21 December, 2013

The Private Lives of Jews

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This thread at VNN Forum reminded me of our former Jewish neighbors (who were about 45 or 50 years old at the time). One of the more interesting things that I recall about them was that they would not do any physical work, no matter how small the task. For example, if they had something in their backyard, like a lounge chair, that needed to be moved 20 feet, they wouldn’t dream of moving it themselves. Instead, one of their employees would drive over and move it for them. Apparently, lots of Jews are this way when it comes to physical work.

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    1. Arminius Says:

      A former friend of mine was doing for a time the houshold of some moderately rich Jews and looking after their kids.
      These Jews really feared only one man: Their rabbi, who used to come and do inspections of the household fairly often. He watched, if they adhered to the religious rules and critisized them improperly in presence of my gentile friend. The rabbi looked into the pots and questioned whether she observed the kosher rules- to keep milk and meat utensils strictly apart. The Jewish housewife had her instructed accordingly, but afterwards couldn’t care less which was which. They also ignored the sabbatical observation, provided, other Jews didn’t notice. The rabbi was lied to front and back with straight faces.
      All in all, they were perfect hypocrites, and it seems to me, there are more of this kind than we believe. They are only kept under control for fear of the verdict of the synagogue, losing income and lifestyle.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s true that Jewesses never do any kind of housework. They always have to have a housekeeper come in two or three times a week, usually a Nicaraguan or Guatemalan lady. I remember Babs Silverstein across the street, with her big, bleached hair and tennis outfits….no time for housework! That’s for schmucks. It was always off to the mall or to the Kosher Kountry Klub in her Dodge Dart Swinger. Her husband looked like Eliot Gould. Typical Jews, she was in charge and Mr. Silverstein would meekly submit. They were always fighting with the pollacks next door.

      Maybe I should write a children’s book called “The Jews Next Door”. And I can do the illustrations, too. Any White kids who ever had Jews for neighbors would understand it right away.

    3. fd Says:

      I have noticed that Jews prefer the word Jewish. Rather than say I am a Jew, they always say I am Jewish. It’s like they want to water down who they are. Can anyone expound on this oddity?

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      fd, the neurotic Jew comedian Richard Lewis once said on Dave Letterman’s show that the word “Jew” sounded like a bug, something that people wanted to step on…”Get that Jew!” or “He’s a Jew!”. Something to that effect. Of course, Letterman is also a Jew, but he doesn’t like to have that pointed out.

      Jews are a rootless, nomadic people, they don’t really come from anywhere. And since they make pests of themselves they are usually thrown out of every country they inhabit before they can settle down. They also tend to have a disordered, disorganized way of thinking, so I guess those are the reasons why they’re so darn messy.

      And we all know that Jews engage in occupations that require no physical labor yet provide large paychecks and wield a great deal of influence over society. They are not by nature farmers or mechanics but rather economists, network executives, lawyers and speculators.

    5. fd Says:

      The word ‘Jew’ certainly has an ugly ring to it. Most of you have heard the term German roaches. Well, I call them Jew roaches.

    6. Vive_Caucasia Says:

      “Maybe I should write a children’s book called “The Jews Next Door”. And I can do the illustrations, too. Any White kids who ever had Jews for neighbors would understand it right away.”

      Go on Tim McGreen, build on Julius Streicher’s Der Giftpilz. These types of works are the most effective way of reaching the average American anyway, given decades of dumbing down:


    7. anonymous Says:

      Letterman is a jew?