28 March, 2012

Just In Time For Tax Season: WWII: The ‘Let’s-Start-Taxing-All-the-Gentiles’ War

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As if World War II wasn’t bad enough for White people, there’s yet another bad side to it: the income-tax side. Suddenly, White people who never had to pay taxes before were taxed [1]. And it gets worse. The Jewish-led Roosevelt administration taxed wealthy gentiles badly during the 1930s/1940s: more than half their annual incomes were taken by the government as tax – that’s amazing. Those high taxes on the wealthy continued well into the 1950s. Many wealthy gentile families never recovered the wealth that they lost. That meant less competition for the Jews. (The Jews were, of course, taxed like everyone else, but the high taxes were less of a burden to them for several reasons, one of which was: Jews have a natural talent for money-making [not earning, just making]. They can make more money by accident than gentiles can make on purpose).

[1] “That meant that from 1940 to 1942, the number of Americans paying income taxes jumped almost tenfold, from 4 million to 39 million” [Here]

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    1. bjt Says:

      Sean Hannity
      Sean hannity, I cant stand this bastard race traitor brown nose lier.
      The stinking jews slip him a couple of dollars to promote these
      stupid wars, of witch he would never be a part of, he is just too
      stupid to understand what the hell he is doing to the
      WHITE HUMAN race.
      These ignorant white race traitor’s so called “neocons” had better
      rember they were at one time White Human.
      What has this got to do with the taxing of White Human’s?
      Simple, they (neocons) are pro jew.
      Enough said.
      Have a fine day WHITE HUMAN’S.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Class warfare is most certainly being waged. But it’s not the kind of warfare that the Blight Wing is describing. They say it’s the “gimme, gimme” crowd who’s taking money out of the pockets of productive job-creators, i.e., the rich……the welfare queens, the food stamp moochers, the old retired guy who’s on Social Security and Medicare, the family living in Section 8 housing……..

      But they’re not really the problem. It’s the super-rich who are taking money away from the middle and working classes. THEY are the ones who are redistributing the wealth…..And it’s being redistributed upwards towards them, god dammit. The rich are getting much, much richer and the poor are getting a lot more numerous, thanks to things like globalization, tax cuts, speculation, corporate downsizing, union-busting and deregulation.

      Fuck the rich. I say tax ’em out of their skulls. And impose a punitive Inheritance Tax on their wealth, so their spoiled asshole kids don’t get anything.

      Do I envy the rich? Hardly. Do I want to be rich? No, I do not. Only those inculcated with JewThink would equate wealth with happiness. The rich are not, nor have they ever been, of any use to the White Struggle. They are loyal only to their money and to their class, so off with their heads.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sean Handjob is no friend of the White Race. I understand that he came from a suburban middle-class background, but he has been more than happy to sell his Irish soul to the Jews, the military-industrial complex and to the global capitalist crowd. I think his head would look nice if it was separated from the rest of his body.

    4. Arkan Says:

      I work with a fair share of, tax-the-rich assholes. Little do they know until you sit down and talk to them how stupid this idea really is, the arguement becomes a moot point after you ask them what’s the idea behind taxing the wealthy … so our Jew-run government can afford more provisions in the US-led terror campaigns in the middle east? So the bloodsuckers in power can have more of our money? And, for the most part, after we’re done bleeding the ‘rich’, maybe then we can hound the middle class so that darky gets an even bigger cut on his welfare check. The problem isn’t the rich in this country.. it’s all the goddamn spooks on handout and spics in prison, get rid of them and we’d all be rich.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      All the seriously rich, both jews and Whites, pay very little tax on their personal wealth, it is all secured in trust funds and off-shore bank accounts. Taxation of the pay-as-you-earn variety is targeted at working and lower middle class folks mainly to finance the breeding up of a disguntled and envious mud army. The globalists also see taxation of the working joe as a way to deplete our numbers, we can’t afford the little extras so our wives have work full time and that leaves less time to raise our children, if we are lucky to have any.
      Taxation is a win-win for big jew.

    6. Arkan Says:

      Better yet, you never see any kikes complaining that others in the tribe have got too much money and should be taxed

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess Arkan thinks it was a great idea to bail out Wall Street using 23 trillion taxpayer dollars. I guess he thinks it’s kewl that the Fed is bailing out European banks with trillions of taxpayer dollars, too. After all, those financial firms are too big to fail, eh, asshole?

      And I guess he thinks it’s great that the rich pay less in taxes as a percentage of their income than middle class people do. I guess Arkan thinks it’s OK to send a nigger to prison for stealing 25 bucks out of a gas station cash register but it would be wrong to send a big shot banking executive to prison for stealing billions from his investors. I guess the rich deserve special treatment because, after all, the fuckers are “job creators”. PPPppppppththththppppttt. A fig for your job creators, sirrah. I wipe my tookas with them. And with thou.

      Arkan, you’re no better than Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson or Shelly Adelson, because you want to be just like them. Yet another money-worshiping Jew wannabe. I’m afraid you’ll have to be put up against the wall with the rest of the capitalist exploiters.

    8. Blackshirt Says:

      Has anyone else not been able to hit the thumbs up/down buttons recently? It seems as though they have been disabled on me and I can’t vote one way or another.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nine thumbs down? Come on, Arkan, you FOX News watching rascal you. ‘Fess up.

    10. Arkan Says:

      No, Tim.

    11. CW-2 Says:

      The thumbs up button appears to be disabled after one vote. Lots of good post are only getting a maximum of one vote! A program glitch at vnn??

    12. Blackshirt Says:

      Thanks for chiming in, CW-2. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in having a problem with the thumbs buttons. Must be some kind of glitch that I hope the management addresses soon.