9 January, 2015

Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) on Display as Leftist French President Claims That Islam Has Nothing to Do With Terrorism

Posted by Socrates in Cultural Marxism, France, Islam, Muslims, Muslims in Europe, political correctness, Socrates, terrorism at 4:07 pm | Permanent Link

That’s like saying that dogs have nothing to do with barking.


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  7. 22 Responses to “Political Correctness (Cultural Marxism) on Display as Leftist French President Claims That Islam Has Nothing to Do With Terrorism”

    1. fd Says:

      What goes around comes around. Paybacks are a MF! The assault in France has the ability to uncover criminal governments in the so-called West.

      Buffalo Springfield — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIoKr9VDg3A

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      WHY IS IT that Western “leaders” can’t wait to slaughter millions of Muslims who are minding their own business living in their own countries but when they invade our countries those same Western leaders treat them with kid gloves????? Why is it OK to kill off entire Muslim families, villages and wedding parties with all kinds of brutal tactics and weapons when those Muslims are in Afghanistan or Yemen but once they’re in Paris, London, Berlin or Marseille we can’t even touch the bastards without being sent to prison for hate crimes???? You aren’t even supposed to publicly criticize them once they’re over here. Clearly this frigged-up policy is the work of the devious, malevolent JEW.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      That Buffalo Springfield song is one of the best songs from the 60s. Why are there no great protest songs being recorded and played these days? It’s all Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Kenny Chesney. I guess I can answer my own question….Vietnam wasn’t a Jew-approved war, except for Henry Kissinger, whereas all the ZOG wars currently being waged in the Near East are 100% kosher-approved.

    4. fd Says:

      People who wage war, justify war and cheer on war are a fair target for those they wish to kill. The same people are outraged when strong retaliation brings carnage to their fireside.

    5. fd Says:

      Good point about the lack of protest music, Tim McGreen. The White generation of the ’60s was strong and coalesced, not watered down by the colored hordes. The modern day country music is as prissy as the rock and roll. Outlaw country music was replaced with bible school lyrics. They’re singing about back-roads they have never been down.

      I’m not saying any White generation is better than the other. It’s just that each new White generation takes a step-down because of circumstances.

    6. Thom McQueen Says:

      That French white girl and that nigger. She is probably as leftist as Holland.
      Islam is a nigger religion. They can’t even be outside a department store where women are changing clothes without getting all hot and bothered.

    7. Johnny Paytoilet Says:

      Many thanks fd for the link. Great memories from the springtime of 1967 and on into the “the Summer of Love” that great year. Haven’t listened to pop/rock radio since disco overwhelmed the airwaves back in 1974. Being a classicist, I prefer a great symphonic piece, though.
      Once again, Tim hits on the nail. Blow the fanatics up in their homelands but give the store away when they immigrate into the West. Definitely a clusterfuck in the making with ZOG and its enablers paving the way. By the way, Paris was a beautiful city when I visited the city 30 years ago. Most of the residents were French back then.

    8. nom nom nom Says:

      What would a pro-white media say? “We have to give credit to the Muslims for killing Jews and their allies, instead of, regular whites.”

      We should highlight this distinction LOUDLY as a matter of self-protection. As long as Muslims kill Jews and their immediate allies, we have no beef with them (just as no one cares about black on black violence). They will have the public out of the way, or on their side, and win their fight against Jews in our lands, who ruin theirs.

      If they take hostages, let the whites go. If they cross the line, it’s game over. These are the rules of the new race war.

      If the white public finds this appealing, and they will, it will unite whites and isolate Jews, who promoted this open-borders policy in the first place. Whites will wake up fast when there is a reward to being white and deny being a Friend of Jew.

    9. Mel Brooks Says:

      No news here…these primitives wouldn’t be in France were it not for the scuzzy white elites and the chersen people Working on their 80th expulsion from Western society. Venus is too hot, Mars is too cold..which one to choose, what to do, what to do..

      Wrap up the flag, and turn the lights out when you go, please?

      “You sure ain’t the chosen few
      I know you’ve turned a trick or two
      You pulled the deuce this time
      Another perfect day”


    10. Sam Says:

      Makes you wonder what the hells going on when the Charlie Hebdo terrorists get identified by Paris cops because they left an ID card in their getaway car. The news media say these guys were professional all the way but screwed up by leaving an ID behind? Sounds too much like the unscathed passports found of the supposed 9/11 perpetrators at the scene.

    11. Luke Says:

      To show you how far down the jew sewer today’s country music has fallen, and to demonstrate why I no longer bother to listen to C&W radio stations – I remember hearing a song about a year or so ago, where the White male singer was singing about how he was sitting in a honkytonk, knocking back a long neck bottle of beer and he was eyeballing and developing a serious case of the hornies for a negress who he spotted sitting at the end of the bar.

      That kind of disgusting race mixing shit is enough to make any White man puke and swear off of country music completely. Since I do not subscribe to cable TV, the only time I’ve ever seen CMT is when I’ve been traveling and the motel TV has it available. And, true to form, the jews who now own CMT are cranking out country music videos which feature all the prettiest and hottest White female singers and they’ll be gyrating, bumping and grinding and swapping spit with coal black negro beasts.

      You know, as much as I have learned to hate and despise jews – I still cannot quite wrap my mind around the depth of hatred that burns inside jews for the White race. For example: The difference in how Whites manage their hatred for jews primarily manifests itself in a desire to avoid jews and to get them out of our nation and sent back to their stolen piece of real estate.

