21 February, 2015

A Little Less Zionism Now

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It seems to be true: Obama is the first U.S. president since Jimmy Carter (in office 1977-1981) who isn’t a complete Zionist [1].


[1] president Bill Clinton (in office 1993-2001) tried to create peace agreements between Israel and Palestine, however, some of his policies severely punished Iran, no doubt for Israel’s benefit

  • 2 Responses to “A Little Less Zionism Now”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Where are all the good commentators that used to frequent this site? Did I chase them all away? These threads are pure gold and they deserve to be read and commented on, dammit!

      Zionism is a discredited 19th European Jewish nationalist movement that must be done away with once and for all. The Jews of Europe never had any lawful or legitimate claim to any of the land in Syria-Palestine.

      What we could do for European Jewry, if they weren’t so god damned stubborn and arrogant, is ship them off to Soviet Birobidzhan, in the Russian Far East. Stalin offered that area to the Jews during the 1930s as an alternative to Palestine. They could have any type of society they wanted for themselves out there and would not be displacing any native inhabitants or causing any trouble for anyone. My advice to the Jews would be to move to Birobidzhan ASAP, before somebody else starts making decisions on their fate for them.

    2. fd Says:

      Tim McGreen: “What we could do for European Jewry, if they weren’t so god damned stubborn and arrogant . . .” You got that right!