6 July, 2012

Women, Men, What’s the Diff?

Posted by Socrates in "sex equality", cops, Cultural Marxism, egalitarianism, federal government, federal power, feminism, Socrates at 1:32 am | Permanent Link

Don’t be absurd. Physical strength has nothing to do with stopping a bad guy. A little 5-foot-1-inch woman can easily subdue a 6-foot-5-inch man. Don’t you watch TV?


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  7. 16 Responses to “Women, Men, What’s the Diff?”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      D.O.J.= Department of Jews.

      It’s not the police dept.s’ physical exam that “discriminates” against little girl applicants, it’s Nature Herself who does that. Just like Nature discriminates against men when it comes to getting pregnant. But none of this stupidity has anything to do with the pursuit of real justice, of course. It’s all about the Jews and liberals doing everything they can to destroy civilization in the Name of “Fairness”.

      They destroyed the institution of marriage by letting fags and dykes “marry”; they destroyed the military by letting in little girls, niggers and homos; They Negro-ized professional football and baseball so that White sports fans would worship coloreds; They turned the Aryan paradises of Rhodesia and South Africa into the rape, AIDS and murder capitals of the world; They destroyed our great cities like Detroit and Washington, DC, turning them into dysfunctional, crime-infested ghettos. Our pop culture, which once featured artists like Stephen Foster and Jenny Lind, is now a retarded, pornographic cesspool.

      And now it’s time for the Kulture Bolsheviks to focus their attention on destroying our once great police and fire departments. They never stop, they never rest in their quest to destroy everything that’s normal. And yet it would be the easiest thing in the world to physically stand up to those faggots, whose only real weapon is the ability to organize, yell and whine.

    2. Arkan Says:

      It’s time for a White revolution.

    3. -jc Says:

      Given http://www.wusa9.com/news/article/211852/158/Police-Injured-Gunman-Was-High-On-PCP, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a long, hot summer, like 1968, with American cities like Detroit and Washington, D.C. burned once again.

    4. bjt Says:

      Of little woman, are we talking human
      like White woman, not that it would make it any better, smaller hobbits
      from south of the boarder?
      Hear in Socal a lot of little tiny wetbacks, I guess there
      woman, are in the highway patroll and other law inforce
      Strange place here in Socal.
      One would have to see it to belive it!!

    5. fd Says:

      What is your sex? Male or female. That question is out of style….? You are suppose to ask what is your gender. A man who proclaims to be feminine will say my gender is feminine.

      English usage: gender is ‘feminine’ — ‘masculine’ — ‘it’

      Don’t you know that sex and race is non-existent. XXX

    6. fd Says:

      Wesley Clark is a scumbag and I shall prove it !

      NATO supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, on CNN news sinisterly stated: Let’s not forget what the origin of the problem is. There is no place in modern Europe for ethnically pure states. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with multi-ethnic states.

    7. Arkan Says:

      Clark is only stating the obvious because no country in the world can close its borders to the outside or dictate to its people who they are or aren’t supposed to mingle with. Human nature trumps human suppression. If a white woman chooses to date outside her race, it isn’t our business and to make it so – is an invitation to all sorts of legal ramifications.

    8. fd Says:

      Wesley Clark’s statement is in reference to bombing the Serbs. The secret agenda behind waging war on Serbia during Clinton’s administration was to transform the country into multi-racial slop. It’s none of Clark’s business what the Serbs want or what they do.

    9. Arkan Says:

      I wasn’t responding to what Clark did but what he said.

    10. Luke Says:

      Sometimes a few in the White Nationalist community seem to forget that the enemy we are fighting – and who has pretty much been kicking our asses for well over a century now, is a long-range thinker and a long range planner.

      Kosovo was far more than met the eye at first glance. I am convinced that the real reason why jewess Albright and her gang of fellow jews wanted to establish a Muslim sanctuary inside the heart of White Europe – was because they had long range plans to use that colony as a destination for the Muslims they wanted to purge out of the Middle East, so the jews could steal their lands and the oil resources that went along with them – and help pursue their ‘Greater Israel’ objective. Naturally, there are far more Muslims than can fit inside that one colony – but, the precedent was established and with the jews pushing for hate speech laws that basically say its illegal for White Europeans to oppose the contamination of their nations, cultures and societies by these floods of Muslims – they could set their White genocide plans into stone and the White race would be hamstrung and unable to fight it.

