17 September, 2011

Debt-Slavery: It’s The Big Plan!

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Arthur Kitson, the world’s greatest independent monetary economist, said in the British National Review of March, 1935: ‘The aim of the International Financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt.’ In correspondence with me, before he died recently, Mr. Kitson made it clear that the International Financiers were Jewish, urging me not to falter in this fight for self-preservation.”

— from a public declaration by American economist Robert Edward Edmondson, titled “Edmondson Call To Patriots,” March 16, 1938. (Re: Kitson’s theory about gold: I remind readers that the money in Hitler’s Germany was not backed by gold, either).


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    1. torrence Says:

      Robert Edmondson……a good guy.
      from Wikipedia:

      “Robert Edward Edmondson (1872 in Dayton, Ohio – 1959) was an anti-Jewish pamphleteer and a defendant in the Great Sedition Trial of 1944. He was an organizer of the Pan-Aryan Conference.
      ……..40-year career as a reporter, editor, author and publisher on economics
      ….he became aware of what he came to believe was the Jewish manipulation of America’s economy and started an independent financial news outlet, the Edmondson Economic Service.[2] At this time he also became friendly with Nazi propagandist Ulrich Fleischhauer and was a participant in the latter’s Welt-Dienst/World-Service anti-Jewish news service.
      ………..In a series of essays called American Vigilante Bulletins which eventually numbered over 400,[4] Edmondson in the 1930s and 1940s documented what he saw as the Jewish control of America in banking, the press and the media. His research[1] was the forerunner to Who Rules America? written and distributed decades later by Dr. William L. Pierce. In 1953 he republished some of his bulletins in a book, I Testify.
      ….indicted by a Grand Jury in New York City and charged with “libeling all persons of the Jewish Religion.”
      ….Edmondson subpoenaed some of the most prominent Jews of the time…….In response, the American Jewish Committee petitioned the court to drop the charges against Edmondson.
      …..In the early 1940s Edmondson was again indicted for his anti-Semitism along with 29 others on charges of sedition. The Great Sedition Trial of 1944, as it became known, was eventually declared a mistrial
      I Testify: Amazing memoir-exposure of international secret war-plotting. Bend, OR: Author, 1953. First printing
      The rape of the press; American free speech subversion unmasked. Democracy propaganda fraud “exploded”. Bend, OR: Author, 1954. 39 p.

    2. Yamaguchi Akiko Says:


    3. fd Says:

      The world conquerors destroyed N.S. Germany because of its Barter System (this for this). It was too honest and too successful. Jewish Democratic Capitalism is rooted in heavy interest rates, heavy taxes and heavy debt. If you don’t play the shell game, they will kill you and your kin.

    4. jayhackworth Says:

      Other “Great Sedition Trials” are looming on the foreseeable horizon as the hysteria is fanned for the Jews 3rd World War.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how everyone is talking about the economy, yet almost no one dares mention who’s running the show……..the you-know-who’s have their goy livestock well-trained. Mention “Jew” and receive a mild electric shock. Buy a lot of chink-made crap on your credit card and a pellet of food will appear at the bottom of the chute.