7 August, 2011

Which Do You Want: A Sound Economy Run By White People, Or An Investment Scheme/Gambling Operation Run By Jews?

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What?? Our economy already is an investment scheme/gambling operation run by Jews? Oh. Well, look on the bright side: “God’s chosen people” are watching over our economy. Surely, Jesus is okay with that. So not to worry!


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    1. morris wise Says:

      A Mitzvah is a good deed in the Yiddish language. Jews are famous for their Mitzvah`s by opening up their wallets to the poor. Uncle sam is another guy that believes in the Mitzvah, he is giving away all his money. Let`s not worry about the Shitheads,drug addicts and perverts who will be living in the future, it will be a place where there will be no one to do a Mitzvah.

    2. Robert Cardillo Says:

      Lets cut the shite Morris. You cunts only do it when it suits YOUR needs. You people have all of these organizations that help only yourselves. So take your mitzvah, and shove it up your arse!!!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      There is an increasing amount of genuine and open hostility between the Republicunts and the Dipshit-O-crats. I don’t ever remember this kind of partisan animosity during the days of Thomas “Tip” O’Neil, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Bob Dole, Nelson Rockefeller and Gerald Ford. Hopefully, this animosity will continue and intensify until the whole rotten ZOG system becomes paralyzed with partisanship and then collapses.

      Die, ZOG, die!!!!

    4. festerbestertester Says:

      Open immigration to give the aliens loans since they are debt free. a Jewish goal…

    5. Howdy Doody Says:

      Live Spot Gold
      closes in 16 hrs.
      Aug 08, 2011 01:15 NY Time
      Bid/Ask 1703.00 – 1704.00
      Low/High 1697.20 – 1704.60
      Change +39.60 +2.38%
      30daychg +158.80 +10.28%
      1yearchg +497.30 +41.25%

      Not posting this for it being good or bad news, just that something is up and the fiat is going down, and this fiat our fiat is the lubracity to make our society work every day.

      Trust is a very important part and ingredient in daily commerence and I think the rubber band of trust has been worn perhaps.

    6. torrence Says:

      Morris – I now know what mitvzah means, but how does that fit in with a bar or bat mitvzh? What is the meaning of this celebration?

      I do need to contest your assertion that Jews are liberal and giving with their money. At time of death, they may disgorge their accumulations as many do and while living, they may donate and give away some, but I see that mostly in service of the Jewish community. I recall the Baron Benjamin de Rothschilde article a few days ago from this board where he discussed his philanthropy toward Israel and Jewish concerns. When Jews do give, donate or support, it is so frequently toward destructive causes that I say they do the decent thing and keep it all to themselves. The greatest service they could do to this country is to move permanently to Israel where they should spend liberally and enjoy the ‘high life’, since they ‘earned’ all that wealth. That would be the greatest philanthropic service they could render.

      I promise that we’ll set up a boulevard in every state capital called ‘Blvd. of the Righteous Jew’ and plant a tree in the name of every Jew pf that state who leaves and promises to never return. A deal?

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “Trust is a very important part and ingredient in daily commerence and I think the rubber band of trust has been worn perhaps. ” HD
      Picked up National Geographic , the other day at the Barber Shop, it had an interesting article about an ancient temple discovered in Turkey, seems that it turns on head the whole idea that established formal religion came as a secondary to agriculture, but actually preceded it. Economics is as otherworldly as religion, full of phoney baloney.

      As I exited the barber shop, lo and behold I was confronted by a fuzzy wuzzy, asking ” Is dis a babah shope?”” You think he can doos sumthing wid diz?” Pointing to his fro, and then out from the convenience store trotted his trophy sno ho. You can bet that was all staged. Let the rubber band snap, the whole rotten thing needs to dissolve.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It’s time to go down brothers. No, not on some more favourable day, when you gots all you can gits, when you have it all together, when jeboo sez ‘come up hither” we have mansions galore in the new improve Joo subdivision, with only a token few afroids

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nom, I wish my life was as full of exciting anecdotes as yours is. Sno-ho’s and fuzzy-wuzzies in contrived situations, miserly Jewish slaughterhouse owners driving pickup trucks full of intoxicated Black, Mestizo and Red Indian employees, National Geographics with pictures of bare-breasted White women in ancient Turkish temples…..How I envy you!

    10. van helsing Says:

      i still suspect silver is s better deal

    11. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      Divvy your funds equally between the two.