16 November, 2012

Israel Is Always Causing Trouble in the Middle East

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Most of the violence in the Middle East since 1948 has been caused by the Jews, either directly or indirectly.

[Article] and [Article].

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    1. bjt Says:

      Makes one kinda sick to ones stomach
      to see these evil pieces of shit
      juden do to the people in the mid east??
      I not would blame the people in Palastine
      to nuke the fuckin socalld USA.
      I wish em well.
      14 88
      Have a fine day White Humans!!!

    2. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You said it all bjt.. I keep thinking about the Gettysburg Address by dishonest Abe, something he said is almost cryptic , to the effect that can any nation conceived on the principal that all men are created equal long endure?
      That’s why the jews have lasted so long, they don’t believe in equality, except in murdering their opponents regardless of age, sex or race

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Palestinians should put packets of anthrax inside their rockets, then fire them at every Jew “settlement” they can find. Stuffing those rockets with plague-infested rats would be a good idea, too. Come on, you Arab nit-wits, kill those Kike bastids!!!

    4. torrence Says:

      It’s all propaganda. That summarizes the totality of American life. To learn how it’s done – the tactics and techniques employed, watch this excellent introduction to propaganda:

      North Korea Exposes the Western Propaganda (Full Documentary)

      It’s time better spent than watching ‘Gallipoli’.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Speaking about the war of 1861-??? , isn’t it sort of funny that the kikes are calling up “75,000” joopers to take on the Gaza Strip.. Heh, that was exactly the number Uncle Abe Lincoln called up to put down the “Southern” rebellion. Everything a kike does is just a repeat performance

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Gazans, and Pals in general are in the same predicament as the Armenians in Turkey were, they just don’t understand why Hymie can get away with repeated assasinations and outright murderous campaigns of genocide against them. They’re surrounded not by the kikes but by millions of fellow mudslims, who just won’t lift a finger to help them, mudslims that stood by when the regime of Colonel Khadaffi fell to the Nato pirates, let the Jew Ass Oh vey murder of a million Iraquis and occupy them for 10+years, repeatedly attack Afghan villager and Pakis.. And the biggest hypocrites in the Arab world are the Sauds and the gulf jet set mudslims. what would a great warrior like Lawrence do? Or a Saladdin, or the Mamelukes who defeated the Mongols?
      Political settlements are out.”over there is Aqabah , its only matter of going ther”

    7. Ghost of Andrei Says:

      The Victory Hour….Listen!


    8. CW-2 Says:

      There is no hard core proof, but I believe the reason the Saudis and other rich Arabs don’t lift a finger to help their fellow mudslims is because big jew has cut a deal with them. The deal goes something like this; in return for a free hand in the territory between “the 2 great rivers”, (Hertzl’s zionist dream), big jew has promised to deliver Europe to the moslems.
      At the rate of mudslim immigration into Europe and their rate of breeding all the ragheads have to do is sit back and within 30 to 40 years their dream will come true.
      We must keep in mind that jews and Arabs are both Semites, sure, they have a cousin’s disagreement about who is top dog in the sand pit, BUT they both hate and envy us more than any rivalry they have within the “family”.