11 September, 2012


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America. Israel. What’s the diff?


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  7. 10 Responses to “USrael”

    1. whtdev Says:

      For months I have been hearing about how it isn’t the state’s (Arizona) place to enforce federal immigration law. Now a local police department is opening in office in a foreign country and all I hear is crickets.

    2. John Q. Republic Says:

      AHHH……………Sept. 11th arrives once again……………and still more high-fives, snickers, LOL’s, and broad smiles from Tel Aviv and Washington for a “job” well done.

      Meanwhile, the flag-waving, dumbed-down sheeple mourn the terrible “tragedy”.


    3. fd Says:

      September 11 Attacks

      911: Same numbers used to dial an emergency. Is that a coincidence or deliberate ? The government on the Potomac is such a fraud. “Home Land Security” sounds like the name of a New England insurance policy. It’s too gay for me.

      One jet turned around over the state of Tennessee and flew back to New York unmolested……?

    4. Tim McReen Says:

      I no longer give two shits about “911”. This country acted shamefully over that event. It was used as an excuse to murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and other Mohammedans who never bothered us. And it has also been used as a justification for turning the Kwa into a police state. Does the murder of 3,000 office workers in NY and DC justify ZOG killing over a million innocent people in places that most Kwans are too dumb to even find on a map? I hardly think so.

      Still, I wonder just how much ZOG knew about those attacks. You have to remember that Bush Jr., an extremely stupid fellow, had that equally stupid coon Congoleeza Rice as his “National Security Adviser” so you can’t expect much competence there. And how much of a role did our “ally” Saudi Arabia play in launching those attacks? Serves the Kwa right for getting involved with those sleazy House of Saud sand niggers. Of course it goes without saying that the Kike Entity in Zionist Occupied Palestine was fully aware of what was coming.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      We don’t hear anything about King Kike Larry Silverstein, the Jew who signed a 99 year lease to run the WTC several weeks before it was hit. I understand that sly Jew with its shit-eating grin got the insurance companies to pay him several billion dollars for HIS loss. The WTC was supposed to be a public works project owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, not a billionaire private developer. CHHHHUTZPAH!!!!!

    6. The RED SKULL Says:


      Exellent commentary above Tim!—Wasn’t Larry SilversteinerHeimerwitz the one who was recorded as saying “pull it” in regards to Building #7??

      No mention of the “dancing Israelis” who were arrested filming the attack as it happened,and later quietly shipped back to Israel on Commisar Chertoff’s orders without further investigation.

      Oy Vey!!Its sooooo Easy fooling the Goyim!!–Like shooting Gelfite fish in a barrel!

    7. The RED SKULL Says:

      9-11 was an INSIDE JOB!!—with a little help from Mossad!!

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The question the kikes must be debating now is ” how lucky can we get if we pull of another 9-11? Puss face Kike Krauthammer is bemoaning that the Lil Shitty has lost the opportunity to attack Iran.. They are itchin to get another war going .

    9. Tim McGReen Says:

      I have this recurring fantasy of pushing Charles Kikehammer down the steps of the Capitol while strapped into his wheelchair, like the scene in that Sergei Eisenstein movie where the baby carriage goes down that long flight of steps in Odessa. Die, you rat-faced Kike, die!!

    10. John Q. Republic Says:

      @ fd:

      I never use the term “gay” when referring to vile, deviant sexual behavior. Before the kikes highjacked that term to describe and promote that utterly disgusting so-called “lifestyle”, gay meant lighthearted or happy. Therefore, I do not recognize and will not assist the kike in the continuing destruction of my language by using “gay” in general conversation. If some of my friends mindlessly use that particular term during a conversation, I will tell them that I do not recognize that term as they are meaning it and will say………..oh, you mean faggot, or fag, or fudge-packer, or homo, or queer, etc., etc., in other words, anything but the jew-approved and promoted word of “gay” as they want it to mean.

      Also, Homeland Security sounds to me like some title in jew-infested England…………like Home Office, Home Secretary, etc. It all sounds so jewy to me.

      @ The Red Skull:

      Yes, 911 was an inside job if you consider that Tel Aviv and Washington are for all practical purposes one and the same entity, (and they are), then you must logically conclude that the mossad kikes and the kikes in Washington acted in concert to pull off this false flag operation. There’s no PHD or a genius-like mind required to figure this out and who ultimately has benefitted, and continues to benefit from it. All you need is eyes, ears, a normal, functioning brain, and some historical background, to see the hand of the jew in all of this. It is their forte’, their “thing”, their usual business practices developed over the millenniums. False flag operations are an artform to them. Of course it wasn’t entirely an all-kike enterprise, either. They had traitorous goys in the government and mass media to run interference for them at critical points during and after the operation, and really, right up to this very day. However, the entire flavor of the “twagedy” is most definitely jewish.

      @ Tim:

      It was a lot more than mere jew “CHHHHUTZPAH” with Silverstein,…………it was a lot more like out-right conspiratorial “CRIMINALITY”. What do you think?