13 August, 2014

A Thought About Modern Young Women

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Have you noticed that modern young women look more “mannish” than young women of previous generations? One reason for that is: today’s women are exercising more, including light weight-training. Vigorous exercise increases women’s testosterone levels, leading to a more mannish appearance in their faces and bodies.

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    1. Michael Brown is a criminal Says:


      Only the facts, baby!

    2. Kevin in L.A. Says:

      Very true. My lady and I go to the gym, to maintain a healthy weight. I use the weights more and she mainly uses the treadmill-type equipment.

      Regarding testosterone levels in women, could it be from birth control? I heard that it lowers estrogen levels. If so many young women are on birth control, their sex drive becomes more like a man’s. Gross. Bringing us all down to some medium level, making men women and women men.

    3. Antagonistes Says:

      I think it is great that they are exercising.

      We men will have to increase our testosterone accordingly.

      We must become Vikings.

      Women and modern men: We are your overlords.


    4. Zerstoerer Says:

      There is a lot of Estrogen chemicals in our water supply and food, which are having dire consequences on men who require much needed testosterone. I don’t have a problem with women excercising, so long as it isn’t extreme fitness. Today’s women probably don’t get the same amount physical activity they used by being a dedicated house wife and parent. So now they have to make up for it after work after serving a boss.

    5. Mary O Says:

      High school girls who go into serious sports often get painful injuries, which set them up for heroin addiction.

      About 85 percent of the heroin customers in [Camden] are like this [girl]: young, white and from the suburbs. At all hours of the day, you can see junkies plodding across the Ben Franklin Bridge, usually carrying a knapsack that contains a set of works and, very often, a “Homeless and Hungry” sign they’ve just used to panhandle in Philly. The ones who don’t come on foot come by car, at all hours of the day, and they come in such huge numbers that police say they couldn’t deal with them all if they had a force of 5,000.

      This is another potential hole in the policing plan: The fact that broken suburbs – full of increasingly un- or underemployed young people – send a seemingly limitless supply of customers for Camden’s drug trade. The typical profile is a suburban kid who tore an ACL or got in a car accident back in high school, got an Oxy prescription, and within a few years ended up here. This city, incidentally, has a reputation for having the best dope on the East Coast, which partly explains the daily influx of white junkies (“Dope,” jokes Morton, “is a Caucasian drug”).


    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Where did all the good-looking girls go this summer? I’ve hardly seen any at all.

    7. -jc Says:

      Well, I’m sure exercise contributes to more aggressive, manish behavior and less subcutaneous fat but, by puberty, it is not going to contribute to a lantern jaw, etc.

      Unfortunately, I have to deal occasionally with a manager who impresses me that she’s transgendered based on appearance and behavior. She does have a mannish face and says she’s “into” extreme sports and is married with now–adult children. But she challenges me with what I’m sure she simply considers assertiveness but with eye contact that locks-on like an ABM. Call me old fashioned but my instinctual reaction is to hate her guts.

    8. Luke Says:

      I will admit that, in my local area, I have been seeing a lot more young white females out jogging than I have seen young white men out doing the same.

      I was an avid runner for most of my life, until a knee injury and the subsequent surgery that did not really fix the problem forced me to cease my daily 3 mile runs. I still miss it a lot and so, I pay particular attention to other runners whenever I’m driving around town. I seldom see any White guys and those who I do see look like they might be military guys, who still have to pass annual physical fitness tests or else they can be booted out of the military. But, back in the day when I was a regular runner – it seemed to me that almost every White guy I knew was into running or softball or tennis or racketball or adult flag football – some form of regular, fairly rigorous physical exercise. And, unlike these military guys who are basically being forced to exercise in order to keep their jobs – the civilian community who I was part of were exercising on their own and without anyone ordering them or threatening them with punitive action if they did not work out. We did it because we enjoyed it and it made us feel healthier, stronger, and because we enjoyed the sweating and physical exertion.

      I see most White males under the age of about 35 to be fat, flabby, unkempt, lazy, video & computer game playing, dope smoking losers who usually dress and act like blacks and who listen to the most disgusting negro rap music one can imagine.

      I see these fat tubs of lard waddling around town, and I get really depressed when I think to myself: These are the white men who are going to be our front line warriors when the SHTF/CW2 race war kicks off?

    9. Walter Says:

      American women are self absorbed, man-haters, watch the most hrs of TV, slovenly, instigate divorce the most, and the least feminin of all women. When you see one coming your way head in the opposite direction. AW are the most responsible for the low birth rate of whites. AW are an evolutionary dead end end and in my opinion never was much benefit to anybody ever.

    10. mrcrouton Says:

      Actually most of the young women I see are fat, and fatter than ever.

      And they are more tattooed and pierced than ever.

    11. Luke Says:

      MrCrouton? I find myself wondering quite often why you decided to get out of pro-white web radio. I always enjoyed your shows and thought that you were a valuable asset to the pro-White movement.

      Perhaps you might consider doing a weekly podcast and making it available for download?