      Kosovo was the beach head, and from there – Muslims would flood in and radiate outwards, spreading into all historic White European nations and then breeding like cockroaches, would soon outnumber the native white populations – and basically take over all formerly White European nations.

      Incidentally, we all do realize, I hope – that there is one and only one suitable and justified response to attempted genocide? Oh, and when a sufficient number of hard and ruthless and determined White men finally realize what needs to be done, let’s make a mental note.

      Let there be no room for compassion for any of our enemies. Especially for the white race traitors.

    11. Arkan Says:

      Luke, you’re wrong about them coming to Kosovo from the middle-east. No one is going to deport Palestinean Arabs to mainland Europe in order for the IDA to settle more land. What has in effect been happening is the Bosnian muslims and Croats of Islamic stock were extradited here to the US in great number during the Clinton regime. They were granted temporary visa’s and told that when things got better in the balkans that they could and would go back. Well, none of them really did.
      Deporting so many of them to the states was a small victory for the ethnic Serbs. Perhaps if blowjob-Bill hadn’t dropped bombs on Serbia and displaced so many of them, they wouldn’t here.
      God forbid we ever get in a war with Mexico, American policy will bring them all up here after we bomb them.

    12. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Women already don’t have to meet the same physical standards as men, so isn’t that discriminatory against us? And yet they still wash out at a high rate. Male applicants should begin counter suing to have the their physical test standards lowered.

      Since the DOJ attorney leading the charge is a radical La Raza beaner, his objective is probably to ensure more unqualified women in general and mud women in particular get selected over white men. They are always crafting clever arguments showing that test standards “discriminate” against muds and women.

      The war against white men continues unabated.

    13. Arkan Says:

      Women and minorities bring a different, altogether credible dimension to the law enforcement industry. For one, women are a great benefit to the console of other women in circumstances of domestic violence or physical abuse. Women officers are also talked to in a easier tone and are more readily to be understandable and calm than alot of these gung-ho white cop mercenary types that I’ve seen.
      Minority non-white police officers are in greater excess depending on the culture or color of the community they are serving. Parts of New York inhibit alot of Italian and Polish speaking officers who are alot more aware of the surroundings than non-native police officers. Furthermore, I don’t believe that female police officers are more prone to being hurt because they are armed with the same tools and available calls for reinforcements as all the other officers. More often than not, women on duty ride with a male partner. If they can shoot straight and hold their own under fire, nothing else matters.

      I seem to recall an event that happened here in downtown Seattle late one night when a black thug drove up to a cop car and blew the driver’s head off with a cheap Kel-Tec assault rifle. His female backup officer was grazed by one of the rounds fired from the criminal but she still ran after the fleeing vehicle unloading on the killer. Fortunately local LEO’s caught up to him a week later after SWAT was called and in the process of capturing him the karma hit home because one of their frangible bullets hit him in the face. Soon it was off to the operating room and then prison.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Female police officers are simply hired to fulfill a quota, Arkan. They would be utterly helpless in a dangerous situation if not for the fact that they are always accompanied by several large male officers who do all the real work.

      Female officers are good for taking care of children who were rescued from a dangerous situation. They are also good for helping female suspects calm down and feel safe. And they can make coffee for male officers in the break room. But when it comes to chasing armed suspects on foot through junkyards or trying to subdue a huge, wild Negro who is high on crack, forget it. That’s when girl policemen become a real liability.

    15. jayhackworth Says:

      Give any woman a kitchen with great appliances, and she’s perfectly happy. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a man.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Tim McGreen Says:
      6 July, 2012 at 3:19 am


      For the 44% “?” of White women who voted for their African they are mostly Ugly, hateful of children, and blame White men when they are raped by savages, by proclaiming on Collie college campuses that White oppression caused the crime.

      Women are easy to dupe, but sadly too many men are also that way today.

      All those corpulent women stuffed in all government positions are going to be retiring in greater numbers every day now.

      Wait till they need medical care, then I guess the Birkenstock pot head crowd will comfort their fellow Red Guards, as the savages lick they chops as they be dieing !

      White women lurkers pay close attention.