25 March, 2012

Editor of RIC Anchor Stands Up for the Right To Free Speech

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Good to hear. [Here].

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    1. torrence Says:

      George Bissell is to be congratulated for his principled decision. I think he should hear from a few of us supporting him to persevere. He’ll be feeling some pressure before too long from, as Irving would put it, ‘the usual suspects’.

      George Bissell
      The Anchor Newspaper
      Rhode Island College’s Student Newspaper
      (401)-529-1617 (cell)
      (401)-456-8790 (office)

      Also to be congratulated is the military historian Russell H. S. Stolfi, retired USMC Colonel and professor emeritus of the Naval Postgraduate Academy in Montery, CA. He published a few months ago a biography of “the man of the century”:

      ‘Hitler – Beyond Evil and Tyranny’.

      Wow. This is a biography like no other. It is 500+ pages openly discussing the ‘messianic’, ‘prophetic’ and ‘genius’ qualities of the Fuhrer. The intellectual weight of this book alone will go far in offsetting 50 years of biographical vilification and condemnation that have motivated the major works on Hitler to date. The dam has been breached, friends. A new era in assessing Hitler, National Social…ism and The Third Reich has arrived.

      Taken from a long review of the book by Carl Rollyson:

      “His attack on Hitler biographers is as audacious and single-minded as his subject. He chides these writers for their inability to grasp Hitler’s greatness—indeed, for their systematic denigration of a man of genius. The pathological man they describe—vapid, a failed artist, second-rate in every respect, what Ian Kershaw, one of Hitler’s major biographers, calls an “unperson”—could not have achieved both the creative and destructive results that make him, in Stolfi’s words, the man of the century, one of Hegel’s world historical individuals.”


      Mark Weber has also reviewed the book in one of his IHR podcasts.
      I have already received my copy and will be gifting a few of the books to friends.


    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jews might let this one slide because RIC is not a school of any great significance to them. As I stated in the previous thread RIC is a fine institution of higher education for the White working and middle class students of Rhode Island. Therefore the Jews wouldn’t be interested in sending their neurotic brats to such a place. It’s not elitist, you see.

      “Let the Holocaust Deniers have their fun at Rhode Island College…..this time”, sayeth the implacable Jew. “But let them try to make hate speeches at one of OUR schools! Then they shall feel the wrath of Judah!!!”

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      torrence, you’ll be pleased to learn I have written “Professor” Kershaw several nasty letters about his kosher-approved WWII history books. I called him a stooge of the Jews who was afraid to say anything that might jeopardize his unremarkable career, that he was not a historian but rather a well-paid liar….things like that. I think I even called him a homo. Curiously, I never received a response.

    4. old dutch Says:

      I hope the college students understand that to discuss the “holocaust” in a critical manner in Europe is illeagal. You are not allowed by law to challenge any of the accepted myths or exaggerations, or even to present facts that run counter to “holocaust” historical orthodoxy. There is NO critical discussion of the “holocaust” allowed in Europe.

    5. Luke Says:

      I don’t know whether this is significant or not, but during a recent VOR podcast by Carolyn Yeager – with a guest named Tanstaafl, Carolyn mentioned that jews are now trying to insert themselves into the revisionist movement.

      Carolyn interprets this as a scout and reconnaissance effort, designed to follow the time-tested jewish template of always trying to get out in front of any movement or organization that they perceive to be in opposition to their interests and agenda – and, if they can, elbow the original leadership aside and take control of the movement or organization, in order to control it’s message.

      Carolyn said her instincts were telling her that the jews are realizing that their version of what did or didn’t happen during WW2 was not going to hold up for very much longer, as many European nations are finally beginning to loosen their restrictions on discussing WW2 and the so-called holocaust and in some still relatively rare cases, are allowing dissident and revisionist views to be expressed. Thus, fearing the enormous backlash that is sure to come their way if the truth ever does manage to get out about the scam they’ve pulled over on the world – jews are tactically trying to infiltrate the revisionist movement and position themselves as the ‘official spokesmen’, so they can begin to soften & spin the release of the truth.

      I do not personally spend much time on this subject, but Carolyn Yeager does and I would defer to her opinions on it.

    6. Stan Sikorski Says:

      A rare thing indeed.

      Meanwhile, commenting has been suspended because, “…due to frequent violations of our comment policy” by the editor on the site originating the story of Nolan Turner, the boy in the wheel chair who was robbed by a nigger.

      I guess the truth was starting to hurt. I sent an email to the author of the story…

      Dear Miss James,

      I see that comments regarding this article “have been disabled due to frequent violations” of the comment policy.

      I do not wish to direct my comments in this email at you, as I believe you have nothing to do with stifling the dialog.

      I do wish to direct my comments to whomever does make that decision and I ask and hope you will deliver this email to the proper jackass.

      Thank You

      Dear whomever you are that stifles free speech,

      After reading the sad and angering story about the young man confined to a wheelchair that was robbed by some black piece of filth, I was hoping to provide my opinion on the story in the comment section.

      In finding the comment section “disabled due to frequent violations of your comment policy”, I immediately became quite aggravated at not being able to provide my “two cents”.

      Considering the race of the perp in this disgusting crime, I can just imagine the comments of many of the posters that had the chance to comment before you shut the door to be quite ‘enlightning’. And I’m absolutely sure 99% of them were true and ‘against the prescribed anti-racist gameplan’ considering that many news stories lately feature the “darker ones” among our population committing disgusting and deadly crimes, most times for nothing more than a few dollars or self gratification, or both.

      The young man that was robbed is lucky he didn’t end up in a body bag at the hands of that sad excuse for a bi-ped. But for you to shut down the comment section of your web site on this story reeks of anti-free speech and is like robbing that young man a second time.

      How dare you keep the public from commenting and debating on this story. Many people are realizing that they have been and are being lied to when it comes to racial imbalances in this country.To deny someone the opportunity to comment on this story just reinforces the belief that the media is trying to hide the facts that there are those that can’t live among us as peaceful, productive citizens without robbing, raping and killing, and that these criminals are protected when they do so thru excuses and outright censorship under threat of ridicule, deletion, or denial of opinion. And it also keeps good folks from protecting themselves against these thugs thru ignorance of the actions taken by these criminals.

      Wise up. The Internet not only allows for the common man or woman to voice their opinion in a positive sense to things they approve. It also allows them to kill off any web site that refuses to play fair. The number of people that are waking up to the ‘racial games’ being played by the media under the direction of the government and it’s lobbyists are growing exponentially every day as they either fall victim to, or hear about the crimes committed by these animals allowed to walk among us. And there will be no excuses accepted for the crimes committed against us by the thugs or those that cover up for them.

      Stan Sikorski
      Wisconsin, USA

    7. jayhackworth Says:

      The Right To Historical Truth, perhaps another amendment for the Bill of Rights.