27 February, 2012

Invaders, Insurgents, Etc.

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If China ever invades America, will I be an “insurgent” if I resist the invasion? Will I be arrested and imprisoned by the chinks, in some far-off gulag, for doing so?


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    1. Karen Says:

      LOL, China has already invaded America and Canada.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      During a brief interview with a WW11 veteran on the Brit jewtube the vet said this: “If we hadn’t fought Germany our country would have been invaded and overrun.” Only profound sadness held back my laughter. Obviously this guy hasn’t looked out of his front window recently, the jewK has been invaded and overrun by every sort of nig and mud.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Any foreign government that ZOG doesn’t like is called a “regime”, which implies it’s a brutal, oppressive and illigitimate system that should be overthrown. But if it’s ZOG-friendly then it’s an “ally” or a “partner”, even if it has the most brutal and oppressive government on earth.

      For example: Syria is run by a “regime”, but Saudi Arabia, which has a far worse human rights record, is our “ally” and a “Strategic Partner”; Syrian groups opposed to the Syrian “regime” are “freedom fighters”; Afghan groups opposed to the US/NATO occupation of Afghanistan are “terrorists”.

      If a Black family is discouraged from moving into a certain American community it’s a case of racial “discrimination” and will be prosecuted by a Jewish Federal judge. But if a Palestinian family is not allowed to live in a certain Jew Israeli community it’s simply a case of Israel preserving its “unique Jewish character”. See the difference that using certain carefully chosen buzz words can make?

      Frequently used ZOG bullshit propaganda mind-control buzz words:

      strategic partner
      national interests
      national security
      national defense

      “My Mind is Sovereign territory, a Realm of Infinite Human Felicity and Possibility upon which no Enemy of Truth or Reason shall set foot.”

      -Paula Abdul

    4. Freedom Cobra Says:

      If Orientals kick the heebs out consider me pleased. Example:
      “Why yes Lt. Feng Shui, Irv Rosenblatt down the street is a capitalist pig. You won’t hurt him, will you?”

    5. fd Says:

      Lincoln, the Great Centralizer XXX called the Southern people insurgents during the mad invasion. That is why it’s such a popular word today. If you don’t march lock-step with the Federal party line, you’re an insurgent. And that goes for all foreign countries that are occupied by the Federals. Washington is the world *#%@*X

    6. mrcrouton Says:

      I’m not so worried about the Chinese. The ones in America have a lower birthrate than whites. They’re not like their racial cousin mestizo Mexicans who breed like hell and say they have a claim to the American southwest. They’re a much bigger fecund problem and are arrogant about it. They need to be thrown the f**K out, and soon.

      As for China as a nation, they’re making the most of the the treasonous “American” jewified businessmen who taught them all about modern means of production and state of the art technology. They’re the scum that set up factories and opened trade with no tarriffs on Chinese made merchandise.

      So is it the Chinese fault that American traitors handed them everything? And would they not have been fools to turn it down?

      So the might of China is our creation and that genie be hard to put back in the bottle now that it’s out.
      Let’s hang our traitors first, and impose tarriffs on foreign goods secondly.

      The Chinese on the international level are rather reasonable. Do you see them sending their armada to meddle overseas like our jewified “American” armada does? Or are they honorable and only meddle in their own backyard?

      Let’s not pick a fight with Asians in Asia, But we should do what we can to peacefully and respectably repatriate the ones in the west back to their lands. We must also stop meddling in Asia and let them do what they wish in their lands.
      Picking a fight with a billion of anything isn’t a smart move when we’ve got a severe jew problem, and a white demographic problem to resolve.

    7. Virgil Says:

      Carpet-nuke China now!

    8. John Q. Republic Says:

      @ Virgil:

      I’d sooner “nuke” Kikerael than China, anyday. It’s a matter of priority and sound principle, don’t you think?


    9. jayhackworth Says:

      An ‘Equal opportunity’ military for defensive combat = the ‘kwa is screwed, regardless who invades.

    10. jayhackworth Says:

      An ‘Equal opportunity’ military for defensive combat = the ‘kwa is screwed, regardless who invades.