25 December, 2011

The Balkanization of the System: Ernst Jünger and the Endtimes, Parts 1, 2 and 3

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While some people might find Sunic’s writing to be unnecessarily complex most of the time, nonetheless he often makes good, basic points, such as this one:

“Capitalism must share a major portion of the blame for the balkanization of Europe and America. It is in the interest of Western capitalists to import the army of cheap labor into Europe and America. They show no compunction in cutting down the wages of their own domestic White workers and in outsourcing national wealth.”

[Part 1].

[Part 2].

[Part 3].

(By the way, a Merry Yuletide/Merry Christmas to VNN readers)

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  7. 9 Responses to “The Balkanization of the System: Ernst Jünger and the Endtimes, Parts 1, 2 and 3”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      A thoughtful set of articles. Sunic uses his ample command of English to engage the reader in a purposeful ramble of reflection and contemplation. The ‘System’ is at war with the very people to whom it incessantly proclaims its loyality to and demands obedience from. How are we to react to this chasm of credibility? Only time will reveal that to us. In the meantime we must be flexible and responsive to every opportunity.
      “Whoever becomes a lamb will FIND a wolf to eat him”.

    2. Annie Oakley Says:

      You still see the plantation owners (many of whom are Southern right-wing love the baby Jesus Southerners) who continue to hire illegals and if they DO hire whitey, it’s for shit wages and no benefits.

      Much of our own enemies are our own people. I hate to say it, but it’s true.

      I met Tom Sunic in person last year. I found him to be a thoughtful well spoken man for our race. I may be wrong, but that was my impression of him.

      Now since I’m solution oriented, I do what is best for my tribe and my family.

      Here are some things I’m doing to starve the beast.

      I buy at garage sales for most everything. That avoids sales tax and puts money into fellow whites hands.

      I cook 99% of our meals. I rarely eat out and I mean rarely. Half of the restaurants around here are either owned by the Hebes or staffed with illegal orcs in the kitchen.

      If I go into a store and there is no white cashier I leave or I’ll use the self-service counter.

      My hubby and I both dumpster dive a lot. Much of the stuff we find we give either to poor white families who need the stuff (and much of the stuff we find is brand new) OR we keep it ourselves for our preps.

      We also find a lot of copper wire, just thrown out. Copper and aluminum scrap is money. It’s not easy work, but I’ll sit outside and scrap and listen to podcasts. I tell all the young white men I know who aren’t completely lazy to scrap. Get off your ass and scrap. Beat the mexiscum to it, get the cash for yourself.

      Now we found out that there is a tent city near our town. As you all know most of the poor folks who are in the tent cities are whites. The nigs and spics are busy fat and happy in their section 8 houses eating cheetos and tacos while the white man is halfway freezing his ass off in a tent. That really chaps my ass.

      We will be loading up the motor home this week with supplies and taking them to the tent cities. Once we find the inns and outs of this particular tent city I will be hitting up local stores for donations. I will shame them if I have to.

      I don’t know who disgusts me more, anti-white whites, nigs, spics, gooks or Jews.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      We must remember that the White Struggle is not just based on race, it’s also based largely on economics.

      Those blight-wing Republicunts want us to worship the rich as our “betters”…..they are the ones, the scum argue, who create jobs and buy all the expensive shit that keeps the economy moving along. Why should they have to pay ANY taxes? After all, taxes are punitive and financial success should never be penalized. If anything, the lazy, unproductive and resentful lower classes should be taxed MORE, as an incentive to become more productive and to encourage upward mobility. After all, we are now living in a globalized economy and American workers, like it or not, have to compete against harder-working Asians. Class warfare against the wealth and job creators is counterproductive. So instead of hating the rich, why not work harder, invest wisely and join them?

      That is the kind of idiotic, condescending horse shit the repulsive, traitorous blight wing actually expect the peasants to swallow. If anyone is guilty of waging class warfare, god dammit, its the pig-rich ruling elite, who are accumulating more and more wealth at the expense of the White middle and working classes. The rich are telling you to eat cake if you don’t have any more bread. I say it’s time to tear their god damn throats out.

    4. Luke Says:

      Annie Oakley: “I don’t know who disgusts me more, anti-white whites, nigs, spics, gooks or Jews.”

