7 April, 2013

It’s How You Define It That Counts

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If you re-define the meaning of ‘anti-Semitism,’ you can find an increase in anti-Semitism [1]. (By the way, Arabs are Semites, so “anti-Semitism” should include them as victims).


[1] “Anti-Semitism” has recently been re-defined by the Jews to include political anti-Israel attitudes, i.e., those which aren’t based on religion or race. Simply opposing Zionist expansion can be “anti-Semitism” today

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    1. John A Says:


      “Film exposes ‘new anti-Semitism in action'”

      Alex made the J-Post. Includes a short video interview.

    2. jayhackworth Says:

      Has Linder’s forum been down ?

    3. jayhackworth Says:

      Has Linder’s forum been down ?

    4. fd Says:

      Jews want to make anti-Semitism illegal. Jews also profess that anti-Semitism is a mental disease.

    5. jayhackworth Says:

      That’s why it was a fatal mistake for mankind to allow these paranoics to acquire weapons of mass destruction, real ones, not the fake kind like Iraq’s were.

    6. Arminius Says:

      “Jews want to make anti-Semitism illegal. Jews also profess that anti-Semitism is a mental disease.”

      Oh yes… and hasn’t been said- by the Jews themselves- that
      “antisemitism is good for the Jews”?
      Is this “mental disease” which makes them stick together?

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Anti semitism” has nothing to do with gentile hatred of the Jews, it’s about the Jews’ hatred of the gentiles. The charge of “anti semitism” is just an excuse or justification for the Jews’ venomous, pathological and Talmudic hatred of non-Jews.

      All those bizarre fairy-tales of how the Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, Romans, Germans and countless other gentile nations “murdered” SIX MILLION Jews over and over again is a perfect example of how the Jews accuse others of what THEY THEMSELVES are guilty of, namely genocide and mass-murder.

      They are a truly sick and perverted race of self-worshiping blood-suckers, liars, swindlers and murderers. Deep down they know they deserve to be annihilated by their goy hosts. But since the gentiles don’t annihilate them they lose their fear of the goyim and thus become even more arrogant and obnoxious.

      There will be no peace in the world until the Jews are eliminated. Sadly, many Whites will have to be liquidated as well, since they have willingly betrayed their sacred Race to please their Jew masters.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      By the bye, the term “anti semitism” was invented in the late 1800s by some Jew professor in Germany. That being the case it can be successfully argued that “anti semitism” never existed before 1882. True, dislike of the Jews has always been around (and with very good reason), but not “anti semitism”.

      It is a truly nonsensical term if ever there was one. What is “semitism”, anyway? And if there’s anti-semitism there must be such a thing as pro-semitism. And what exactly would that be ?

      The word “Semite” or “Semitic” refers to the descendants of the mythical Bible patriarch Shem, a son of Noah, but mostly it’s a reference to a group of related Afro-Asiatic languages. So are the Jews accusing us being “anti language”?

      The Jews love name-calling, something which is a sign of extreme immaturity. They believe that by constantly engaging in name-calling they will put their gentile enemies permanently on the defensive. Of course they never bother to explain what all those childish names actually mean. Because they mean NOTHING.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      What should Jew hatred of the gentiles be called? After all, nobody can hate like a Jew can. I accuse them of ANTI GOYISM. They’re also the biggest Anti Semites in the universe, since they hate the Semitic Arabs.

      What a bunch of assholes those Jews are. Is it any wonder everyone with half a brain hates them? Is it any wonder they can’t even stand each other????

    10. fd Says:

      Ann Frank’s diary which was probably written and/or edited by a phony adult Jew mentions anti-Semitism in at least one paragraph. That too made it a popular catch phrase.

    11. Alex Linder Says:

      Forum is down as of 4-9-13 11:40am CST. It’s been under DDOS attack off and on since weekend.

      Yes, got some messages from hateful jews, to be redundant. Apparently they don’t like goyim who propose treating them the way they treat us.

    12. Alex Linder Says:

      [emails received and my response if any]

      [email protected]
      8:24 AM (3 hours ago)

      to me

      ————————–First Warning————————-
      Stop the speech of hatred, we are not your enemies, open your eyes to the
      truth, you promoting violence and hate, we shouldn’t live not in violence
      and not in hate, we demand from you to halt from all your racist
      activities towards Jews and Israel.

      PS. we wanted to visit and write this on your website guestbook/forum, but
      for some reason we couldn’t access it, please take care of this problem ;)

      “Decipher 9”

      Ed. Note: I’ll take that as tacit admission you are DDOSing the site.

      Hello Alex Linder.

      In Israel, an interview of yours was published in the media. there you said your agenda about the jews, and you said that the only solution is to exterminate them.

      I am inviting you to visit the State of Israel, The payment is on Israel, You will have to pay nothing. Just come to Israel, face the reality in front of your eyes. Thats all I want you to see.

      I will talk to israel’s government, with Israel’s Prime Minister, to give you a flight ticket to there.

      After you will visit in Israel, I’m sure you will think different.

      If you interested, reply me at [email protected]

      In peace, a Jew.

      Ed. Note: No thanks, I have no interest in visiting Israel. We both know this trip would really be paid for by the American taxpayer. For those who think this guy is kidding, jews fly thousands of people to Israel to give them the propaganda tour, including all kinds of politicians and journalists. To give them every incentive to look the other way when it comes to what jews are actually doing in the world. … So you see the bad cop/good cop routine above. jews will try to threaten or buy off goyim.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      If you were to visit The Zionist Entity you would probably get a poison dart in your neck, or they would try to put you in a compromising position with an underage Jewess. It would be the same as walking into a pit filled with hissing snakes. Why would any White man wish to go there? It’s oozing with Semitism. Yuck.

      Heil Linder! The clumsy machinations of a few nefarious Jews will not stop him. (btw, we’re on Daylight Savings Time, not Standard Time)

    14. fd Says:

      Israel is an abomination. No one says lets got to Israel for a fabulous vacation. Moreover, it’s a welfare state that receives an artificial lift from American tax payers. It’s an artificial state too.

    15. Virgil Says:

      Israel delenda est!

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Marvareeno 21 hours ago

      The modern Jewish reckoning of “Abraham’s seed” through the mother is probably the result of the rape of Judaea in 70 AD by the Romans. This is a bogus idea because within 5 generations Abraham’s chromosomes would have been diluted to nothing leaving only the Y Chromosome which can not be inherited through the mother.

      The only provable link between the Cohen’s who still reckon through the male line is the Cohen Y chromosome which has been found to be an Italian? Y chromosome.


      Haaa, the Legion’s put it to them, and inpregnated every one of them. Yet the these the haters of history hate all Whites to this day with vengence and have pained us since.