29 February, 2012

Another ‘Knoxville Horror’?

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Two White people, male and female, dead/burned. This time it was in Detroit.


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    1. Jürgen Says:

      If you choose to be even NEAR any of these
      nappy-headed Neanderthal subhumans, you
      and your gun had better be cocked, locked,
      and ready to rock. Period.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      We’ll know the victims were White if this story and all the online articles about it suddenly disappear without a trace.

    3. torrence Says:

      Such incidents are now ‘ho-hum’ news. Anyone surprised? Didn’t know this already?
      Such frontal assaults are easily recognized for what they are and easy to deal with. They are violent provocations to our Folk and, although tragic to the victims and their kin, they are not lethal to us collectively. Why? As Dr. Pierce has explained in his ADV broadcasts, they do not work against us in the way the Jews work against us, namely, they do not CORRUPT or SUBVERT our Folk Community from within. Overt violence such as the ‘Knoxville Horror’ represents can impart a protective response in retaliation. Jews know this, so they never act against us in such a manner. They prefer to destroy by moral, spiritual and cultural degradation so that the ability and will to resist their machinations is removed, thus making their path to total victory less perilous to themselves.

      We know American media is lethal to our Folk Community because we know who directs it and for what purposes Jew-fare is served. Here’s one example that many VNN losers will applaud because it – once again – denigrates Christian morality and ridicules the basis of Western Civilization. Many of VNN’s regular posters who cling to their Jew-Tubes can’t wait to see this and will recommend you see it too. And you need to ask why White Nationalism is a comedic side-show? Shame on you.
      I’ll quote Hitler to close this post, then you can run back to your TVs to support the Jews in mocking your traditions and ways.


      (Speaking of Jewish subversion)
      “Culturally his activity consists in bowdlerizing art, literature and the
      theatre, holding the expressions of national sentiment up to scorn,
      overturning all concepts of the sublime and beautiful, the worthy and
      the good, finally dragging the people to the level of his own low

      Of religion he makes a mockery. Morality and decency are described as
      antiquated prejudices and thus a systematic attack is made to undermine
      those last foundations on which the national being must rest if the
      nation is to struggle for its existence in this world……Now begins the great and final revolution.” (Bk I, Ch. XI)

    4. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Sigh. The last response returns us to a theme that seems to never outgrow needing reiterated, as follows:

      *Race is the basis of everything.

      *Whatever advances white civilization has made have been despite christinsanity, not because of it.

      *If the jews truly were threatened by christinsanity, it would be destroyed post-haste, as was hitler’s deutschland.

      *torrence has a tiny penis

    5. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Notice how the article didn’t raise the possibility of a racially motivated murder. Do doubt officer shit for brains, if interviewed, will steadfastly claim that there is no evidence that race played a part in the murder.

      If this were a small, rural town and two white guys were seen leaving an area with two negro bodies on fire think the kiken media wouldn’t be sounding the alarm bells? It would be front page news on the SPLC and ADL websites. We’d be treated to stories that in 1952 the klan used to mistreat negroes in that same little town and that town X has never been able to shed its “klan past” and blah, blah, fucking blah.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good job putting torrence in his place, Mr. Bateson. Well done, sir.

      *Race is the basis of everything. For example, we are naturally attracted to those of the opposite sex within our own race. It is the Jews and their Christian stooges who have planted the poisonous, alien notion of race-mixing into our heads. That notion would never have occurred naturally, since those of other races are generally revolting in appearance. Their alien mentality is also incomprehensible to us.

      Race also explains why some countries are rich and advanced while others remain mired in savagery. It explains why one group of people can achieve great things while other groups never will. It explains poverty and crime rates, IQ levels and the patterns of human history and development. It tells us why empires rise and fall, it gives us a sense of identity, unity and purpose. It’s no wonder, then, that the Jews are constantly attacking the concept of race.

      *Christianity has told us that the world, and the universe itself, are but 6000 years old. It expects us to believe absurd fairy tales, like the Christ myth and Noah’s Ark. It uses threats of eternal damnation for unbelievers and wants you to fork over 10% of your dough to some fat pervert priest. Is it any wonder our civilization is 1,000 years behind where it should be at this point?

      * The Jews destroy any country or movement that gets in their way. If Christianity posed any real threat to Jewish global tyranny it would have been ruthlessly wiped out a long time ago. If anything, the Catholic Church is one of Jewry’s greatest enablers, as are the so-called Evangelicals.

      * The embarrassing fact is that torrence’s pee-pee is rather small. This information was obtained from torrence’s ex-wife Jackie, who informed me of torrence’s shame while we were “making it”.

    7. Blackshirt Says:

      Excellent points, Ray and Tim!

      I don’t know why torrence felt like he had to bring religion into this thing, as the article didn’t mention it at all.

      I don’t understand why torrence would quote Dr. Pierce, considering that Dr. Pierce was a dedicated anti-Christian, and he would have had no time for torrence’s statement that “Christian morality” is “the basis of Western Civilization”.

    8. Ray F. Bateson Says:

      Jeeboo saves enslaves.

    9. SmokyMtn Says:

      We’ll know the victims were White if this story and all the online articles about it suddenly disappear without a trace.

      The three women were White. If one look at the surveillance tapes released by the media, the young lady in the store was clearly White despite the media’s attempt to cover up her racial identity. In addition, the night in question was Hamtramck’s Blowout, a music festival attended primarily by Whites.