1 February, 2015

Gates: We Need a World Government

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We already have a world government, in a sense. It’s called the U.S. government. It calls the tune, and every other country must dance to it, or else they get sanctions (e.g., Iran), political and financial arm-twisting, or, in the case of Grenada, Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan, military invasion. (Global government is illegal, since all countries have natural and automatic sovereignty).


  • 6 Responses to “Gates: We Need a World Government”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Is Bill Gates a kike? My jadar says yes. If the pictures of his parents are any indication they are, even if they claim to be Congregationalist.

    2. fd Says:

      Gates said: “We Need a World Government”

      This reminds me of the virulent anti-Federalist, Patrick Henry who said of the Constitution: “Who authorized them to speak the language of We the People. The people gave them no power to use their name. That they exceeded their power is perfectly clear.”

    3. Non Ame Says:

      Well, he gave us the One World Operating System. I’m not surprised at all he’d get behind one world government. How is it that our greatest minds can be so corrupted?

    4. bangkav Says:

      Does that mean when we press START it will STOP…?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      There isn’t one billionaire who doesn’t support the idea of a world government, because they would get to be the rulers of it.

    6. Walter Says:

      To CW-2
      Bill Gates is Jewish.