      Easy question to answer. Anti-white Whites. An overwhelming percentage of whom are these treasonous slabs of human scum called

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Easy question to answer. Anti-white Whites. An overwhelming percentage of whom are these treasonous slabs of human scum called

      True, Herr Luke, but do not forget the White sports fans, the White venture capitalists, the White nigger lovers, molesters, rapists, predators, creeps, weird-o’s, promiscuous fags, effeminate men, unfeminine women, good for nothing parasites, liars, junkies, juiceheads, disease carriers and the rest who bring our noble Race down from within. After we get the Jews and colored inferiors under control we may have to liquidate upwards of 25% of our own Race to ensure its purity and survival.

    6. The Red Skull Says:

      —Basically –Dr.Sunic(who i admire) is saying in an intellectual way–that “Whitey Needs to Wake the Fuck Up before he’s Wiped Out”—by stronger,hungrier,Tribes who want to spread their Seed or mix their inferior genetics with yours.—-

      —I believe the Fuhrer already covered that in Mein Kampf,but as usual,only the bright ones pay any attention.

      However i disagree with the good Dr. on one minor point—-A “white Oligarchy” runs the West???!!!—Some of the sellouts and traitors might have White Skins–but in their Hearts and minds they are Jews and Slaves of the Jews,thats why they go so far out of their way to Kiss Israels Ass.

      Our Presidential Candidates should be judged on a pict-o-gram of how far they have their head up Israels ASS—–For Mitt Romney–His entire face is Brown,With Newt Gingrichheimer—His head is mostly gone into the hole,and with Michelle(please can i suck some Isreali Dick) Bachmann–well her entire Head is gone into Israel’s Ass and working its way down on her neck……..

      The only Candidate without and Any Jewish Shit all over them is Ron Paul,which explains the media villification of him.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      If Ron Paul wins the upcoming Iowa caucus you can be damn sure the establishment Jew press will jump all over him. But the only “dirt” they’ve got on him is an old newsletter that he published years ago, where some of the contributors wrote articles that were hostile to Blacks, fags and Jews.

      But since most decent White voters won’t care about that, the Republicunt leadership will seek to destroy Paul (If he threatens to take any votes away from GOP Establishment darling Mitt Romney) by paying a bunch of floozies to come forward and say that he “harassed” them or made “inappropriate” remarks to them at a party in the mid 1970s. Then Paul will have to spend all of his time denying the charges and his candidacy will be sunk.

      But if even that doesn’t work, then Ron Paul will wind up like ol’ Ron Brown and Paul Wellstone…in other words, they will kill him by sabotaging his plane. Is there anyone here who thinks I’m wrong about that?

    8. The Red Skull Says:

      @Tim McGreen

      Herr McGreen,That was an exellent summary of Ron Pauls campaign in a nutshell —— The nicest and probably Saddest appraisal of the situation.Nice because your so dead right and i’m afraid that the The System recognizes a mortal enemy in Dr.Paul–Probably one of the last true Champions of Liberty that this rapidly declining Country has.

      Sad because when they realize his Popular Support is unstoppable,after all their smears,slanders,and lies,they will try to JFK him,and put in place one of their bought and paid for Stooges……..

      God Help America Remove the Hand of the Zionist Jew from the Throat of our Nation!

      Paul isn’t THE answer in WN terms…but he sure as hell is a step in the right direction!

    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      Luke Says:
      26 December, 2011 at 9:18 am

      Annie Oakley: “I don’t know who disgusts me more, anti-white whites, nigs, spics, gooks or Jews.”

      Easy question to answer. Anti-white Whites. An overwhelming percentage of whom are these treasonous slabs of human scum called

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 19 Thumb down 0

      Luke, excellent points

      Those who have not listened to, or have had to work with Evanjellycull’s really have no no idea how pro active anti White these unread duped Red Guards they are.

      In the White areas of the regime when they grew and attended school it was all White, but now their children have Mongols in class and some Mudlotto’s from White girls who went to the Universities or lived in one of our big non White cities getting impregnated for the last two decades.

      They will loudly defend jooos, and rant the NPR PBS Hollywood mantra’s about Congoids.

      Evanjellycull’s IMO are radical Marxist’s/useful unread Idiots, and I suspect with the Armageddon delusion’s possibly dangerous and perfect gov. snitches under the guise of anything suspicious or not evanjellycull.