20 December, 2011

Fairy-Tales Posing as Facts: Mass Murder at Dachau

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“It all sounds neat and tidy, except of course that anyone who has bothered to look into the Holocaust story at all understands that millions were not systematically murdered at Dachau and Auschwitz. No historians of the revisionist or orthodox schools have made this claim for decades. Ultimately it is exactly such distortions and anti-German statements that motivate many who seek to revise the history of the Holocaust in light of the facts. And make no mistake about it, assertions that the Germans committed crimes in exaggerated numbers or with false macabre details amounts to anti-Germanism.”


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    1. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Oh vey how I luv these fairy tales, if only they were true, like Santa Claus! I can’t think of anything I’d like better than to be sitting in front of an open fire, with 6 million of the chosen roasting away, like so many cock roachs spitting an hissing in their own kosher fat, a 6 million dwarves rendering them out into bars of Ivory soap. Than Santa and 6 million peterbilts hauling the refuse to 6 million Iranian nuclear plants

    2. bjt Says:

      I realy truly wish there had been a holocaust.
      Just think 6 million less juden.
      What a wonderful thought.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      It seems those pesky Holocaust Survivors™ are getting more numerous all the time. Just how many of them are there, I wonder?

      I’d like to confront those Jew pricks with a few questions, like:

      *How come you no talk about Jew being turn into bars of soap an lampshades no more?

      *How there be 6 million Jew killed when there almost no Jew in Germany left by 1939?

      *Why Jew so mean an ugly?

      *What you want from world 70 year after all Jew die?

      *Why same number of Jew after War as like Before war?

      *Why more Jew today around now than ever? Why not the numbers of Jew go down 6 million less IF 6 million Jew die?

    4. Luke Says:

      I have an old friend, a lady who was born in Germany and she is someone who I hold in the highest regard. During WW2, she was about 5 or 6 years old, and I’ve tried my best to get her to spend the time it takes to watch the ‘One Third of the Holocaust’ documentary – but, she refuses.

      She told me that, as a little girl, 5 or 6 years old – she was one of the Germans civilians who the sorry SOB Eisenhower forced to take tours of the concentration camps, where they were forced to look at all the piles of rotting corpses who had croaked because of Typhus, but who were put on display as ‘proof’ that the evil Nazis were running death camps and they just didn’t have enough time to shove these leftover corpses into their ovens before the Allies arrived at the camp.

      That experience was evidently so traumatic for her, that to this very day, this German woman has swallowed every one of the Hollywood and Spielberg lies about WW2 and she has created a firewall inside her head that refuses to allow any facts or evidence that contradicts her brainwashing to seep through to her brain.

      I tried as hard as I felt I could to get this friend of mine to at least watch the video One Third of the Holocaust, but she refused and swears that she believes everything the jews have said about Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Finally, I gave up trying to help her begin the trek to restore her sense of pride in her Germanic heritage and to help her rid herself of the incredible self-loathing and shame that has been artificially and maliciously programmed into her soul.

      In retrospect, I remember listening to one of Dr. Pierce’s radio broadcasts where he talked about how low the birth rate is among the native Germans – and he mentioned that he had read where perfectly healthy and virile German couples were choosing to adopt little mudsharks from the third world, because they were so ashamed of being German that they didn’t want to reproduce and have a child of their own.

      All this is a consequence of what sort of evil has been foisted upon the White European races of our world – the endless lies, endless guilt-tripping, relentless anti-white bullshit that flows like rancid diarrhea out of the electronic hebrew rectums in our living rooms and out of the ugly Hollywood anus and that diarrhea flows right into the brains of millions of White people and makes them hate themselves and their history.

      What’s it going to take, people? What’s it going to take to convince White people to kill your TV set and refuse to let the jew poison you and your children with all this anti-white hatred and venom? I just cannot understand how so many white people I know can sit in front of that TV and watch as their race and their history and their accomplishments are continually and relentlessly insulted, demonized, belittled, mocked and misrepresented in the most unfavorable and derogatory light that the jew can conjure up inside their sick and hate-filled brains – and these white people seem to be totally oblivious to it. Are white men and women too stupid to recognize when they are being insulted? Or, maybe these white people are so far gone that they have learned to enjoy the taste of jew shit?

      You know, kind of like the way 99% of our politicians seem to.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke, trying to convince people about the lies of the Holohoax is like trying to get them to stop believing in God. In other words you’re wasting your time, they are quite happy living deluded lives. Forget about those cowardly unthinking fools, let the Jews lead them away to their well-deserved ritual slaughter. It’s not quantity, sir, it’s quality.

      I agree with you wholeheartedly about getting rid of your Tel-Aviv Vision set. It’s a real Talmudic idiot box. However, I do occasionally indulge in a few guilty pleasures, like watching Beavis and Butt Head, Ghost Adventures and Married with Children. As far as the print media goes, forget it. There’s nothing out there worth reading except the Willis Carto paper, American Free Press. Those obnoxious Jews have unintentionally forced me to start reading good books again. May I suggest G. K. Chesterton and Evelyn Waugh?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I once had a girlfriend whose mother was also a child in Germany at the end of WWII. As the allies pushed deeper into the Reich, the Waffen SS took over the family’s house as a field headquarters. But she said they were very polite and they compensated the family for their inconvenience. I also had a cousin who worked as an orderly at a rest camp for Wehrmacht officers in Poland. As the Red Army closed in she ran off into the woods, knowing what they’d do to a girl who helped the Germans. She didn’t know the war was over for about 2 weeks, until an American plane dropped leaflets in different languages overhead.

      I just thought I’d share that stuff, because I am always interested in learning about people’s WWII stories.

    7. b.b.shaw Says:

      I was personally gassed 17 times in three different camps. Send money!