Jews supply a seemingly plausible explanation. (“It’s because you tried to kill us all, and you always wanted to just kill us all! Read Martin Luther. Your culture is saturated with the idea of just killing Jews.”) The explanation is readily accepted; after all, what is worse than the pain of uncertainty? The anxiety thus is temporarily allayed by over-compensating the Jews. (“They are God’s Chosen People.”)

      All Whites need to realize that people of other races do not have reciprocal feelings of guilt, nor do they much care about what we think of them, nor do they share our academic interests, nor our concept of success, nor frequently even our principles of law.

      The key in this situation is that the White anti-racism must be seen as a pathological condition: caused by the repression of some unknown past emotion trauma, and characterized by a flow of self-destructive attitudes and emotions. A deeper understanding of our history would be healing: we need to confront the past, and adapt a more realistic way of looking at other races and the world. We also need to be aware that we are being manipulated, and that other races do take advantage of our weakness in this regard; esp. in demanding Section 8 housing in suburban areas, mandating Holocaust instruction in our schools, and proposing endless reparations for slavery.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      College these days is a waste of money and time. It’s just a place for spoiled, silly White girls, unlikeable overachieving Chinks and aging Jewish lesbian professors. Young White Men should grow up as quickly as possible, learn a useful skill or trade, marry an attractive White girl, have a brood of healthy White kids and forget all about “higher learning”. It’s over-rated, over-priced bullshit that can delay adulthood indefinitely and leave you with tens of thousands of dollars in debt.