      But, inside the evil brains of these demonic assholes – they seem to be literally consumed with a hatred for Whites that is so dominant and powerful within their race that they spend every waking hour of their day and every ounce of energy inside them to dream up ways to DESTROY our racial gene pool. They are literally obsessed to the point of being suicidally maniacal about this passion of theirs – so much so, that they seem to be blind to how much hatred their behavior is generating towards them.

      Which means, there is only one real solution to the jewish problem. It is going to boil down to them or us. There can be no peaceful coexistence with these demonic sonsabitches.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’d like to know which White country singer was the one responsible for eyeballing that Negress. The next stop for him should be the Staten Island landfill.

    13. fd Says:

      France’s most-wanted woman: Hayat Boumeddiene


    14. fd Says:

      Jews are the most bitter toward White people. They profess that Whiteness is a social construct that does not exist, yet the Mongolian/Asiatic Jew proclaims to be White. Such an extreme contrast can be diagnosed as schizophrenia.

    15. Mary O Says:

      Why are men attracted to Islam?

      Many of the countries where Islam is predominant have high unemployment. The greatest source of anxiety for the person who does not have a regular job is the lack of structure in their lives. Most people need structure.

      What kind of structure does Islam provide? The men must pray 5 times a day at certain specific times, and usually meet with other men for this purpose throughout the day. Of course, in praying together, esp. in large groups, they get to know each other, and network, making close friendships with other men.

      Islam organizes their lives.

      When the Cultural Marxists degrade Islam with their “satires,” the Muslims retaliate because their social order is being attacked.

      But is it “terrorism” to respond to a grievous personal insult with violence?

      I think not. A true terrorist initiates the aggression. No one speaks of “defensive terrorism.” The magazine itself could be seen as using terror, since the thought of being ridiculed publicly terrorized the Muslims.

    16. Socrates Says:

      nom nom nom Says: “We should highlight this distinction LOUDLY as a matter of self-protection. As long as Muslims kill Jews and their immediate allies, we have no beef with them”

      I understand your point, nom nom nom. But unfortunately, Muslim terrorists often don’t distinguish between “Jews and their allies” and regular Whites, e.g., the 2007 Glasgow airport attack, or the 2001 “shoe bomber” Richard Reid.

      I don’t hate Arabs/Muslims per se, but I don’t want them in the West. No way. If your White country has millions of Muslims in it, you’ve got trouble.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t like the way that Mohammedans pray in their mosques, what with their rear ends up in the air while some guy is kneeling right behind them. I recently saw a clip where one of those guys had a stain on the seat of his pants, as if he had some kind of “accident”. Totally gross.

    18. Non Ame Says:

      Sam says: “Makes you wonder what the hells going on when the Charlie Hebdo terrorists get identified by Paris cops because they left an ID card in their getaway car. The news media say these guys were professional all the way but screwed up by leaving an ID behind? Sounds too much like the unscathed passports found of the supposed 9/11 perpetrators at the scene.”

      That makes me very suspicious also, but I just had a thought. Surely the perps wouldn’t carry their IDs on their person during the attack, so they left their wallets/ID in the car in case they needed them afterward. Maybe they wanted to go to the strip club later and couldn’t be bothered going all the way home to fetch their wallets?

      Anyway, they wrecked the original getaway car and carjacked another. Left behind in the glovebox was one guy’s wallet. Oops! But the way the media reports it the guy just dropped his loose ID card out of his pocket. I still think it is some misdirecting sleight of hand by some nefarious intelligence agency, but who knows?

    19. Mary O Says:

      The Front National under Marine Le Pen made a compromise with Zionism, which has allowed the party a place in the System, but which also destroyed their fundamental core ideology. You can’t believe in France for the French, and also want Israel to influence and control France.

      Ukrainian nationalists made a similar bargain.

      The European right seems to be settling for a FOX news version of reality. They are allowed their little tablespoon of protest in return for being passive sell-outs, and letting their children be used as cannon fodder in Israel’s endless wars.

      The protests in France are a waste of time, since the true issues are not being addressed.

      Immigration needs to be stopped. The people in the “no-go” areas need to be returned to their homelands. The media has to be made more accessible to non-Zionists.

      Also the Cultural Marxists need to be held accountable for their actions; they aggressively campaign for mass immigration from socially conservative cultures, then incite violence by insulting social conservatism. Are these actions not a deliberate plan of action designed to destabilize France?

      Perhaps they feel that since they are not part of France that the destruction of France will not result in any great harm to themselves, and may present them with some opportunities to make a profit.

      Similar to the unrest in the US following the Ferguson incident; the true issues are being ignored. The Zionist media (esp. the NY Times) presented articles which were clearly slanted against the police, and distorted the circumstances under which certain shootings had occurred.

      Again, they don’t identify as Americans, and therefore do not fear the collapse of the US, since it would only open new business opportunities for them.

      Is that not the essence of the color revolutions? The ilk of Soros cares not about “democratic” elections, only that existing governments are destroyed, and their nations plundered. Then, they move on.

    20. Zach Says:

      Who cares about their religion? it’s not that they’re muslims, it’s that they’re nonwhites invading Europe. Don’t fall into the kosher conservative and patroitard trap of hating them just for their religion.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well said, Zach, even though the Mohammedan cult is incompatible with White civilization. And with sanity.

    22. Bigduke6 Says:

      Viet Nam was not a Jew approved war because it was fighting Comunism. It’s ok with the Jews to kill Muslims but not to kill Commies for mommy.